Watch This Laden Cloud Poem by Sarah Mkhonza

Watch This Laden Cloud

This misty cloud full of rain,
Cannot deliver it's point in pain,
Unless you watch it, for in it stirs
a new born.

Nefarious clouds, like sad news come suddenly,
This laden cloud could bring some.
Seen way up it gets near.
Like a silence all its own it lets droplets
fall on your nose.

One drop, two drops, and then the outpouring,
that mixes rain with
salty tears. Today you are learning
that freedom is about sweat and tears.

Yesterday in your bushes you fought
your own guerrilla war till sunset.
You, bazooka in hand, you danced and
fought for the future. Now you stand
in the memory of past storms.

This cloud, This reminder carries a story
of your wars, your muscle, your doing
and undoing. In it you dance cross legged,
the freest nightmare they still have to see. Watch it.

If the eye fails you, the heart will not.
Hard as it is, it is leading you to the
center. In this place lies the truth about
shackled hands that need you to free them.
Yours is a guerrilla fight with no end.

Shackled hands cannot line up the soldier line.
Shackled minds too. Workers are needed.
Free the fire and shackle the storm,
for the free stand in their delusion.
Take a stand. Watch this cloud.
It is already sundown.

Sunday, September 3, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Paul Brookes 06 September 2017

I enjoyed the rhythm and flow of this poem Freedom as you rightly say can shakle the individual because there is no true freedom for the state dictates the freedom of the individual but then true freedom would mean chaos strange freedom is so limited Great write enjoyed thanks for sharing

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Savita Tyagi 03 September 2017

A poem of great depth. Starts with a rain cloud to travel through sweat and tears and blood of freedom fighters and oppression and obstacles that they face to achieve freedom. Some time minds are more shackled than bodies. Thanks for sharing.

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Rajendran Muthiah 03 September 2017

The poet calls the guerillas with bazookas in hands to free the free and shackle the storm. Is this poem about fighting for freedom of the people?

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