Dezerth Lerexia

To All The Poemhunter Poets. - Poem by Dezerth Lerexia

To all the poets who write from the heart, who write from insperation, who write because of talent, who write because of though or emotion, who write because the write.

Have you ever asked yourself why you write the things you write? Perhaps where or what gives you the idea to write? ... I dont.

Have you ever wondered why that day you picked up the pen and watched the pen stain the paper with your thoughs? ... I have not.

Have you ever wondered why you words are not bind by a spin? Or perhaps why you can't say my poems mean something? ... I have not.

Have you wished more people could read your words? The serious sentiments from your thoughts and heart? ... I haven't.

Have you wondered why you submit your poems in poemhunter? Or maby why you bother? ... I have.

I've never thought of what I write, I just write because I like it. Sometimes I just write to feel the pen push against the paper.

I pick up the pen and watch the page turn black. What's done is done there is no going back.

I like what I write, I enjoy to write it. It dosen't have to be bind by a spin sold in the market to mean my words have meaning.

My words are mine. They're out there for share. You like what you like and so you read what you read, just as you write what you write. Your opinions dosen't change printed words of mine.

I submit my poems here for any reasons I may have. For those who enjoy, are delighted I submitted them. My positive comments or constructive critisim might enlight or help you, just as you've done me.

But this does not change that because we write to each other on a site, or have our pages bind together by a spin nor that may not everyone read our words that they dont have meaning. we are still poets We are all guilt of staining pages and connecting words with heart and connecting thought with picture and sending emotion with every period. We are all true poets here at poemhunter.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, December 5, 2009

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