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To: Heidegger-Thinking The Unthinkable - Poem by Meme Think

“Time is a Mystery”

On the sea of intellectual flourishing wave,
A man walked with the Being becoming tide.
Reasoning men’s positive moral sensitivity,
Of how blind commitment formalizes existence.
Yet have taken a cross of extreme end calculation,
Distance his sanity with instinctive inauthenticity?

How should we think what that man would grasp,
To connect the tormented earthbound sea of will,
With the forgiveness and wisdom from radiant stars?
How should we think what that his concepts would seize,
Of the duality and absurdity of existence precedes ideology,
Of Bad faith always follows one way as exhausting battery?

Assuming all inner potentiality and outer possibilities,
Must begin with leaving from false outer realities.
Seek liberty from where inauthenticty ripped away, but,
To where will find us the prize of genuine self actuality?
Solving half of the puzzle yet time still a mystery,
Spotting one’s place in space yet still the road to chart.

Humble my little head and think, think, think
Prudently to snatch a card from my pocket:
Existence precedes essence, yet requires,
Individual moral certainty exceeds complex reality.
From inquiring what is right and wrong critically,
Our thunderbolt love of wisdom should slash open,
A headland for freedom letting mystery of time unfolds.

The moral certainty, the ‘I’, the Free Will cutter:
Whatever it done to other, it does to the self,
Whatever it let go from other, it frees the self.
The man who thinking the Unthinkable thus released,
Wisdom and foresight will always precedes,
Illusionary inner actuality and outer presence.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 11, 2010

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