'Tom Zart's Poems Of Christian Faith & Love Poem by Tom Zart

'Tom Zart's Poems Of Christian Faith & Love

By God's Poet Tom Zart! = Most Published Poet On The Web!


What does it mean to fight our battles on our knees
Simply-that you and I must depend on prayer.
We must invest our time in seeking the Lord
Listening for His answer to our despair.

Why should we fight our battles on our knees
Because it is the Biblical pattern of love.
Prayer connects us with the power of God's will
As we surrender to His divineness above.

God causes all things to work together
For the good of those who willfully serve Him.
As we focus on faith and not our self
He gives us our hope to overcome the grim.

If you wish a new start, begin with prayer
And fall on your face before God.
It's the last thing the devil wishes us to do
As the tongues of the unfaithful calls us odd.

Praying empowers us with comfort of heart
As we submit to the wisdom of God's voice.
If you wish to feel happy, delivered and complete
You must heed to His whispers by choice.


Moment by moment we must listen to our sprit
As God speaks through our soul within.
When we fail to comply and go our own way
We're disobedient and suffer the punishment of sin.

The Devil whispers in each and every ear
And his favorite tool of corruption is fear.
But when we totally summit to our faith in God
We turn away from temptation and our destiny is clear.

Remember all the times you have had shameful thoughts
And there was a voice that warned you to beware.
Our holey sprit helps us stay whole and complete
When we heed to its call without hesitation or despair.

Surrender your soul to the power of God
And your life will be a testimony of love.
Surrender your heart to the deeds of evil
And you will loose your deliverance above.


There's only one trip through life and that's it;
So what are you leaving for those left behind?
Will they miss your wisdom and unselfish love
Or will there be laughter, happiness and words unkind?

You may live your life as wicked as the devil
And regardless of your sins God still loves you.
But when you serve His purpose and intent
You're transformed by His grace and renew.

You can't convince me nothing really happens
When righteous men gather, confess and pray.
God has His purpose for all who submit
To His commandments for believers to obey.

Always be ready to fight your battles on your knees
Before and after you are tested by time.
Never underestimate the power of God's will
And what happens when your purpose is 'Divine'.


All of us are accountable to the judgment of God
And when we die without Christ our sadness never ends.
By the deepest longings of our heart and soul
We serve our Lord, ourselves, family and friends.

With accountability we apply God's wisdom
And His protection to promote a righteous life.
We receive His grace by our demeanor
As He leads us through sadness and strife.

All through the Bible over and over again
The chronicle of life is our accountability.
The devil is a roaring lion feasting on souls
Corrupting man's heart with dominance and disability.

Always remember you are never alone
And God is aware of all things around you.
Through faith, prayer, trust, love and commitment
We find fulfillment and purpose in the life we pursue.


Abraham is said to be the father of the Jewish faith
The first to believe in the power of one great god alone.
Instead of the many his forefather's worshiped
In Abraham's heart there was only room for one to be known.

With his wife Sarah and his nephew Lot
At 75 he departed to seek the Promised Land.
With followers he arrived at a place called Canaan
Where he prospered by hard work and God's hand.

Then famine in the land drove him to Egypt
Where Abraham and Lot grew rich in cattle, silver and gold.
They had so many sheep that their shepherds quarreled
Over grazing land, water and jealousies of old.

Abraham and Lot agreed to live separate
Lot chose Sodom and Abraham Hebron.
When the armies of four great kings took Lot captive
Abraham and 318 of his bravest, to the rescue, were gone.

Afterward, to Sodom and neighboring Gomorrah
Lot was brought back with his worldly goods and treasure.
But soon the inhabitants of both became wicked
Shamming the Lord and shunning His measure.

God told Abraham, I will soon demolish them
For there is not one of righteousness among all.
However, he warned Lot to escape with his wife
And not to look back and ignore His law.

Lot's wife looked back and was transformed to salt
While Lot, through observance of word, was spared.
Abraham, then 99 and Sarah at 90
Were still without child in the life they shared.

Arabs claim they are descendant from Ishmael,
At 86 Abraham's son, by Sarah's handmaiden, Hagar.
Sarah believed she was too old to bare a child
So she gave Hagar to Abraham to conceive a star.

God had promised Abraham a son by Sarah
And that his descendants will out number the stars.
In time a boy named Isaac was born
Free of all birth defects, disease and scars.

Later when Isaac was still just a child
God chose to test Abraham again.
Commanding him to take Isaac to the top of a mountain
And there, by sacrifice, put his life to its end.

Abraham built an alter of wood sticks, pilled high
Bound up Isaac and laid him within them.
Just as he was about to put the knife to his son
God stopped him and said: lay not thy hand upon him.

The Lord told Abraham, I know now you fear Me
Seeing that you have not withheld your son.
Then Abraham sacrificed a lamb provided
And God blessed him for what he had done.

The Bible says Abraham died at 175
And that Sarah lived to be 127.
Christians and Muslims both traced their faith
To Abraham's commitment to one God and Heaven.


The Bible is our Lord's infallible Holy Word
Of supreme authority in one God's law.
Eternally existing in three persons of faith
The Father, the Son and the Spirit without flaw.

Jesus was conceived by the virgin named Mary
To soldier divine majesty, grace and reward.
He died and rose to be at the right hand of God
As our negotiator and passage to the Lord.

All men are lost and face God's judgment
Along with their need to heed to the glory of His Son.
Who suffered the cross to save man's soul
And to put the angles of darkness on the run.

Christ rose from the dead and is coming soon
And we must have concern for the hurts and needs of all.
Dedicating our lives to the service of our Lord
Whose authority and divine rule becomes our call.

We must use every means to spread the promise of grace
Throughout our world of corruption, greed and crime.
God always expects us to overcome our transgressions
Testing our faith and resolve through the passage of time.


The shameless hunger for power, wealth and revenge
Therefore a cruel messenger will be sent to their door.
People who justify immoral behavior
Shall be measured by their misdeeds before.

Fools listen eagerly to the words of the pathetic
Who's mission in life is the corruption of man.
Where the righteous overrule the wicked of heart
Challenging Satan's dominance and command.

Better is the heart filled with love and quietness
Than one that feasts on the loudness of strife.
Angry hearts fan the flames of failure
Eager to reject God's blessings of life.

God's test of hearts dates back to Adam
When Eve picked fruit from the forbidden tree.
Tempted by Satan they lost God's grace
Revealing weakness to be punished by Thee.

Happy hearts prosper on what is truthful and good
Where dishonored ones fester and rot to the bone.
Life charts our course but God guides our way
As His wisdom and love become our own.


I lost my way sweet Jesus
I can't stand to shame you anymore.
While all the time your ocean of truth
Lay before me to explore.

When I closed my eyes to you Lord
Temptation slipped beyond my door.
I'm sick and tired of my behavior
Feeling lost, hopeless and more.

So here I am, 'my sins exposed'
With nowhere for me to hide.
Whispering forth my prayers of faith
Sensing your presence inside.

I drifted from you Master
My shepherd of guiding light.
I lost my way sweet Jesus
And I pray to repent tonight.


Where are the men women seek and deserve
Where are the husbands excited to serve?
Where are the soul mates that hate being lonely
Gratified by the love of one woman only?

Where are the men who have earned their measure
Eager for a home, family and treasure?
Good guys remain truthful and complete
While the horrible lie, fornicate and cheat.

God makes sure there are always the few
Who gain their grace as through faith they renew.
The righteous remind us of the commitments of love
And that God is watching from Heaven above.

The shameful have no reason to sing or rejoice
Only the repentant who heed God's voice.
Worthy men are driven by a charitable soul
Fortified by love, trust and control.


The Son of God came down to Earth
To be our Lord by divine birth.
Born to a virgin in a stable He lie
Destine to lead, teach, suffer and die.

Satan transformed from laughter to rage
When Christ arrived to destroy man's cage.
A never-ending chance to redeem our soul
A new opportunity to achieve God's goal.

Evil doers hate the birth of God's child
They love what is immoral, wicked and wild.
Degrading Christmas wherever they can
Jealous of the joy and rapture of man.

Hallelujah Jesus the King of Christmas night
With a star for His crown bathed in holy light.
Christ is our savior who leads by trust and love
Delivering us from Satan to the grace of God above.


The presence of God is not a mystery
When we surrender our soul to His will.
He sees us as His children of faith
And is willing to forgive and fulfill.

He shoulders our troubles and gives us peace
Flowers, songs, stars, wind, soil and oceans.
We learn that prayer is His power of love
As we struggle to maintain our emotions.

We may get lonely but we're never alone
For God knows and feels our woes.
He is our Lord, Savior and Master
And has traveled every road we chose.

He knows we'll falter, hesitate and weaken
Though He loves us enough to always show.
He whispers His words of grace and compliance
As the consequences of evil gather and grow.

David, Moses, Jonah, Samson, Peter and Jesus
We're aware that God was their divine guide.
They changed the future of Christians forever
With the power of Divinity at their side.


The storms of life come to everyone
There are none who are immune.
Some approach in our later years
While others come to soon.

The Bible is our anchor
Our lifeline to endure.
Without it's presence, we falter
And our future is unsure.

The Bible is our compass
To lead us through the dark.
Our souls lie among the lions
As we face the dogs that bark.

We cry out to our God Most High
Who performs all things in life.
To save us from our own plunder
Falsehoods, rebellion, and strife.

Conviction is our emotional union
As we weather the storms of Earth.
Thank God for His amazing grace
Which helps us reveal our worth.


Lots of us wish to please God
But we really don't know how.
His ways are higher than our ways
Because we're wicked, weak and foul.

God works according to His schedule
Which sometimes is a problem for man.
His love, grace, wisdom and understanding
Keep believers obedient to command.

We have no choice but to obey
Following His Holy Spirit and Word.
By living to conform to His righteousness
Our passage to glory is assured.

We see God's works in the lives of others
How exciting and fascinating it is.
God can do the same for us as well
As our purpose becomes the same as 'His.'


What would you say if God asked you
Like Joshua to lead many others?
Like Daniel, Paul, David and Moses
And so many sisters and brothers.

Might you wonder who am I
To follow in the footsteps of Moses?
Bravery thrives on precious assurance
As the waters of God beckon the roses.

While earthly trials test our faith and resolve
Remember they're never everlasting.
Caught in the crossfire for the soul of man
As the weapons of war do their casting.

Grab your Bible and research some stories
To share with loved ones or friend.
Help lead them to the mansion of God
Where the spirits of the righteous ascend.

Stand proud and preach for the Grace of God
If you wish to relay your gratitude.
Set an example for those who follow
By your goodness, bravery and attitude.


Besides loving God, we need courage
Obeying His laws requires bravery.
For the power of sin is always festering
As evil condemns man's soul to slavery.

God travels with us inside our spirit
Forewarning that which is right or wrong.
Satan tags along tempting our resolve
Spreading his doctrine by video and song.

God promises to defeat our enemies
If we retain faith and observe His rules.
We'll still face battles to preserve our soul
As we endure the blindness of fools.

All of Gods heroes depend on courage
To overcome the dilemmas of strife.
God wants us to follow in His footsteps
As we practice His majesty of life.


Loneliness had me almost persuaded
To let my loyalty and favor stray
But I thought of you and our children
Then decided instead to pray.

For so long you've labored on the railroad
Called away any hour night or day.
Many times in the night when there's thunder
I awake as in anguish and loneliness I lay.

When our children cry out, 'where's daddy? '
I remind them you operate a train.
While my main concern is your safety
And will you return to us the same?

I know you're a hard working Christian man
And it's not your fault you're always away.
I composed this poem to express my need
As for your love and tenderness I pray.

I love you more than words can express
As we shoulder our burdens as husband and wife.
We can't help but be human and make mistakes
As we journey the struggles of life.

Our challenges are many and vary greatly
Raising children in earth's ungodly throng.
Jesus never vows to remove all difficulty
Only His wisdom to endure what's wrong.

Let God take the weight of our burdens
We were never meant to endure alone.
He will never bend us, break us or destroy us
As the seeds of His splendor are sown.


All of us at sometime have run from God
When He has asked us to do something we chose not to do
Though we are free to select who we follow
A life without faith is impossible to renew

Anytime at anywhere dilemmas may occur
Which we must overcome, endure and solve.
The falsehoods of hell consumes man's soul
Challenging our devotion and resolve.

Jonah ran from God and took flight on a ship
To be thrown over and swallowed by a whale.
After three days he was cast up unharmed and alive
To preach at Nineveh which was doomed to fail.

Samson ran from God to the arms of Delilah
Who gave him pleasures beyond compare.
Soon she betrayed him and removed his hair
Exposing him to capture, imprisonment and despair.

Christians trust you can run but not hide
From the eyes of Jehovah who is always aware
Loving us regardless of weakness toward sin
And when we cry out, 'He's there.'


My favorite poet is God above
Who gives Earth its rhythm and rhyme.
Not pied pipers of misguided souls
Who promote distrust, hatred and crime.

Poetry is nature serenading in song
The peaceful roar of the oceans waves.
The wind through the trees and over the hills
And the flowers in the fields by the graves.

The sound of rain as it waters the thirsty
The songs of children at play in the park.
The far off rumble of trains or thunder
As they pass through the night in the dark.

The joy of our babies first words and steps
The passion of life with its heroes and clowns.
The on going struggle to survive our sins
As we proliferate in hamlets and towns.

My favorite poet is our Father of love
Who was first to know us before birth.
His poetry prolongs every thing we love
As His deliverance gives life its worth.


Winning souls tend to change everything
Including who and what we are.
When our darkness within transforms to light
And our eyes have the luster of a star.

We must always pray for the lost among us
Who eagerly race toward the wrong direction.
So they may know their own repentance
Blessed by God's, grace, love and protection.

All of Heaven's heroes have suffered remorse
From hate, fear, lust, loneliness and war.
They do what they do with deliverance of heart
Defeating the dark side of life and more.

Noah found safety within the beams of his ark
To endure Heaven's cleansing of earth.
Moses the deliverer, climbed a mountain
Descending with God's guidelines of worth.

David the shepherd, a boy among men
Slew evil's giant with a flying stone.
Samson the strong man broke from his chains
Toppling the temple with God's help alone.

Jonah was swallowed by a monster fish
To be cast up on shore with a prophecy to tell.
Jesus of Nazareth was nailed to the cross
And without His forgiveness we're doomed to fail.

Lord I'll feel blessed to greet all your heroes
When it is my time to escape my woes.
I'll clutch their hands and kiss their face
As we celebrate the journey we chose.


Think of young David when he faced the giant
With nothing but his sling and five stones.
He listened to God and ran forth to glory
Toppling Goliath for birds, to pluck his bones.

When we fully surrender our soul to God
Our life is complete without blame.
Our heart beats to the joy of fulfillment
As we no longer shoulder our shame.

The more we heed to the whispers of God
The more we achieve His glorious goal.
All through life we escape temptation
Responding to evil with pureness of soul.

God keeps no secrets from all who love Him
When they repent and obey His voice.
He speaks to those who truly conform
And follow His doctrine by choice.

When we listen to God our fears fade away
And all He has proclaimed shall be.
Our trust in His love, grace and protection
Allows us to be modified, by Thee.


We're sought by Satan of that I'm sure
As he plots to derail our soul.
Greed, hate, lust, anger and fear
Are deeds which facilitate his goal.

He smiles at lies, cheating and theft
He laughs at never-ending war.
He drools to conquer the hearts of man
Shadowing every window and door.

Tempting all with unclean pleasures
His success is weakness and desire.
We triumph only through the power of faith
Avoiding eternal torment and fire.

Goodness and evil illustrate life
Like the two sides of every coin.
Most can't help but experience both
As we learn who to trust, follow and join.

Praise our Lord for morals and ethics
The laws of Heavenly command.
Without God's armor and His grace
We become the distortion of man.


Beware of the streams of evil
Feeding the river of no return.
Where whatever gives us pleasure
Is our only worry and concern.

True happiness results from blessings
Handed down from Heaven to earth.
God seems to smile on people in love
Who have chosen to share their worth.

Three types of humans occupy earth
The bad, the not so bad and the horrible.
Somewhere in-between, most us are
And our babies are most adorable.

Far to many become disappointing
Mimicking adults as they stretch and grow.
Lost somewhere in self-indulgence
In a world they have yet to know.

Thanks to faith and spiritual teachings
Multitudes follow the path of grace.
The righteous are the hope of man
As we journey the dangers of space.

Reject what is selfish; cruel and unkind
Steer clear of evil deeds without fear.
Listen to the voice of God in man
And you'll remain more civilized and clear.


The first one to love me was You; Lord
And nothing can take that away.
My soul is refreshed by living water
While my heart flows with love each day.

I thank You for the love of my family
And I thank You for the love of my life.
I thank You for all of the blessings
You give to each husband and wife.

Your glory rides high on the sunsets
Your voice is the thunder of rain.
I thank You for all of the heavens
And Jesus who came to be slain.

I feel when Your eyes are upon me
As You listen to my humble cry,
You've redeemed the soul of Your servant
To dwell in Your mansion on high.

I'll claim each and every promise
From the Lord of the earth and sky.
I'm so glad I'm free from my bondage
Of the grave where my body shall lie.

I thank You for parting the darkness
And guiding my footsteps each day.
I thank You for being my shepherd
You've walked with me all the way.

I know Your armor protects me
From the devil in search of his feast.
And all who are lost without You
Shall dwell in hell with the beast!


David, the shepherd, a tender of sheep
Would pray to his God before he would sleep.
One day he awoke to the roar of beasts
A bear and a lion in search of a feast.

David slew both with his knife and his hand
Though still just a boy and not yet a man.
The Lord's love for David was proven once again
When he challenged the champion of the Philistine men.

Goliath's beastly fingers and hideous toes
Made David more selective with the stones that he chose.
One for the giant, he knew he would slay
Four more for his brothers who were laughing that day.

The giant told David, 'I'll tear you apart;
The birds and the animals shall feast on your heart.'
David yelled back, 'I'll soon see you dead
And when I'm through I'll cut off your head! '

The worst of all men, drew high with his arm
Came forth to David to do him great harm.
The youth jumped ahead just as quick as a lynx
A stone from his sling popped the giant where he thinks.

Blood and bone spewed forth as that devil fell down;
A thousand pound soldier lie dead on the ground.
With Goliath's own sword, David chopped off his head
Then took it to Jerusalem, to prove he was dead.


There once was a traveler who was driven out of town
On His shoulders was a burden that pushed Him to the ground.
On His head was a crown made of thorns from a bush
And the street was so crowded the guards had to push.

They beat Him with nine tails each step of the way
Where Christ found the strength, only God could say.
They stopped at some sandstone at the top of a hill
There was a round hole the cross would soon fill.

They made Him lie down upon that wood cross
There they nailed Him to prove who was boss.
The beam was up-ended by the muscles of men
As it plunged down the hole it was carved to fit in.

Then Jesus looked up at the lightning that flew
And cried, God, My Father, they know not what they do.
They crucified our Lord as His blood flowed to earth
If inside you believe, you feel what love is worth.

They wrapped Him in loincloth when He was taken down
Then carefully removed His scarlet stained crown.
They placed Him in a cave with a large, round, stone door
Before sealing forever, they lay lilies on the floor.
Though it wasn't very long, and the stone was rolled away
For Jesus resurrected, to rise on Easter Day!


The darts of the devil fly free on the winds
And sometimes they pierce both family and friends.
Remember young Adam and his wife, Eve?
When they gave into Satan, the Lord said, 'leave'.

Ever since then, right up to today
The devil makes sure we'll sin in some way.
Wear all of God's armor, whatever you do;
Should the darts of the devil seek out you.

Thank God for Jesus who died on the cross.
Our passage to heaven was paid by His loss.
Every knee shall bow and tongues confess all
That Jesus is our Lord at his final call.

Angels will descend with Jesus in the sky
He'll greet us with open arms when it's our time to fly.
For our Lord awaits all who believe
And those who do not, shall be told to leave.


In the tiny town of Bethlehem
Born in a stable, an infant lie.
While he slept his first dreamless night
A whole universe of stars passed by.

When Jesus Christ our Savior was born
Most of the angels began to sing
Of peace, and good will to all mankind
And hallelujah to Earth's new king.

There were those angels, who did not sing
For they had passed through the devil's gate.
They knew this young lad belonged to God
And for them salvation was too late.

So let's rejoice, and sing with great cheer
That night when Jesus slept without fear.
For our Lord's birthday comes once a year
On that night of nights we hold so dear.


The Son of God came to save that which was lost
To redeem our soul from the power of the grave.
Where the prisoners of death must rest together
Except for the spirits of the kind and brave.

The preaching of the cross is ignored by fools
And sinners who are unable to conform.
By grace we are saved as a gift from our Lord
Who wipes tears from the faces that mourn.

By learning, loving, working, teaching, and prayer
We submit our years as a tale to be told.
The survival of life is our pilgrimage
As we tackle each challenge both young and old.

No one can be sure of how long they will last
Though all have a choice of whom they choose to be.
Warmongers, adulterers, thieves or saints
Everyone must some day bow down before Thee.

From dust we were made and shall return
After life has brought us to our earthly end.
Though all must walk in the shadow of death
The righteous are promised they will rise again.


God saw that wickedness had fouled His world
To a state it could no longer be ignored.
While grieving sadly He chose to destroy it
Though Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

The Lord told Noah to fashion a great ark
Made of gopher wood and pitch, outside and in.
Three hundred cubits long and fifty in width
Before the world he knew, would come to its end.

Bring your food, your sons, your wife and your son's wives
And two of every living sort, be with thee.
For with you I'll establish my covenant
And all who are with thee shall survive the sea.

They all marched forth, two by two, into the ark
And waited for God's waters to flood the land.
For forty days and for forty nights
The fountains of the deep consumed beast and man.

Inside the ark nostrils kept their breath of life
As the high waters prevailed upon the earth.
Every mountain and every hilltop vanished
As all within felt the power of God's worth.

The waters from heaven were finally restrained
And after ten months the tops of mountains were seen.
God had blessed Noah and all who had joined him
To multiply, plant and fulfill His dream.


Miracles are the extraordinary acts of God
If you don't believe it, why pray?
Some say, they're just happenings brought about by luck
Thus, superstition has led the rest of us, astray.

Woe to what the misinformed might think
Who claim their excellence is their own.
A wise man knows his gifts are from Heaven
And by repentance, his gratitude is shown.

I believe in miracles for I'm alive and well
I'm loved by God, family, and a few good friends.
I've lived long enough to see miracles transpire
As one must end, another descends.


Who wrote the tune the songbird sings?
Who made the diamonds we wear on rings?

Who caused the snow and rain to fall?
Who made spring, winter, summer and fall?

Who gave man a woman to love?
Who made the clouds and sky above?

Who lights the stars and moon in the night?
Who makes Heaven and beyond so bright?

Who gives us babies we follow till death?
Who made us able to speak with our breath?

Who gives us heroes willing to die?
Who made the tears we shed as we cry?

Who shows us hope and guides our way?
The same one who loves us night and day.


Put on the whole armor of God
And soldiers we shall be.
Fighting the powers of darkness
Who thirst for the souls of the free.

Through lust, they try to enslave us
And silence God's voice in man.
With focus of faith we shun them
Avoiding the grasp of their hand.

Satan whispers his sadistic thoughts
In every language and every ear.
Tempting all with the sins of hell
Victims of misery, hopelessness and fear.

Eagerly plotting to disrupt God's works
Evil swallows up souls like the shifting sand.
The armor of God is our divine protection
Shielding every child, woman, and man.


Never be afraid to pray boldly to God
For no matter the crisis our Lord is aware.
Sometimes it's hard to recognize God's answers
But that's just part of the mystery of prayer.

Some of the greatest heroes in history
Wore holes in the knees of their pants.
For without God's grace and human prayer
Man's survival on Earth is by chance.

Surrender your soul and make time for prayer
Sharing moments with your Savior alone
He'll shoulder your burden and give you rest
As the seeds of His goodness are sown.


So perfect is nature, though not by man
It's the brush of our Master that paints the land.
The sun comes up and sun goes down
As in every direction God's wonders are found.

The tide comes in and the tide goes out
Our faith in eternalness is what life is about.
Contentment depends on which path we walk
By daylight or darkness; our faith is our rock.

Our confidence and trust in a higher power
Helps guide us through every moment and hour.
Fidelity to ones promise and observance of law
Lets our Lord know we heed His call.


I never write a poem
That doesn't write itself.
I catch a buzz and come alive
Like a puppet off it's shelf.

Hearing many voices
Whose words are never mine.
My pen becomes a painter's brush
Forming visions on a line.

I seem to be a better person
When it's time to sit down and write.
A higher power guides my hand
Sharing wisdom by day and night.

People born to create
Have no choice but to perform.
It's the rush of sharing their gift
That elevates them from the norm.

What would our world become
Without intervention from above?
Angry beings in a revolving cage
With no sense of passion or love.


Jesus is our Savior who whips the Devil's hide
After death Heaven awaits for all with Him who ride.
Disobedience by believers was forgiven by His loss
The future of man was changed by His death on the cross.

We're free to believe whatever till time to say farewell
All who turn their back to Christ shall suffer the blaze of hell.
Lucifer loves to bait his hook and fish the pond of man
Once he has you in his net you're the victim of his hand.

Some say not to worry for man was once an ape
It's okay to hate, plunder, murder, lie and rape.
I choose to follow the Bible and observe God's laws
Praying for the mislaid in the clutch of Satan's claws.


Late to bed early to rise
Work like heck and advertise.
Tell the truth and refuse to lie
Be all we can be beneath God's sky.

Love our families and strive to achieve
Triumph by goodness and how we believe.
Heed to the whispers of God in our heart
Retain integrity and from foulness depart.

Let voices proclaim after we have gone
Our love for others still lives on.
Real success comes by who we actually are
Not by trinkets, a big house or car.

We're on our own but not alone
As the deeds of our lifetime are sown.
Love, fear, lust, greed, faith and hate
Are how we are measured and known.


The angles of malice out number God's
One hundred too one and more
Though faith commands who shall falter
As Heaven's heroes emerge from their door.

Evil deeds are God's test of convection
For us to destroy or increase our measure
All mankind has its weakness towards lust
As we hunger for happiness and treasure.

Life's ultimate reward is our need for others
Honor, respect, compassion and heaven above,
Truthfulness, valor, worry and forgiveness
As we preserve God's fellowship with love.


We pray and pray when we should stop asking
And take the time to listen and say thank you.
Our motives of mind must stay righteous and clear
To overcome our transgressions and renew.

Think of young David as he faced Goliath
With nothing but a sling and five stones he chose.
He listened to God and ran forth to glory
Toppling the giant, for the vultures and crows.

When we fully surrender our trust to God
Our life will never remain the same
Our heart bows in obedient submission
And all that we are has divinity to blame.


God has the power to move Heaven and Earth
If we just surrender and follow in His path.
By turning a deaf ear toward His commandments
We suffer punishment, desperation and wrath.

God never takes pleasure from the death of a sinner
Who has refused the splendor of His grace.
When we ignore Jesus as our Savior
Were lost to shame, despair and disgrace

Trust in the Lord to navigate your heart
And He will always be there to guide you.
Never question His power, love or deliverance
As you struggle to repent and renew.

Never be ashamed to get down on your knees
And pray for deliverance from sin.
As time closes doors, God opens others
And by the power of assurance we rise, again.


Humans have always had their need for love
Long before they could calculate the year.
Painting on the walls of caves and tombs
Stories of accomplishment, conquest and fear.

Life is a constant contest of struggle
Plagued by greed, love, war, work and debate.
Between all we love; those we tolerate
And some we can't help but hate.

I'd rather be loved and love in return
Then have a rich man's gold piled high.
Id rather be loved by someone worthy
With honor, compassion and no need to lie.

I'd rather be loved then be crowned a king
Of a vast empire of power and domain.
I'd rather be loved and never forgotten
Not alone, overwhelmed, and ashamed.

I'd rather be loved for my unselfish behavior
Eager to protect, provide and preserve.
I'd rather be loved for staying resolute
To my commitment to love and to serve.

I'd rather be loved for my awareness of duty
More than anything life can bestow me.
I'd rather be loved and receive God's grace
As I lay down my life before Thee.


A wise man gives up what he can't keep
To gain what he cannot lose.
All Through life we make our judgments
Praying for the right path to choose.

Believers feel God is a footstep away
With His love, forgiveness and power.
All we have to do is observe His word
And by divine intervention we flower.

Never be afraid to pray humbly to God
For His light to shine from your face.
The more we surrender and obey His will
The more we facilitate His Grace.

Life without faith, deliverance and love
Becomes a selfish person's hell.
By severing our Lord without question
We stay happier, productive, and well.

The Lord is aware of all we commit
Our secrets, joys, evils and fears.
Loving us despite our repeated mistakes
And even more, when we cry out in tears.


God can make life glorious and rewarding
When we continuously stay willing to wait.
He's conscious of all and helps plan our purpose
When we trust Him without hesitation and debate.

David could have killed King Saul twice
But he was told by God to be patient and wait.
After ten years he was officially crowned King
For God was the master of his fortune and fate.

There's something about waiting we just can't stand
Though when we walk without God we fall.
When we patiently wait and trust His word
We're blessed by His forgiveness and call.

Waiting on God means we honor His will
As we purify our motives and inspiration.
When we heed His word we obtain His best
Trusting our future to divine creation.

When we refuse to submit we're overwhelmed by sin,
Fear, remorse, mistrust, selfishness and wrath.
As Christians we wait no matter how long
For God to reveal our purpose, destination and path.

God always knows what is best for us
And we must march to His will and power.
When we follow His commands we become as one
As His deliverance enables us to flower.


You will always have peace no mater your circumstance
When you trust in the Lord with all your heart and soul.
Why stay miserable, unhappy and lost
When the joys of goodness should be your goal?

The Lord's hand is not short, it can save anyone
Sin is what separates you from His grace.
When you die without Christ you're dead forever
Lost in the darkness of shame, despair and disgrace.

Remember God always keeps every promise
And you should trust Him to change your fate.
When you suffer from troubles, heartbreak and pain
Stay focused on His word before it's too late.

The key to everlasting peace is your relationship with God
And His splendor surpasses all worldly understanding.
You will never know peace if you refuse to submit
Rendering life too dreadful, outrageous and demanding.

To keep from being doomed and blown off course.
Christ is your anchor in life's storm filled sea.
When you're tested by circumstance, He will override
Freeing you from trepidation to be blessed, by Thee.


All of us have suffered the difficulties of betrayal and loss
If you haven't, it's because you haven't lived long enough yet.
When we stay true to God no matter our pain or situation
He stands with us through victories, fears and regret.

Friends, family and loved ones will fail us from time to time
Though we should always stay eager to comprehend and forgive.
God will never fail us when we accept Christ as our savor
And follow His doctrine of how to respond, discipline and live.

What did Christ cry as He suffered crucifixion?
But Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.
When we stay true to the purpose of God's will
He's always present to teach, provide and renew.

We must strive to fulfill a faithful, fruitful, productive life
Till God decides it's time to call us home.
When we give Him our best no matter the circumstance
He's always with us and we're never hopeless or alone.


God fulfills our needs by His timing
When we focus, repent and obey.
He's always there, working in our behalf
For what we truly deserve, ask for and pray.

God loves us completely despite our flaws
Even though we make Him happy or sad.
We must do our part and give life our best
Avoiding what is hateful, destructive and bad.

God our father wants what is best for us
And He doesn't bless any that are lazy.
We must walk upright with honor and pride
Regardless of the lost that call us crazy.

Never waste prayers for all the wrong reasons
When God knows precisely what we need.
He wishes to protect, teach and transform us
To the image of His son that suffered without greed.

When we pray to God for what we truly deserve
And follow His path to Heaven's rapture above.
We learn the value of Divine Intervention
And the wonder and splendor of His love.


When the voice of wisdom cries out
The grace of God is never-ending.
Search for those who highlight the worthy
And shun what is selfish and condescending.

Wisdom is better than the touch of woman
Rubies, silver or kingdoms of gold.
Blessed are those who follow God's path
Without fear of their deeds being told.

Man's fear of death sustains his repentance
As God's seed of Goodness stirs within.
When sinners entice you, refuse consent
For the shameless shall suffer without end.

When the gift of wisdom glorifies your heart
And the harmony of knowledge is pleasant to your soul.
You will be delivered from the deeds of ignorance
As the numbers of the wicked register their toll.

God's wisdom is inspiration of spirit
In every thing we consume and employ.
Knowledge is mankind's only hope
Of fulfillment, purpose and joy.


Think of young David when he faced the giant
With nothing but his sling and five stones.
He listened to God and ran forth to glory
Toppling Goliath for birds, to pluck his bones.

When we fully surrender our soul to God
Our life is complete without blame.
Our heart beats to the joy of fulfillment
As we no longer shoulder our shame.

The more we heed to the whispers of God
The more we achieve His glorious goal.
All through life we escape temptation
Responding to evil with pureness of soul.

God keeps no secrets from all who love Him
When they repent and obey His voice.
He speaks to those who truly conform
And follow His doctrine by choice.

When we listen to God our fears fade away
And all He has proclaimed shall be.
Our trust in His love, grace and protection
Allows us to be modified, by Thee.


Walking with God is a progressive journey
Of fellowship, faith, love and understanding.
Walking without Him we're doomed to unawareness
Lost in the shadows of ungodly demanding.

To walk with God we must be consistent
In our behavior through heartbreak and tribulation.
Walking with the Lord is not always easy
Though eager hearts comply without hesitation.

Our continuous surrender to the will of God
Enables us to hear His voice within.
The most important lesson we can ever learn
Is to listen for His deliverance from sin.

The champions of the Bible all listened to God
Or they would never have survived their story.
When we heed to the voice of supreme thought
We become a testimony to His goodness and glory.

God's love is unconditional, total and complete
His goal is to make us aware of falsehoods and lies.
Whenever He speaks, He never contradicts His word
And all who actually listen are more Christ-like and wise.


The day of Jehovah is near
Judging the worst the world has seen.
Bringing relief to the righteous
And punishment to the mean.

Evil's malice will expire
By the power of God and His glory.
The soldiers of Heaven shall prevail
To tell the world their story.

The day of Jehovah is near
So it's time to select your side.
Remain lost, selfish and blind
Or march with the faithful with pride.

The word of God fills us with hope
Of new heavens and earth that await.
It's up to us to chose our path
And there is no time to procrastinate.

The agents of hell cast their nets
Far and wide to mislead and use.
The goodness of man must overwhelm
Those who murder, rape and abuse.

The only way our world can prosper
Is by the grace of God's law.
If we fail to heed His teachings
We must suffer the extinction of all.


Jesus didn't arrive by accident
God sent Him to purchase our salvation.
When we deny Christ as our savior
We fail as an individual or nation.

Without access to God we're nothing but a corpse
With no hope for the future or present.
We live in a world consumed by foulness
And we're selfish, ungrateful and unpleasant.

When we seek God's grace and deliverance
We truly confess our guilt and transform.
We place ourselves in the hands of God
And by faith and compliance we conform.

Never let Satin run away with your heart
Trust in the precious blood of Christ and His grace.
Set an example for all you disciple
Preaching His liberation from shame and disgrace.

The precious blood of Jesus the Son of God
Paid our debt that we could never afford.
God's spotless perfect Lamb of righteousness
Was sacrificed to justify, sanctify and reward.

Never be reluctant to get down on your knees
And pray for God's help and understanding.
Life on earth is God's test of resolve
As we face what is inescapable and demanding.


God's doctrine of truth is what lives are built on
For fulfillment and existence on Earth.
A spiritual guide to teach us His ways
The more we discover the more we're worth.

Building truth is like digging for gold in the ground
If we find the tiniest flake we scratch for more.
As a result we become stronger
Setting an example for the world we love and more.

The Lord allows no good deed to go un-rewarded
When we build a scriptural foundation for our life.
We receive His wisdom, opportunities and blessings
As we serve Him proudly through good times and strife

How great the reward when we chose to surrender
And not merely just hear God's words, but conform and heed.
The road of right is always narrow and problematic
Where the path of wrong is vast and pregnant with seed.

The rewards of truth are God's blessings of love
As the pitfalls of lies are Satins weapons of demise.
Assurance, grace, trust and Heavenly intervention
Gives us the power to remain righteous and wise.

Unfortunately, some never apply honesty to their lives
By choice, they remain captive to the world of lies.
Christians survive by prayer, truth and fellowship
As you feel the power of conviction in their eyes.


The process of enticement begins in our brain
When we fantasize about what sparks our fire.
Eventually our thoughts stir our emotions
And we risk everything to obtain desire.

Our victory over sin can only be accomplished
As we follow the power of God's rule.
Through faith, trust, compliance and love
We evade what is shameful and cruel.

When we heed to the voice of God within
We celebrate His power, majesty and grace.
We reject temptation and cling to His love
Till His blessings radiate from our face.

From all that's immoral, wicked and hateful
Only through love of faith can we turn away.
When we humbly pray to gain God's wisdom
We sidestep the penalty of misjudgments at play.

As we come the point where we must make our choice
Will we shun what is vile or seek its promise of pleasure?
Every time we blunder sad consequences occur
And we loose life's splendor, fulfillment and treasure.


I'm a soldier for the Lord
Who's been up and who's been down
Though while on the battlefield
I have never turned around.

I face more than flesh and blood
With the devil's evil hoard.
But they shall not steal my soul
For I swing my Lord's swift sword.

I wear all of God's armor
With helmet, breastplate and shield.
As Satan's arrows fly by
From his archers of the field.

The devil casts his dark net
Over any he may charm.
He'll lead them from salvation
With his hands upon their arm.

I battle evil daily
And I pray that you'll join me.
We're not alone in this world
For we're loved and watched by Thee.


The spirit of man will sustain his infirmities
And if he obeys God's law he will retain his soul.
The flesh of man shall return to the earth as it was
But for a spiritual life afterwards, is man's goal.

With his soul, man humbly prays to God in the night
And with his spirit he seeks Him by the light of day.
It's true that man may be taken by sickness or hate
Though only evil deeds can lead his soul astray.

The spirit of man is thus the candle of the Lord
Whose kingdom does not receive that which is flesh or blood.
The Lord shall preserve man's soul from all which is wicked
As He once destroyed the evil of earth with his flood.

The soul of man may be willing, but his flesh is week
As outward he must perish; inward he can renew.
It all depends on the road he chooses to follow
And the dreams in his heart he prefers to pursue.


All Christians have prayed to God like Moses
For His Sovereignty is absolute, supreme and complete.
The power of God and prayer are always linked
And He will answer our needs through victory and defeat.

When we fall on our face before God and pray
It's usually because of hurt, fear and despair.
God will answer our needs when we clean ourselves up
By repentance, faith, fellowship and prayer.

Always stay willing to do whatever God requires
And He will use you in the most awesome fashion.
Never refuse to answer His benevolent call
And your future will be blessed by love, grace and compassion.

Remember Nehemiah when God told him to rebuild the wall
He trusted the Lord, prayed and went before his king.
He asked him for supplies and soldiers to protect and succeed
And by the power of God's will and prayer he got everything.

How many will you meet when you arrive in Heaven?
That was you who told them about God's will?
They changed their ways and learned to trust God
To protect provide, glorify and fulfill.


When we accurately realize that our intimacy with God
Determines the impact of our lives and attitude.
We avoid doing anything that dishonors Him
Or our own self worth, humility and gratitude.

Recognizing that God The Father knows the path ahead
Far better than any politician, preacher or teacher.
We submit ourselves to respond to His call
As we struggle to be more than a wicked creature.

Always stay mindful of what must be done
With purpose, determination, prayer and accountability.
Giving your best to provide, protect and preserve
A life of freedom, faith, love and stability.

You and I some day shall stand before God
And give an account for our actions to measure.
Never give up and walk away from His grace
Lost in a world of impureness and ungodly pleasure.

Christians have a deep hunger and yearning for Gods approval
The ultimate purpose He created us to faithfully be.
Our intimacy with God is a relationship of love and trust
The more we pray and actually listen the more we become as He.


Jesus is the salt and the light of the world
And God uses us to point the way to His Grace.
By our own conviction, purpose, faith and conversation
We impact others to escape their shame and disgrace.

God gives us our passion to spread His word
So we can make a difference in the lives of those who are lost.
Wherever we are and wherever we live
We must remain His disciples regardless of cost.

God placed us here to be His salt and light
And we must set an example by how we live.
Our testimony is our goodness of heart
And how we are willing to love and forgive.

The more we stay determined to remain truthful
The brighter the glow of our faith shall be.
It's not our person it's our message
That enables the blind in the darkness to see.

When we live a just life we truly make a difference
As we set an example of the power of God's will.
We point the way to the glory of His love
And how it can transform, nourish and fulfill.


When we totally surrender our lives to God
The power of His will overrules our behavior.
Everything that Satin can ruin or destroy
Can be resurrected by Jesus our Savior.

Life on Earth is Heaven's test of resolve
And we need to stay aggressive in our defense of the cross.
When we fail to listen and ignore God's call
We suffer from fear, mistrust, doubt and spiritual loss.

Any who are evil hate that which is good
For they only care to practice their self-serving greed.
Christians aren't perfect but they repent and conform
To set an example of the glory of God's Seed.

Remember the Bible and all of its heroes
And how they made history by their need to summit.
God loves us more then we love our own selves
When we open our hearts and totally commit.

Samson was God's man of great strength and power
Till he gave in to lust and lost his hair.
All must suffer their own ungodliness
Before they transform by faith, commitment and prayer.


When we rebel against God's will we stumble and fall
But when we follow His path we rejoice His call.
When we thrive by serving Heaven's partnership with man
We receive God's grace by divine hand.

God allows us to suffer, sin, repent and transform
And He loves us despite when we're slow to conform.
All of us are tested from the first moment we cry
By the lives we enhance before we die.

Blessings take place when we have proven our measure
When the glory of God has become our treasure.
Righteous obedience pleases our Father above
As He watches His children with concern and love.

Obedience brings froth God's Blessings of grace
Though sometimes we can't tell they've even taken place.
God teaches what is best to purify our goals
As He leads us by faith to glorify our souls.


Those who practice making Godly decisions
Always ask God to lead the way.
All who choose to live by their own preferences
Soon endure the pain of selfishness at play.

When we live by our Christian principles
Heaven awaits us after death.
When we live to fulfill our unclean pleasures
It's Satan who shall foul our breath.

Like a blind man riding a fast horse
When we lose our purpose, we lose our grace.
No white line in the middle of a dark highway
As we swerve in the darkness of space.

King David lived both by God's way and his
And as a result he suffered from his defiance.
God has His purpose for all to follow
And when we obey we're blessed by compliance.

Never be afraid to get down on your knees
To ask God to answer your call.
He sees everything, even our thoughts
And He knows when we obey His Law.

Christians believe they'll be an afterlife
For they can feel God's presents within.
They seldom summit to anything evil
And by virtue they triumph over sin.

Jesus wants us to forgive others
And not necessarily because they deserve to be.
Nor even because He forgave us first
But because it is the glory of Thee.


When we listen to God and eagerly conform,
We respond with more righteous behavior.
When we hesitate, waver and refuse
We suffer disgrace and disappoint our Savior.

I love God because He was the first to love me
Long before my birth or last breath.
I serve my Lord by sharing His blessings
So others may learn of His love before death.

Look all about you in every direction
And God's powers will astound you.
Life can be both heaven and hell
As we're judged by what we say and do.

I love God because of all who have loved me
And how He has blessed me beyond my measure.
I love God for His achievements and Grace
For without His love we loose purpose and treasure.

I love God because of all His heroes
Who down through history have served the cross.
I love Jesus for giving me deliverance
And the joy of knowing I was saved by His loss.

If you feel blessed by heavenly fulfillments
My love for God is unproblematic to understand.
If you feel lost in a world of distrust and shame
Trouble consumes you as you ignore God's command.

I write poems, which were handed down by Thee
To let Satin know God has a new soldier.
405 poems from heaven to Earth
From a poet with guilt on his shoulder.


The burdens of life take their tally
As they enslave our every breath.
The joys of life all come from God
Who shall greet us after death.

All God's heroes of the Bible
Never handled life on their own,
They fell to their knees and prayed to God
As the seeds of His wisdom were sewn.

Where would we be without God's grace?
Lost in a world of hate and debate.
He loves, guides and protects us
Till it's time to arrive at His gate.

The Lord knows and sees our hardships,
Dilemmas we are unable to control.
He personally invites us to turn to Him
As the outcomes of life take their toll.


Satan observes our strong and weak points,
To determine His best areas for attack.
His purpose is to destroy our virtue and will
As by faith and deliverance we fight back.

Our broken society testifies to the sad reality
That Satan is mankind's most troublesome foe.
His spiritual war becomes more personal
When his deceptions challenge both heart and soul.

All the combined powers of the sprits of hell
Can't keep one true believer from serving, as they must.
As Christians, Christ lives within our hearts
And because of His wisdom we are fortified by trust.

Evil has forever been God's test of resolve
And He is willing to forgive any who are lost.
Except for those that refuse His deliverance
To be saved by the blood of Jesus on the cross.

Non-believers risk their own endless peril
When they ignore God's gift of divine birth.
All we can do is pray and teach by example
The glory of God's deliverance and worth.


The Holy Sprit helps believers, to believe
And convert to what God requires.
Teaching us the power of gratitude and love
As He saves us from our own desires.

The fueling of passion for Christ our Lord
Is not a one day but lifetime affair.
We must willingly follow His laws of wisdom
Which bring blessings to believers that share

Obedience is never a questionable option
When summoned by our Lord above.
Following God's will shifts our purpose
As His blessings become what we love.

When we recognize Jesus as our one and only Savior
We are blessed by our redemption and God's grace.
By choosing to distrust what the Bible has proclaimed
We live in a world of hate, greed, jealously, fear and disgrace.


Jesus saves more than just misguided fools
From the penalty of past transgressions.
He frees our souls from the power of sin
And delivers us from false impressions.

Believers learn the joys of life through faith
And it's too big a story to not tell.
Preaching the power and glory of God
And the lies and falsehoods of hell.

God speaks to each and every heart
Though too few ever eagerly obey.
When we ignore His whispers of wisdom and love
The shadows of shame dominate our day.

Prayer strengthens our ability to overcome evil
That wrongfully impels our deliberation within.
Trusting God to reveal our purpose in life
Allows us to be blessed and delivered from sin.


God calls believers to be His servants
So they may invest in their spiritual measure.
By purpose, salvation and obedience
They justify God's grace and treasure.

Christians serve God by their own compliance
Never by self-serving wicked desire.
Receiving their blessings through obedience alone
Avoiding eternal torment and fire.

Knowing one's enemy is the first rule of life
And thanks to Scripture Christian's are aware.
The Bible contains important lifetime assurances
Giving us courage beyond compare.

God's shield of faith is His unyielding love
Deflecting anything that Satan throws.
Our helmet of salvation always gives us hope
And when we live by His commandments it shows.


Christians celebrate Their Lord's second coming
At any moment of time on Earth.
The Bible promises that Christ will return.
And all shall be judged by their Heavenly worth.

As we look forward to the Son of God's return
We're more likely to have biblical belief.
We live each day more productive and hole
And avoid that which can cause shame and grief.

Have you been consumed by satisfying earthly needs,
Or have you actively sought to obey God's will?
When our devotion glorifies our purpose of life
We're blessed by faith that shall overcome and fulfill.


Serving God is not for sissies
But for those with commitment of heart.
As troubles arise to test our resolve
From faith we must refuse to part.

Evil hungers to separate are souls from God
And have us respond like apes in a tree.
Through trust, love, faith and compliance
We are blessed and fortified by Thee.

All Heaven's heroes had their issues,
None become righteous without pain.
They prayed to God to be delivered
As the faithful were ridiculed or slain.

Nothing has changed since Adam and Eve
Humans are the most unpredictable of Earth.
Faith gives us hope through love, and devotion
As the power of God's Will elevates our worth.


We find ourselves in the darkest valleys
When circumstances place us there.
Spiritual warfare, our own rebellion
And the acts of others unfair.

Every valley is a passageway
Rather than just a destination,
Eventually difficulties will pass on
As God controls all creation.

The deeper the valley, the greater the work
We are able to accomplish through pain.
God is more pleased by our character
Than our comfort or the reasons we complain.

By the Grace of God, we always have hope
For you and I have a Devine Shepherd within.
Guiding, comforting and strengthening
Protecting the faithful from the futility of sin.


The Bible promises Christ shall return
And His second coming will be known by all.
Jesus has prepared our eternal home
For believers who have answered His Call.

Passed followers shall be resurrected
By Heaven's timing not ours.
We have our own spiritual assignment
To defeat wickedness and its powers.

We should worry less about Christ's return
And concern ourselves with obedience through love.
For everything we say, ponder or commit
Is recorded and measured by Heaven above.

Never make important decisions without prayer
For the answers of a lifetime come from within.
God whispers His wisdom to our heart and soul
As we shoulder the burdens of ignorance and sin.

All of Heaven's Heroes got their answers from prayer
When they acted on their own they suffered despair.
The best way to glorify Jesus and His Return
Is to set by example through prayer what we learn.


God's gift of salvation to save our soul
Is deliverance from evil, fear and danger.
When we refuse to believe in His Word
We suffer the fate of a stranger.

God leads believers to perform and pursue
The fulfillment of His plain for our soul.
We accomplish the greatest blessings in life
When servitude and obedience is our goal.

Every time we worry about ourselves
More than God's plan for our story.
We soon find happiness never last long
As our missteps shadow our glory.

Heaven and hell recruit all they can
As both sides numbers enhance.
Some run God's way others another
But only the faithful are aloud to advance.


What kind of monsters will we release on society
If we fail to teach our children the pitfalls of sin?
They'll learn everything the difficult way
Before they can stop and start again.

Take down your Bible or purchase a copy
And never let it collect dust on the shelf.
If you can't attend church come Sunday morning
Read scripture to someone or yourself.

People who believe our Lord is watching
Can feel His presence within.
We pray for awareness to be delivered
And transformed, to rise again.

Stand up to disciple and give the lost hope
And God will love you even more.
Say no to Satin and yes to Jesus
And blessings shall shadow your door.

All God's heroes had their issues
Though He loved them just the same.
They prayed for courage and the will
To guide them from wickedness and shame.


Jesus gave us Sacrificial Love
When He surrendered His life on the cross.
Love is more than words or emotions
As we suffer from, actions, worry and loss.

David's victory didn't come because he fought well
But rather because he believed well.
He prayed to God and ran forth to glory
As Goliath was slain by a stone and fell.

Esther gave love to save her people
And married the Persian King.
She won his heart and took control
Saving God's faithful to rejoice and sing.

Samson loved Delilah but he loved God more
And he never took her for his wife.
While hecklers laughed at his blindness and chains
He toppled their temple and took their life.

Living without love is meaningless and cruel
Void of fulfillment, joy and peace.
When we truly love others more then ourselves
Our feelings of unawareness cease.

As Christians we're taught to love our enemies
And forgive and pray for their souls.
No greater love has ever been known
Than when we lay down our life for God's goals.


I'm God's most humble poet
Whose poems have meter and rhyme.
Stories of love, faith, hate, honor and duty,
Obedience, war, heroes, history and crime.

I've performed my gift on T.V. and radio
Before millions I've never met.
Preached my praise of God and country
With 465 poems on the net.

Satan's soldiers, shepherds and bards
Spew forth their foulness and grief.
They attack the joy and goodness of man
Dishonoring life, family, country and belief.

Prospering through work, love and conviction
Enables us to remain whole and how we should be.
Fortifying our soul with fulfillment of faith
Lets our worst tribulations be shouldered by Thee.

Moses, Samson, David, Solomon and Jonah
All failed God in their own human way.
He chose to forgive them and bless their powers
So they might dwell in hearts of man today.

Without God's grace, wisdom and glorious domain
There's no doubt all would soon cease to survive.
Through purpose, morals and Christian conviction
We are able to transform and keep goodness alive.


My heart shouts from within me
I can no longer hold my peace
I've heard God's words to my soul
And from sadness I feel release.

Why live by doubt and hesitation
And never know God's love or power.
Why wait until you're ill and afraid
And beg for one more moment or hour.

Stay strong, faithful and courageous
And God will always be there to direct you.
Meditate His words both night and day
And He will facilitate everything you do.

When something in life doesn't seem right
Our Lord knows every detail and more.
Trusting in Him to show us the way
Transforms us from what we were before.

Rise up from worries for God is watching
When we obey His laws, it's always the right thing.
There's no way to lose either night or day
As of grace and deliverance we sing.

You won't find me on paved streets of gold
Or hanging around heaven's gate.
Where you will find me is at the feet of Jesus
Thanking Him for saving me from my fate.


Never be a king in your eyes
But fear the Lord and depart from sin.
Faith transforms both our heart and soul
And God is always there as our friend.

Honor the Lord with truth and goodness,
Possessions, servitude and love.
Happy are we who discover His wisdom
As Heaven judges our actions above.

The curse of God is on the immoral
But He blesses the repentant and just.
Shame is always the legacy of selfish fools
While the godly excel by their love and trust.

Pray for the lost and all they commit
And refuse their wicked way.
Satan plots our destruction among the shadows
Where Jesus loves us both night and day.


Every challenge is always surmountable
When we obey God's wisdom and call.
Observe creation all around you
And your problems will soon seem small.

Remember young David, who was terrified
Who listened to God and gained His glory.
When we trust the words of Divine power
Love, servitude and trust rule the story.

The Lord your God is always with you
As you march with heaven's parade.
Be strong, faithful and courageous
Do not tremble or be dismayed.

Quality of mind enables our confidence
To meet danger, challenge and opposition.
Quality of spirit empowers our soul
When God's word is our Tradition.


The secret to overcoming fear
Is to focus on prayer not trouble.
When we go it alone, it's always the same
All that we fear seems to multiply and double.

As we rely on the power of God's grace
Our heavenly Father has control over all,
We take our eyes off of circumstance
And turn them toward His law.

The Lord told Joshua He would never forsake him
And you and I have the same promise today.
God has the power to guide us through life
When we listen, believe and pray.

God's goodness carries us through difficulties
We could never endure on our own.
Courage enables us to face fear and danger
As the seed of our faith is sown.


The power of love transforms our soul
As we live for deliverance from sin.
Ready to defend and protect what's right
Loving our Lord, family or friend.

Ester saved her people by the power of love
And changed the way an evil king behaved.
She prayed to God and trusted His grace
And the lives of her people were saved.

Down through history from Adam till now
Man has always suffered from sin.
When we completely discount the laws of God
All that we love can come to its end!

The power of love is always among us
As God loves us more than we love our own.
He watches, punishes, directs and rewards
As the seeds of our behavior are sown.


You may feel that you're lost from God
But He has never been lost from you.
God never walks away from His children
Despite all the foolish things we do.

Doubting causes us to stay fearful and isolated
Never to rise above thoughts of our own.
We need to believe and trust in God
As the seeds of His glory are sown.

God has His purpose for every problem
Teaching us our need for the power of His will.
When we truly summit and abide to His word
All we believe will fortify and fulfill.

The most important blessing that happens in life
Is accepting Christ as our Savior and Son of our Lord.
The price we pay as a nonbeliever
Is far more than a mortal can afford.

Never listen to the Devil for he is a liar
And all that he stands for is wrong.
Turn your eyes toward God and focus on His love
As His passion for us we sing in a song.


Father we pray You will deliver us from evil
And fill us with Your mercy and love.
We pray for Your wisdom and understanding
To guide us to Your kingdom above.

We pray for those who ignore Your Grace
And deny you as their Lord and king.
Help us to know the power of Your will
For Your deliverance is everything.

All of us have sinned at some point in our life
And discovered our actions had a cost.
We pray for forgiveness from transgressions
As we testify God's salvation to the lost!

Praise our Lord for His heavenly Blessings
And the divine love we feel within.
He delivers us from the dark side of life
To rise above wrong to be born again.


All men's desires are justified in their own mind
But it's God who weighs what the eye cannot see.
Just as our intentions are to plan for the future
It's how we respond that decides what will be.

The hateful and the selfish never go unpunished
For they have turned their back on the Lord.
A wise man shuns what is ungodly and corrupt
While fools pursue all they can never afford.

The heart of the righteous seek God's wisdom and grace
As the mouth of the wicked spews forth hate.
The faithful never lie, cheat or give false witness
For Christ is their Shepard without hesitation or debate.

Evildoers practice what is unclean, wicked and cruel
As sinfulness drips from their lips of fire.
They justify the guilty and denounce the just
Who heed God's laws through faith, love, devotion and desire.


I'm broke, busted and disgusted
But I always have hope because of the Lord.
He is aware of my every problem and fear
And the mistakes I've made I could never afford.

The joy of faith adds length to life
Where the pleasures of the wicked cut it short.
All must someday stand before God
Fore He is the Judge of heaven's court.

God's blessings crown the head of the righteous
As violence overwhelms the lives of the lost.
The faithful hate all which, is evil or false
Where the wicked ignore every consequence and cost.

The teaching of God's love and the sacrifice of Christ
Is the foundation of Christian existence.
The wisdom of God is our armor of faith
To protect us from Satan's wrath of persistence.

The path of uprightness avoids what is evil
Where the highway of downfall seeks it all.
A wise man heeds his Father's instruction
While the mockers of faith refuse His call.


When we refuse to listen or take to account
The words, laws and commandments of our Master,
He will send us a curse upon our blessings
Changing everything to fear, hate and disaster.

Who can endure the day of His coming,
And who can stand tall as He appears?
Only those who have committed their heart and soul
To serve God with their blood, sweet and tears.

Give thanks to God for His divine deliverance
Make known His blessings among the crowd.
Sing forth His praise with trust and love
And life will become more peaceful and proud.


Confidence that conquers is a glorious blessing
Look what a boy named David was able to do.
He toppled the giant and became a great King
All because he had confidence in his faith and God too.

When we completely believe in the will of our Lord
We have confidence we can do anything He ask us to.
We say our prayers and confront problems whatever
As God teaches us through faith what to say and do.

Faith, love and confidence are the greatest predictors of life
To determine if we are blessed, happy and successful.
As we loose our confidence it affects our ability to triumph
Over all which keeps us staying ungodly and fearful.

Confidence is powerful when we have total trust in the Lord
For He has plans for all to justify, sanctify and serve.
God calls us to rise by faith, love and confidence
Repenting from wickedness to the life we deserve.


When we accurately realize that our intimacy with God
Determines the impact of our lives and attitude.
We avoid doing anything that dishonors Him
Or our own self worth, humility and gratitude.

Recognizing that God The Father knows the path ahead
Far better than any politician, preacher or teacher.
We submit ourselves to respond to His call
As we struggle to be more than a wicked creature.

Always stay mindful of what must be done
With purpose, determination, prayer and accountability.
Giving your best to provide, protect and preserve
A life of freedom, faith, love and stability.

You and I some day shall stand before God
And give an account for our actions to measure.
Never give up and walk away from His grace
Lost in a world of impureness and ungodly pleasure.

Christians have a deep hunger and yearning for Gods approval
The ultimate purpose He created us to faithfully be.
Our intimacy with God is a relationship of love and trust
The more we pray and actually listen the more we become as He.


The Bible teaches us that all humans are sinful
And the only way to the Father is by grace.
Offered through the sacrifice of Jesus our Lord
As we struggle to rise above failure, greed and disgrace.

What do we do when we feel anxious, lost and alone?
We cry out to the Lord with our burdens, sins and fears.
We can be assured God will meet our needs
For He is aware our pain, suffering and tears.

For believers are called to emulate Christ
Through our obedience, trust and servitude.
Be thankful of heart and share your blessings
As a testament of our faith and gratitude.


Christians are connected to God's power and magnificence
Who has authority over everything that transpires.
He loves to hear the prayers from our heart
And provide us blessings that fulfill our desires.

Because God was the first to love us completely
He always gives us more than we deserve.
It's up to us to stand up for God
And glorify His love by our willingness to serve.

There's nothing more exciting and satisfying
Than our companionship with Jesus our Lord.
He teaches us what to shun, reject and avoid
Having consequences we could never afford.

Our lives are transformed and are never the same
Once Jesus has taken His appropriate place.
On the throne of our heart, conscience and soul
To deliver us from Satan's shame, dishonor and disgrace.


As you walk in bondage you are spiritually blind
And only through Jesus can you be set free.
God so loved the world He gave up His son
So man could be delivered from darkness and see.

Emotional bondage is caused by our own trepidation
And Jesus said, ' fear not for God will deliver you.'
The peace He gives is not of this world
And we are forgiven for all we foolishly do.

Bitterness, envy, anger, guilt and sorrow
Can be cleansed from our sprit by trust and prayer.
God loves us more then we love our own children
And His concern and forgiveness are beyond compare.

Trust, sing and believe in the words of Jesus
And you will experience the power of His love.
No one is complete spiritually our otherwise
Until they summit to their father above.

Whatever dilemma drives us to God is good
And we should always seek His wisdom and grace.
When we listen to the wicked we stumble and fall
And our purpose in life suffers from fear and disgrace.

Never be ashamed to preach the word of God
For there isn't a shortage of those who disbelieve.
Satin's objective is to generate suspicion and doubt
And it's our duty to cause him to grieve.

Jesus is our Lord who was first to love us
And He will always be there to listen to our woes.
He loves us, forgives us and leads us by His light
As the faithful celebrate the pathway they chose.


We owe it to our children to teach the laws of God
For what they believe affects every aspect of how they will live.
We must stay mindful to serve and defend our faith
And that God loves us, observes us and is willing to forgive.

By living God's truth we set an example for those we love
Our authority is the Bible and its promise of grace.
When we spend our money to educate our children
To many schools discredit God's law and encourage disgrace.

What kind of person will we turn loose on the world
If we fail to teach our children the power of God's rule?
If they never recognize wrongdoing has its consequence
They drift from Heaven's protection and remain a fool.

Never be afraid to speak to the sprit of your child
And lead them from the grasp of hopelessness and despair.
Turn off the TV, radio and mindless cartoon games
And by sharing God's word you inform them you care.


Once I was a stranger but now I'm a child of God
Worshiping our Savior's sacrifice and loss.
Our Lord's forgiveness and the power of His will
Were paid for by His death on the cross.

Praise our Lord for His love, protection, and forgiveness
And how He tames and softens tribulations of the heart.
Set an example for any who may not completely believe
By your commitment to serve God and never part.

Every moment of our Earthly existence
Is observed by our Father above.
He sees and feels our every passion
As He answers our prayers with love.

When was the last time you spoke to God
About your willingness to improve your soul?
If we refuse to obey God's spiritual laws
Our sins of defiance take their toll.

You and I can always turn to prayer
In times of fear, need, pain and despair.
God is ready to show us the right path to take
When we believe, confess, repent and share.

Most Christians have a deep hunger for God
That can only be satisfied by the power of His will.
Salvation is possible through applying God's word
And observing results which glorify, sanctify and fulfill.


God gives us opportunities for relationships
Of love, life, faith, honor and financial gain.
We can run to Jehovah in troubled times
And He's there to guide and ease our pain.

He sees and hears our every thought
There's nowhere for us to successfully hide.
He forgives us for transgressions past
If we just remember He loves us inside.

Most Bible heroes suffered tears of remorse
From foolishness and weakness of soul.
They prayed to God to change their ways
With repentance and servitude their goal.

I myself have witnessed a fool
As I recall my self-centered behavior.
Now I'm blessed with Divine control
Thanks to Jesus my Lord and Savior.


I love God because He was the first to love me
Lord of my heart, my soul, my shepherd, teacher and guide.
He has taught me more than I could never learn in school
And salvation only comes through Jesus who suffered and died.

We're always better off than we imagine or deserve
When we stop and recall how we have failed our Master.
We count God's blessings and all our mistakes
And wonder how we escaped death, imprisonment or disaster.

God always loves us no matter our circumstance
As long as we continue to love Him in return.
He leads us from the hazards of spiritual disaster
By His grace, intervention and our willingness to learn.

Life on Earth is Heaven's boot camp of resolve
All have a choice to heed or ignore God's call.
When we act on our own and refuse to trust Him
We endlessly agonize, procrastinate, sin, stumble and fall.


What would life be without God's everlasting love
Meaningless, purposeless, lonely and sad.
Void of fulfillment, pleasure, and togetherness
Without reason to be happy, excited or glad.

I say my prayers every morning and night
Thanking God for His grace, love and protection.
I serve my Lord and all those I love
Through my faith, thankfulness and affection.

We live just once then it's Heaven or hell
Depending on our faith, focus and attitude.
I pray for the lost who blindly still disbelieve
To discover God's grace, deliverance and gratitude.

Whatever our hurt, pain, suffering, or sorrow
Jesus feels each and every one of our prayers and tears
Jesus is ready, willing and able to help us
With all our human disappointments, temptations and fears.


Prayer is one of life's most amazing privileges
Even though it may not always seem that way.
Through Christ we can boldly come before God
As suffering and troubles arise both night and day.

God is never a stranger He knows us inside and out
Being Christian is about how we trust, submit and serve.
How generously we give and how faithful we perform
Will decide what kind of life we live and deserve.

Sometimes we give up depending on prayer
Because it appears God isn't answering our requests.
When this takes place we're in danger of spiritual disaster
For God's words in our heart, always know best.

God wants us to experience true access to Him
No matter how many times we falter and fail.
Every good thing always comes from Heaven above
And by our faith and compliance we rise and prevail.


Lord let me be more like Thee
Through challenge, difficulty and demands.
Let life's trials drive me to my knees
For I'm eager to obey Your commands.

Let me receive Your wisdom, power and strength
To overcome life's troubles, heartbreak and displeasures.
Teach me the right path that I should follow
To acquire Your grace, forgiveness and treasures.

Allow me to hear Your voice preach to my soul
Which overrules Satin's dominance, control and blame.
Let me be more than just a self-centered fool
Free from dishonor, wickedness, hatred and shame.

Lord please prepare me to set Heaven's example
For all who fail to make it through life on their own.
So they may rejoice and discover Your grace
As the seeds of Your love and understanding are sown.


Our love, principles, priorities and deeds illustrate
Just who and what we honestly are.
Do we strive to serve our Lord, brothers and sisters
Or do we take self-indulgence too far?

Do we pray to God for His wisdom, power and strength
Or do we believe the human brain resolves all?
Do we inspire others by our goodness and love
Or do we totally reject Heaven and God's call?

The next time you stand before a mirror
Take a long straightforward look at yourself.
Do you live life's trials by God's Divine principles
Or do you seek the misgivings of desire and shelf?

I pray to God because I know He's there
As He watches His children both good and bad.
When we chose to disbelieve we misstep and stumble
And our stories remain hopeless, tragic and sad.

We're judged by our love, principles and priorities
Long after we're dead, buried and gone.
It's our deeds that impact the lives of others
Which cause our memory in hearts, to live on.


Esther of God's Bible became a king's queen
Risking all for the sake of love.
She saved her people form total extinction
By responding to her call from above.

All through history just like Esther
Ladies have pledged to protect and serve.
They love, honor, defend and provide
And it's our admiration they've earned and deserve.

What would life be without a woman's love
Meaningless, lonely, purposeless and sad.
When your blessed by an Esther love her in return
And be sure to let God know you're thankful and glad.


No rope or cable can hold so tight
What love can do with twine.
No kiss can taste so bittersweet
As the one which captures our mind.

The first sign of love is the last of wisdom
As eager hearts fulfill desire.
Love is just a staple of life
Though heaven sparks the fire.

Heaven knows no rage like love
Once to hatred it has turned.
How wise are we who are such fools
Who forget the lessons we've learned.

Love, indeed, descends from Heaven
Like a shooting star across the sky.
Love sometimes stirs the dust
Till tears fall free from the eye.


When the weather turns cooler and nature's colors change
The landscape reminds us God is in control.
As family and friends gather to feast on turkey
The calories we consume take their toll.

For those of us who follow Christ as our Savior
Giving thanks should be our daily prayer.
Each morning as we rise to face the new day
And at bedtime to express the love we share.

We should thank God for Christ's death and resurrection
For the beauty and wonderment of His love.
For our own delivery from the powers of sin
To God's glorious blessings of purpose from above.

Always remember by prayer we're never truly alone
God is aware of all we must overcome, fear and endure.
When we live to serve Him and follow His word
Our passage to Heaven becomes definite, justified and secure.


A good woman's love and sympathetic heart
Are still the most valuable blessings of life.
She becomes our friend, lover, mother and partner
When we treasure, provide and love her as our wife.

Women never forget all we do and say
They recall visions of us both present and past.
We must eagerly communicate the depth of our love
If we wish our relationship to flourish and last.

A good woman's love can withstand a lifetime
When we pledge our support and thoughts to serve her.
We must conduct ourselves with patience and prayer
For our happiness to stay mutual, everlasting and sure.

All Heavens heroes had their need for love
And were greatly affected by its presence or loss.
A good woman's love is best of the rest
When nourished with servitude regardless of cost.


We must always count on God to grant our justified requests
As He leads us to overcome the hardships we must.
The Lord gives us purpose, passion, wisdom and courage
And we're never alone without hope, support, love and trust.

Do we truly believe God's promise will meet our needs
Are we convinced He protects, provides, and guides our way?
Just focus on the outcome of all who never submit
How disappointment, heartbreak and failure are the price they pay.

God's gives us more than we ever earn on our own
When we turn to Him and obey His Laws.
Through faith, love, prayer and compliance we can transform
Avoiding the shame and consequence of our sins and flaws.

You and I must depend on God's grace, love and protection
To teach us the appropriate path to follow.
Without God's help we suffer blindness and blunder
As life seems empty, meaningless, hopeless and shallow.

All Heaven's heroes had to count on God's intervention
To achieve His purpose, forgiveness and glory.
They devoted their lives to motivate salvation
As millions worldwide still live, their story.


Life without love is eternal despair
Overrun by hate, fear, disgrace and evil deed.
No one to love us and yearn for our touch
Just wickedness broadcasting its falsehoods and seed.

Love teaches us to live for the betterment of others
Not just to satisfy our own self desire.
Love always rewards those who truly feel it
Enforcing and nourishing its eternal fire.

Life without love is but hell upon Earth
With no reason to sing, laugh, cry or rejoice.
Life with love is Heaven's glorious reward
For hearts which comply with God's voice.

What would life be without our need for love
Not something I wish to be a part of.
Love makes us better as a mortal human being
And more likely to delight are Father Above.


When a man loves a woman he has greater purpose
As he puts her welfare before his own.
He never lies, cheats, beats or dishonors her
As his goodness and concern are shown.

He says thank you to Heaven for her presence and love
And performs his best to stay needed and deserving.
He can't help but ponder her God given gifts
As he triumphs by his faithfulness, gratitude and serving.

All through history men have loved God's women
And couldn't help but submit to their desire.
When you have a good woman you never let up
As you faithfully feed and fan her fire.


Prayer is one of God's most awesome gifts
Of all He has given to man.
We seek His help when troubles occur
To escape life's sorrows at hand.

Being Christian isn't just by how much we serve
But more by how much we generously give.
Our faith sets an example for all who are lost
By how we love, protect, provide and forgive.

When life runs smoothly and days are gratifying
Blessings flow free and all seems well.
That's when we're tempted to forget God's Grace
Till we miscalculate, mislead, suffer and fail.

Never let life neglect your time for prayer
Always express your gratitude, obedience and love.
For He who has blessed us undeservingly
By His Divine wonders and wisdom from above.

All Heaven's hero's relied on prayer
To fulfill their God given goal.
When we turn to God and summit to His will
We sanctify and glorify our soul.


I love God for He has always loved me
Long before I took my first breath.
I'll make my misjudgments and suffer their cost
Till it's time to join Him after death.

No one loves and forgives us more than God
When we choose to repent and faithfully follow.
We must always seek His wisdom and love
So our actions are less selfish and shallow.

I pray night and day and thank God for life
And His Divine blessings I no way deserve.
I thank Him for family and all I love
By how I respond, disciple and serve.


My Christmas angel is always my wife
Who loves me with patience of heart.
I couldn't replace her with anyone else
As beautiful, compassionate and smart.

She lets me know when I'm inappropriate
Or when I've earned her favor and love.
She stays in control of my need for a woman
As I serve her and my Father above.

I never neglect to thank Heaven and God
For her love and our blessings from Him.
My angel of love is my wife at Christmas
As we adorn our tree to a Christian hymn.

When I think of life without her presence
I become fearful, upset and cry.
I love her more than life itself
Overwhelmingly till I die.


Through faith, love, prayer and compliance we can succeed
Overcoming the demands and falsehoods of strife.
We must dedicate our deeds to love, honor and defend
Our faith, our family, country and values of life.

We must sing of God's power, love and forgiveness
How He is both Father of Heaven and Earth.
Broadcasting our need to submit to His will
So we may improve our attitude and worth.

Allow us to disciple whomever we can
So they may impact the hearts and minds of others.
Bless us with stories which inspire dedication
To bolster the faith of our sisters and brothers.

We don't have to be a pastor or priest, just Christian
To be chosen, 'Mailman For The Lord.'
He gives us verse which elevates and renews
Our tribute for blessings we could never afford.


Where would we be without God's blessing of love
Lonely, miserable, desperate and sad.
Love provides purpose for both body and soul
And gives reason to be thankful and glad.

Love teaches trust, fear, honor and respect
For all we wish to retain and not lose.
The choices we make can last a lifetime
So we must stay cautious of what we choose.

Everyone needs love for its impact and fulfillment
No love breeds desperation, disappointment and tears.
As love transforms how we think, act and respond
We validate our feelings by our fears.


God desires us to faithfully love and seek Him out
To pray and discover His Divine Will.
The wicked and the selfish never find God
For they depend on self to provide and fulfill.

'Those who diligently seek me will find me.'
For God is just and only does what's right.
He blesses us despite our sins of the past
As we seek His forgiveness by day or night.

God controls everything we love, need and desire
He cares too much to let us get away with sin.
We must live our lives in total submission
And by watching His works, we begin!


O God, You know my foolishness
And my sins are not hidden from You!
The Sun of Righteousness shall arise
To help me to transform and renew.

Our Lord is good and knows who trusts Him
He wants us to be glad and rejoice in our giving.
My Soul trusts the shadow of His wings
As my refuge remains His forgiving.

God's commandments aren't that hard or burdensome
And they deliver us from Satin's claws.
His merciful love is greatest toward us
As we triumph by Divine principles and laws.


God so loved the world He gave up His Son
To prove the legitimacy of His Grace.
Love suffers long, and is always kind
As we struggle with joy, disappointment and disgrace.

Believers in Him should not perish
But have everlasting reverence of life.
Those who refuse to believe or summit
Shall be plagued by failure, fear, pain and strife.

Jesus humbled Himself to the point of death
And suffered great pain on the cross.
Humility in action means serving our Lord
To justify His love, sacrifice and loss.


Money is one of life's most powerful forces
To fulfill and sustain our Earthly need.
We work for it, spend it and waste it away
And sometimes we're the victim of greed.

Jesus taught more about the value of money
Than anyone else dead or alive.
He never took an offering for Himself
Believing through compliance and faith we strive.

What does it mean to be rich toward God
Paul said 'those who are rich should not be conceited.'
God measures wealth by the quality of our lives
And the sins we've willingly repeated.

When blessed by the powers of money and fame
We must stay rich in our giving, trust and love.
Meeting the needs of the less fortunate
And serving our Master above.


Too loose. Too long. Too short. Too big. Too small.
Describes most of the clothes we wear.
Like finding the right church that's the perfect fit
Is always a struggle of hope, patience and prayer.

God wants us to fit together with one another
With our beliefs, attitudes, patriotism and love.
No church is perfect cause their run by men
As we assemble our souls to praise Heaven above.

David wrote; 'I Know O Lord Your judgment is right'
For he was aware of what happens when we stray
It helps us maintain our moral servitude
When we gather at church, sing, worship and pray.

Christ takes each sin, each pain, each loss,
So that our lives exalt His name.
And by the power of His sacrifice upon the cross
He transforms our brokenness, weakness and shame.


Everything we say, think and perform
Are always known by Heaven above.
The eyes of God witness every deed
Committed through faith, hate, greed, lust and love.

Everyone is accountable to the judgment of God
There are none who can hide or escape.
Our actions in life are our testament
To if we are righteous or still just an ape.

Thank Heaven for souls who chose to serve Jesus
And live by His teachings night and day.
All of us shall falter and make our mistakes
As we work, suffer, defend, worship, love and pray.

The thoughts of the wicked are an abomination to God
Where the prayers of the pure are always pleasant.
The heart of the righteous submits to God's will
Who is always aware, compassionate and present.

America facieses calamity more than any time before
Due to lack of morels, faith, trust and Godly living.
This country was founded on Christian principles
And to keep it that way is through servitude, commitment and giving.


Never forget we're being watched by God
And it's up to us to prove and earn our measure.
Our commitment to serve God and the needs of others
Testifies to what we love, honor and treasure.

Thank our Lord for His blessings, protection and love
Reject Satan for his misdeeds of foulness and sin.
Live your life as a testimony to the hearts of believers
By how you respond, as a Christian, stranger or friend.

All of us have sinned because we're human and weak
That's why Christ was beaten and nailed to the cross.
Those who truly fear and obey God's laws
Depend on forgiveness, trust and our Savior's loss.

Disciple the lost by how happy, content and giving you are
Show and tell how God has blessed you and all you love.
Send an example to the hearts, minds and eyes of every soul
That our feature and present are composed by us and God above.


When Satan calls send Jesus to answer
And your outcomes shall improve.
Always ask God what He would do
Before you prejudge, instigate or remove.

Our Father above is not the only one
Who observes us both night and day.
Lucifer below is well aware
Of the slightest sign we'll stray.

Evil shadowed David from boyhood to King
Every moment of his Earthly life.
Always testing his faith, resolve and obedience
With lust, anger, greed, fear and strife.

The hearts of the righteous validate success
By submitting to God's Will and Grace.
As we live our lives for fulfillment of others
Avoiding hate, lust, shame and disgrace.


Life without love is painful to understand
Love without doubt is God's gift to man.
Life must have purpose, direction and goal
Life must have love to fortify our soul.

Life without God is but a dead-end street
Love without trust is easy to defeat.
Life must have meaning beyond just you
Life gives us value by what we pursue.

Life without love is most cruel to babies
Love without faith means too many maybes.
Life gives us goodness when we seek the right thing
Life provides joy as of deliverance we sing.


It's the storms of life that test our resolve
And teach us right from wrong.
When troubles arise we turn to prayer
And sing of atonement in song.

Every hero of the Bible spent time on their knees
Well aware of God's wisdom, control and love.
They faced great odds and trusted Him
And were endowed by His wisdom from above.

As problems attack our goodness, trust and contentment
The whispers of Divinity help instruct us what to do.
All through life we must face struggle and heartbreak
And by faith, trust, and compliance, we renew.


I trust my future to Jesus Christ
The Son of God and Heaven's King.
I'll live my best to rely on prayer
And recall God's blessings as I sing.

God loves everyone despite our sins
The question is do we love Him?
God's people serve others more than self
And share His grace by love, music and hymn.

I always pray for all I love
And for those from God who are lost.
I watch what happens as they fail to believe
And suffer their shame, humiliation and cost.


How many times has God spoke to you,
And you said, I'll think about it?
God doesn't force His hand on us
It's up to us to believe, trust and commit.

All of us have only two choices
To believe in God's goodness or not.
Too many think of faith as just another myth
And never thank Heaven for the blessings they've got.

Someday everyone must stand before God
To explain their deeds and transactions.
All have a weakness toward foulness and lust
And are prisoner of their sinful attractions.

God tends to be in charge of everything
The best thing we can do is obey.
When we come to Him, He walks among us
And loves us unconditionally night and day.


Who is Jesus but God in a man's body
He rules over all things, at all times, everywhere.
When we believe in Him and live by trust, faith and love
We enjoy a life of peace and contentment without compare.

Jesus rules over all things of good in Heaven and on Earth
He knows the future, present, the unknown and before.
When we come to Him in reverence of need and prayer
He has answers that give joy, peace, protection and more.

How we respond to Jesus decides how we shall rise or fall
All are accountable for what we say, do, know, and live.
Jesus is the eternal Son of God with no beginning or end
Who loves us always and is eager to provide and forgive.


It doesn't matter whatever their title
Men can't help but be men.
Some are better some are far worse
As they battle their weakness for sin.

Some triumph by goodness, servitude and faith
Others fall short because of ignorance, greed and hate.
Some realize their misdeeds and pray to repent
Where fools never change till it's past too late.

Thank Heaven for men who are eager to serve
Who labor for others and submit to God's will.
They depend on faith and its reliance on truth
To justify their blessings, glorify and fulfill.


It's time to remember our soldiers for the Lord
Who are deployed throughout God's Earth.
It's time to recall their sacrifice and love
For what freedom and liberty are worth.

The wicked of heart hate America the free
And would commit any foul deed to cause her harm.
It's up to God's soldiers to defend and preserve
Our existence as a country free of tyranny and alarm.

Ever since America's General George Washington
Took up his sword and road off to war.
God's soldiers of freedom have laid down their life
For faith, country, liberty, love, family and more.


Like an eagle that stirs its tree top nest
And hovers over its young to shield and defend
God's wings protect and preserve our need
For His love as our Farther, Master and Friend.

When ongoing problems require us to see them through
That's when Christians rely on faith not despair.
Simply passing time with a negative frame of mind
Never teaches to be loving, understanding or aware.

Every character in God's Bible but Satan
Triumphed by God's love, faith and prayer.
When we heed to the will of God our Master
We sanctify our existence beyond compare.


Every problem has its own set of evils
Which test our purpose, honor and resolve.
When we seek God and rely on faith
It's amazing the problems we solve.

Satan himself is eager to mislead and advise
To shame our purpose, faith and glory.
We must learn which voice is truly Devine
And which will corrupt, punish and destroy.

All God's heroes were put to the test
To see who would serve and abide.
By the power of faith we can prevail
As we struggle to overcome and provide.


Christians gather to express their love for God
As they sing songs of His greatness and pray.
They listen to teachers explain the Bible
And why its stories still relate today.

They take communion to rejoice and remember
Jesus who died and shall rise once more.
They reflect on God and all His blessings
As they stay committed to transform from before.

The Bible is the inspired word of God
That teaches forgiveness of sin and unjust behavior.
All shall remain apart from God and His grace
Till they repent, confess and trust their Savor.


None of us are perfect and know everything
We must love God with all our heart, soul and mind.
We must love our neighbor as we love our self
And to the less fortunate remain generous and kind.

Every impression requires an expression
As we share God's will for our life.
We must express our need, servitude and love
'For God', to strangers, friends, family and wife.

As followers of Christ we serve the world
Staying committed to disciple the lost.
Our Lord loves all who preach His praise
Broadcasting their passion regardless of cost.


Spiritual maturity is a lifelong process
It begins the day we are born.
Church and family work together to teach loving Jesus
Whose loss we both rejoice and mourn.

Preaching Jesus to change the outcome of lives
Should be something we do each day.
Spiritual maturity means you and I grow
As we seek Divine answers as we pray.

Love your Lord God with all your heart and soul
Write His Name on your doorway and gate.
Let the world see how much you trust in Him
Without hesitation, uncertainty or debate.


One of the greatest blessings in life over all
Is that God never changes, He is always the same.
No matter our feelings of unworthiness and doubt
God loves us despite our falsehoods and shame.

The Fact that God loves us is undeniable
There are reasons that sinners are allowed to live.
Every moment of our life He is always aware
Of what we commit, desire, share and forgive.

When we focus on God's love and Devine Word
Instead of emotions selfish, shallow and wrong.
Our sense of self-worth becomes God's Bible
As we rejoice are reverence by prayer and song.

Jesus teaches about love, honor, trust, faith and reality
And the image He paints spotlights the purpose of our story.
As Christians, God calls us to live, study and submit
To His rulebook of wisdom, repentance, compliance and glory.


Facebook has become a world of its own
As hearts and souls communicate and relate.
There's always someone 24 hours night and day
To converse with, respond to or debate.

People by the millions can influence one another
By how they feel and what they say.
All of us search for friendship, love and answers
As we consume our monitor at work or play.

Facebook delivers us past the gatekeepers
And the public juries the thoughts we preach.
It's up to God and our own self-worth
If our postings glorify, identify and teach.


Many are the woes and crimes of the wicked
Though God's grace separates me from them.
My soul finds rest in God's love alone
As my salvation comes from Him.

I will never conform to the pattern of the world
Instead I shall transform by renewing my mind.
My faith in Jesus and what He stands for
Teaches to be forgiving, merciful and kind.

Jesus lives in the hearts and souls of every Christian
And His Spirit helps them overcome weakness and sin.
Christians are free to surrender and serve God's will
Avoiding what is ungodly, justify their blessings and begin again.


I love America because she's beautiful and free
More than any place on God's Earth.
She stands for justice and liberty for all
As her citizens prove their failure or worth.

Ever since George Washington rode off to war
There have been patriots who have pledged to serve.
They suffered the rage of combat, death and pain
And it's our admiration they've earned and deserve.

It's up to America to set God's Heavenly example
Of how humans should be free, successful and live.
It's up to us who desire to keep her free and forever great
To promote her goodness, kindness and willingness to give.

Display her colors and run up your flag
For all to see what being American stands for.
Let others know just how much you love her
By your servitude, protection, devotion and more.


The number one deed we need to commit
Is to teach our children to heed God's call.
To always turn to Him for Divine answers
And to prove their love by compliance of law.

What kind of humans will we turn loose on Earth
If we fail to communicate the power of Divine love?
By our own example of faith and righteous duty
We show others how to abide our Father above.

Preach to your children beyond any and all doubt
Just how much you depend on God's Will.
Explain how life's blessings are only through Him
Who gives us purpose to glorify and fulfill.


Existence is life without meaningful love
As we struggle to answer God's call.
As long as we love and trust His will
We‘re never alone or unproductive at all.

Life without love is animal existence
Where existence with joy is Devine.
Life plus love takes us for a ride
As we become more righteous, unselfish and kind.

Existence with love is God's blessing to man
And every soul on Earth can feel its desire.
Our passions of faith and love transform
The way we think, respond and acquire.


Not all tears are caused by suffering and pain
Some are caused by blessings from above.
Tears of joy let others witness firsthand
How we flourish from God's purpose and love.

Tears of joy are God's wisdom to man
That all things good come through Him alone.
When blessings take place which transform our lives
We cry in gratitude as thankfulness is shown.

Tears of joy are Devine wealth from Heaven
Which reward all who submit to God's will.
Tears of joy fortify our faith and trust
As we serve, disciple, honor, glorify and fulfill.


There's no better time to ponder Abraham Lincoln
Than a presidential election year like now.
From his humble beginnings in a one-room log cabin
He became our 16th president and here's how.

Abraham was a true believer and worshiper of God
And was always aware of His presence night or day.
He knew that evil shadows every woman and man
And before every decision he would meditate and pray.

The same so should we with both heart and soul
Ask God for His Devine answers in time of need.
As we face life's problems and the weakness of man
For jealousy, anger, hate, lust, love and greed.


My wife is so beautiful, generous and kind
I thank God for her presence day and night!
It's Heaven's gift to us how we truly harmonize
Without reason to criticize, blame or fight.

We never lie or keep secrets from each other's soul
As we both believe God is watching and observes all.
We do what we do to maintain what we love
Never forgetting our awareness of His call.

Life has its blessings, heartbreak and consequences
By our foolish misdeeds we learn right from wrong.
Once we're blessed by the power of God's will
We worship Him by prayer, actions, servitude and song.


When taken to heart the Bible inspires and instructs
Helping us become what God has called us to be.
God didn't make us to remain boring and average
He made us to excel, disciple and rely on Thee.

Too many settle for mediocrity, and the falsehoods of life
When God gives us everything for survival we need.
Our thoughts, attitudes, words and actions
Are judged by our love, forgiveness or greed.

God plants His seed of greatness and glory
In the hearts and souls of those who love Him.
Satan sows seeds just as fast as he can
And the consequences of his teachings are grim.

Depend on prayer, depend on faith, and depend on God
To whisper to your soul what to do.
When we rely on trust and our love for God
We transform, become wiser and renew.


I recall all God's miracles, intrusions and blessings
He has always faithfully provided for me.
Too often, we remember what we should forget
Disappointment, hurt, failure or disobedience to Thee.

Live your life as a memorial to forgiveness and love
To remind people of your willingness to serve.
Celebrate your victories, success and joy
For a God who gives more than we earn or deserve.

Whether life is going well or collapsing before our eyes
We all wish to be better at protecting what we love.
Being better encourages us to be more like God our Father
Who sows His seeds of greatness to us from above.

Becoming better is all about growing, learning and improving
By the more we serve and connect to God's Will.
We expand our horizons for trust, wisdom and thought
Allowing us to improve, provide, protect, love and fulfill!


Waiting on God can be a tricky business
Full of temptations, blessings, heartbreak and sin.
What we need are eyes to see and ears to hear
God's instructions of how to serve commit and begin.

Are we prepared to reap God's spiritual fruit of love
Or are we still victims of the weeds of destruction.
Whoever sows to their own flesh and evil desires
Will reap sorrow, weakness and corruption.

Take heart and encourage by the words of our Lord
For you are never truly lost, without love or alone.
Stay true to your calling and serve God's purpose
As the seeds of your lifetime are sown.


Knowing God's Love is unconditional and in control
Changes everything, even our suffering and pain.
Believing this truth empowers our lives
With knowledge which delivers us from blame.

If you have ever watched the waves of the ocean
You know they keep rolling into shore.
There is no way to stop God's power
Or His love for us presently, in the future or before.

Reject Satan's lies and seek Jesus
Then ask our Lord to bless you with joy.
His goodness and mercy applies to all
Who trust in God's love, forgiveness and glory.


Every sinner has their future
As every saint has their past.
All of us have shamed our Lord
By ungodliness we allow to last.

Our world has its givers and believers
Sinners, falsehoods, wars, and those who take.
Blessings, happiness, hate, fear and lust
Love, forgiveness, faith and heartbreak.

As Christians we can't help but ponder
All our misjudgments in life we've made.
We contemplate the day we must stand before God
And account for our conduct on parade.


All of us have our own private library
That rides on our shoulders night and day.
This library is called the human brain
And it never forgets anything others promise, perform or say.

All God's saints were sinners first but Jesus,
Before they transformed by mistake, fear and despair.
God blessed their lives far beyond all others
Because they were willing to be humble, obedient and share.

Along with our brain God gives us a heart and soul
Which possess the power to hate, love or forgive?
Faith teaches us to rely on divine law and grace
And to trust God's wisdom to show us how to live


The Lord can close doors no man can open
And open doors no man can close.
It's up to us to prove our Heavenly worth
By our lifetime example of the path we chose.

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