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It was raining blows.
It was mincing words.
It was bouncing on me.
It was grinding me.

I sit at the end of the yard
I see the true end of the string
Long, winding it goes
Leading my thoughts through the needle

I didn't know that
tombstones are greedy.
I came to talk to you,
and they all looked at me,

The call has been sounded,
yet we swing from pillar to post.

The sounding of the call astounds

Keeping my foot on the pedal has to
be done to keep this bike
on the path.

Behind the clashes of our clan
Stands one woman who is as tall
As she is as thin and destructive.
Let us call her Getrude for I guess

For I have come to just put this candle,
here down here in this hole, where bats fly,
where birds sing during the day on these trees,
and as I walk away, the light shines on,

The deep of the depth,
is truly deep. It rises
and falls in the drip.
These catacoombs of my

This misty cloud full of rain,
Cannot deliver it's point in pain,
Unless you watch it, for in it stirs
a new born.

My mom made tablemats,
cutting sisal to make
mats gor people to put
plates of food when we

We have had our funny ways of doing,
Where you pull and I pull, and now
We have to add a twist to our tango;
For I may just as well call it quits,

I saw white people driving cars
And thought all independence would
Do was rain cars. I saw them drinking
In clubs and thought liquor would rain

Making sure the dollar umbrella is open,
I walk into the world protecting my
head, ears and coiffure. The rest of me
throws my body in denims blue, that

Why build a nest at all? So you can lay a nest egg.

Why coo so loud? Because nobody cares about the decibels of sweet sounds.

Terry, I didn't know you are this bad.
Just yesterday you swore you would obey.

Jerry, you sound so biblical! It's as if

Tasked with the impossible
on the day of the occasion,
I need a new inventor to create
a thing for sharpening poen needles.

When you tell lies,
tell a blue lie once.
It is like the sky.

Like at a drinking party
we want more. This thirsty
line up takes it to another
level. We get drunk for our

I sit there in the lowveld fire
I watch the flames eat at the wood
The stories around me are repeated
One very comment gets me

When I love again,
I will do so like a pro.
I will do it with skill.
I will breathe into it,

Sarah Mkhonza Biography

Dr. Sarah Mkhonza is a writer activist from Swaziland. She has a Ph.D from Michigan State University. She has written young adult novels, short stories and poetry both in siSwati and English. She is a multi genre writer and researcher who has presented on platforms around the world. She has a PH.D from Michigan State University.)

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The Time I Never Lived

It was raining blows.
It was mincing words.
It was bouncing on me.
It was grinding me.
It was bashing me.
It was painting me.
The whip of her words
Turning me this way and that,
Pushing me away always.

Now I am gone to the place.
I squat there like a life.
I speak in mumbles.
The darkness answers me.
Yes keep breathing
You will be free,
For you were born free
To jump and laugh loud
And tell the stories of people
Whose minds were messed up
Like yours, scrambled up
And poured on the frying pan of time.

Tomorrow comes to kiss your forehead
The sunlight comes to massage you
With the hand of so smooth,
So warm, so right handed
Its handling is a holy caress,
For the angels are listening,
To every groan in your heart,
Their messages to you are real.
It will be better tomorrow.

You will not believe the healing.
It is real like reels of cotton
Inside a bobbin of a machine,
That wields itself on as the wheel turns
This pain that walks as tall
As the spoken word of yore
That still hammers on your temples,
And stop you from not forgiving,
And tell you to stretch your hand,
For giving is all you can do,
To takers who always reach out,
And swallow the air in gulps,
Not knowing it never gets finished,
It was there, to be there into forever,
Until they go to the place of reckoning,
Where they sleep soundly and noisily,
Not knowing what they did with words
Working for a mean master who hired them
Never to pay them anything at all.

For the harshness of their hands
That bewitched the world with hurt,
The smacking and spanking resounds
As they worked for hours in the field
Where they planted the seed of hate
Of the innocents who became abusers
Unknowingly having seen only blows,
Come down in torrents like fire,
Pouring out of a volcano,
To turn into a tar of psychosis,
That envelopes the world,
And brings sadness to everybody,
Who happens to come across it,
On this path, this adventure,
Of eyes staring at another pair,
Not blinking but yelling,
The history of their seeing,
In the bodies of the abused.

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Sarah Mkhonza 26 July 2016

In you are generations that held each other. Reach out to the next person. That is also another line of generations that reached out and touched the world. We are all one, though many. Want and touch the love we all are.

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When you see a dark corner, flash a light to someone. They will catch it and shine it back. The world will be brighter and better after you leave.

The power of a loud sneeze is not in who did the sneezing but, but how far it is heard.

Develop webbed feet because you can walk on land and water.

Do not sing into someone's ear. Whisper or they will push you away.

Power-steering your life. You are the driver. Fuel it with words of power and not make your circumstances drain you. In you is a power force.

When you hear the lowveld sentinel run. There will be no excuse for you heard it.

When joy becomes a rare commodity, whisper the word into the sand. It will answer back as it did in the past. For that is when you saw joy, for you looked hard into the sand. And sprinkled joy all over with your feet,

Your hand has five fingers, which all turn when you turn the key that opens the door and lets you in. Your team can work like your hand.

Don't bite too deep into a peach or you will break a tooth.

When love sinks, it sinks deep. When it rises it rises real high. Watch out for the signs of sinking.

Earth poured upon fire smothers it, but earth poured upon earth covers more ground. Water added to water makes a fuller glass and fire added upon fire makes a bigger flame.

Take your happiness where it is needed and it will be received with rejoicing.

Do not mortgage the present, hoping things will go back to what they used to be. YOLO

This law, I repeal with the powers vested in me by the On High. Immorality Act 1927 To prohibit illicit carnal Intercourse between European and natives and other acts in thereto. Be it enacted by the King's Most Excellent Majesty, the Senate And the House of Assembly of the Union of South Africa. Any native female who permits any European male to have carnal intercourse with her and any European female who permits any native male to have illicit carnal intercourse with her shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to imprisonment for period not exceeding four years. 1.Any European male who has carnal intercourse with a native female, and any native male who has illicit intercourse with a European female....shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years.

Zebra stripes never cross because they are drawn by one with eyes on the mark.

Don't mend an old net. You may lose the whole catch.

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