To Love Like A Pro Poem by Sarah Mkhonza

To Love Like A Pro

Rating: 4.3

When I love again,
I will do so like a pro.
I will do it with skill.
I will breathe into it,
Fall into it, and sniff into it,
For the chance comes once.

Once the challenge came,
I feared even to move.
I was trying to be proper.
I was outside myself.
I missed out on it,
While trying to act it.

I dare not regret,
But pick the air in my hand,
Tell it this truth.
It dare not escape,
For I will grab it,
I will talk to it,
I will make it special,
Now that I know,
It walks away and never comes back.

Missed opportunities are not lost.
They have gone to a place,
Where the eyes cannot see,
For they were always blind,
And knew how to fake,
This thing called seeing love.

When I plan to love,
I write the steps,
I order them one after another,
For this recipe changes,
With the fickleness,
That surrounds us all.
As we lose the only opportunity,
To put who we are into practice,
And keep grabbing the air,
Trying to find tomorrow,
Not knowing it pushes us away,
And says, '' you should have loved,
For yesterday was all you lived in.
Tomorrow laughs at you,
Because it knows your ignorance,
It lives and walks away with it".

Only if you fight back,
Only if you see the thing called time,
Floating in front of you,
Like chimes in the air,
Waving hello and good bye,
For that is just what it is,
You would love like a pro.

Catch your chimes in one hand,
Let them go in another time.
If you cannot chop them off,
And let them fall on the floor,
So that they will never leave you.
And go where you will never go.
Unless you decide to fight back,
When love was walking near you.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love and friendship,love and life
Phile Shongwe 01 August 2016

This part resonated with me because as people, we usually put things on hold waiting for the right time, for a lot of factors to come to place before we act. We have a one day mentality instead of a today mentality. Missed opportunities are not lost They have gone to a place Where the eyes cannot see For they were always blind And knew how to fake This thing called seeing love.

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Dr Antony Theodore 16 July 2016

Catch your chimes in one hand Let them go in another If you cannot chop them off And let them fall on the floor..... real and true love is always a mystery.......... thank you for this poem. i read it very carefully..... thank you. tony

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