Sequence Poem by Rati Amaglobeli


Rating: 4.0

A, B, C and
I really don't know what I want.
Perhaps I want a little sister,
O God I want a sister, Amen and
A, B, C and
I want to get out of my skin,
I want life from the beginning.
Do I want death? I don't!
No, somehow I'll manage,
No, somehow I'll endure it.
With my shoulder I'll raise up to Golgotha
The days which fate and destiny
Have rained and stormed down on me.
A, B, C and
The space and breadth of sadness,
The space and breadth of sadness.
The thirteen latitudes of fate
I've been unable to lengthen and widen
And from its deepest layer (K)
I call out — A, B and
C and D, E and
Gradually F, skin and
L and M, M and
Me, N, I want a lullaby.
Flaying the tiger's skin
From this tormented body
And going to Jerusalem,
I want to drink at the Wedding in Cana.
I want a brother shepherd to travel with.
P and J, R and
PH and GH, Q and
SH, CH and KH and
From the yard door, from the cornfields
Bringing from Canaan
All the fruit of my garden.
I plaited TS in the sky,
J and DZ, CH and
I want to come out from the moment.
I want a gigantic sky
Instead of a narrow path.
I want ten thousand roads,
I want a road from heavenly bodies,
I want a road leading to you,
I want the voice of the sun's belly opening.
S and CH, X and
From the ram's forehead, from the ox
I also want the heavenly bodies' path,
I want the burning in the conflagrated
Secret in every heavenly body.
I want to burn in every star,
I want to go to every star,
I want to change every star.
I want to leave the moment,
I want a gigantic sky.
A, B, C and
God, light up for me like nine suns, Amen, yes,
The weather of this forehead.
This a- I want, e- I want,
White i- I want, o- I want,
Until this omega of life
I shall go from a thousand wars —
One mighty u- I want,
A raw apple of paradise and
Then by your side, if you wish,
A, B, C and,
God, trust me, I want a sister.

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