Peter Britt

To Touch A Muse - Poem by Peter Britt

“Today I saw a muse appear, yet I didn't hear a thing - until she whispered in my ear 'drink deep of the Pierian Spring'. She told me not to taste a sip but take in all I could, and the way I’d be inspired, would surely do me good. So drink I did and deeply, without a thought or care, while her sun-drenched locks of red they fell around me, everywhere. And suddenly I felt a song and with it all the words, it came to me so quickly, this melody I heard –this song was filled with pain and love, and hope in every note, and I felt her hand on mine, so soft, with every word I wrote. She guided me, as muses do, to where my mind should be – and just then, for a moment, my heart was truly free. She said “you’ll see me now and then, whenever hearts are crying, and you feel alone and empty, and that brilliant light is dying. I’ll never be so far away that you can’t count on me, and the moment that you need me, is the moment that you’ll see.” And then she faded slowly along with the morning light, and the scent of flowers filled my head, this absolute delight, had filled my heart with music, to keep me through the night.”
©May2013PeterBritt 4 KVP

Poet's Notes about The Poem

A red headed muse inspired this writing

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, October 6, 2013

Poem Edited: Monday, October 7, 2013

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