To Dachi Poem by Rati Amaglobeli

To Dachi

Rating: 4.0

When you tremble and with your
One-week-old hands seek space -
I truly know God exists,
Who protects you, who rocks
Your bed of dreams and lives in
Your heartbeat, as through from the earth
You emitted the sounds of a soaring dove
Sweetly cooing, and the holy spirit
Moulds your face from past years.
You are as tender as my heart,
And for the first time I have understood
What this word child means, from the beginning
I carry the experience of a father in me.
Thus every sound or word
That was ever spoken on earth
From the beginning, and before that,
Will begin in you, as a separate part,
Life, breathing, will start an invisible
Conversation with you, and will direct
Movement from within outwards, from without inwards,
In the form of thought, or as a book,
By impressions, by dream, in the same way
By contemplating objects, because the world
Is full of words, and these words
Are you above all, you will ask words
For advice about themselves,
You will open up words, you will push words open,
Like a gate between death and life,
You will distinguish their respective value,
Form, content, outward and inward,
Every plant, how it wafts,
You will sense animals, the birds' song
Will be for you a unity
Beyond words of existing spirit,
Someone or something that is utterly unlike,
This is like perception, breathing,
Which words have failed to express,
Just as at one glance
At your insignificant hands groping,
Your purposeless gaze seeking space,
Straight away I shall tell you, as for
This activity of yours, that I keep waiting.

It has immeasurable meaning,
Because I have realised what ‘son' means,
What ‘father' means, what existing
With you means, and then perceiving in you
Soul being given to your vessel,
When you tremble and with your one-
Week-old hands search for space,
I truly know God exists
And beats in your heart.

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