Kenneth Davis

Rookie (September 4,1987-Present / Newport News, VA)

Torn Pages - Poem by Kenneth Davis

Torn Pages by Kenny Davis

The pages of this love letter
I hereby rip in half
Because in the face of my love’s confession
You saw fit to laugh

Instead of you, these love sick pages
Feels the scornful rages
As my heart moves through the stages
Of its own vengeful, torturous wrath

With every screeching rip and tear
My love for you disappears
Don’t say, “You want me near.”
Because it’s falling on deaf ears

With the tearing of each shred
My love for you is dead
Cherish the moments I was there for you
As I erase you from my head

With the rip of each page, I find
I must break the ties that bind
I must dispel you from my heart
Even further from my mind

Wanting to erase the words that I wrote
Take back all of the feelings I said, and the “I love you” I spoke
“What was I thinking? ”
As I tear apart these heartfelt notes

No longer, on these pages, will my heart be the pen
Knowing that its ink, its blood, will pour out in the end
Never shall a heart deserve to feel such pain again
The love lost on you and these pages, in the abyss it remains

Not much love was read between the lines
A once enchanted love story being ripped at the spine
A love so blessed, I believed to be divine
But clearly you are no enchanted love of mine

With every broken sentence that’s torn apart
A breath of relief, removing the scars from my heart
I thought ever loving someone again was hard
But learning to let go is more difficult, by far

Sitting here enjoying the agony of every piece
Like therapy, providing a much needed release
Feeling free of “love” and the shackles of grief
At the end of my destruction, awaiting my peace

My feelings for you, dripping from every word
Regretting every one that I said, every one that you’ve heard
Time after time, “When will I learn? ”
Love is better left unsaid, shielded from the hurt

As all of this passion and love is dispensed
I never thought I could ever feel a rage so intense
Smiling wide, immersed in this paper ridden mess
As I rip apart the words that bled from my pen

Through all of the abuse, through all of the scorn
My spirit is damaged, my body is worn
Through the destruction of these pages, my heart is reborn
My love for you is gone; the pages that possessed it are torn.

© June 2011 k.davis

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