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Tough Love - Poem by ivor or ivor.e hogg

Tough love

Rebecca was a horrid child.
Her antics drove her mother wild..
Child experts offered their advice
but seldom came to visit twice.

Although her mother tried her best
Rebecca outdid all the rest.
She was unpleasant rude and crude.
An anti social attitude.

She seldom did as she was told
and thought she had the right to scold.
Her mother’s efforts at control
She seemed to have no other goal.

Than making life a misery
for members of her family.
But then her grandma came to stay.
Rebecca came to rue the day.

Grandma applied psychology
Rebecca placed across her knee
She tanned her little bottom hard.
Grandma had but scant regard.

For what the experts had to say
She raised her kids in the old way.
A firm hand lovingly applied
across Rebecca’s small backside.

Quickly changed her attitude.
Because her Grandma understood.
That little girls should never be
allowed to think that they were free.

To act and speak unpleasantly
without they paid the penalty.
Rebecca very swiftly learned
she got exactly what she earned..

She soon became a paragon.
Her bad behaviour was all gone.
Which demonstrates that Grandma knew
exactly what she had to do.

To make Rebecca toe the line
applied a little discipline.
In her own old fashioned way.
It worked a treat I have to say.

She changed Rebecca’s attitude
and earned her mothers gratitude.
Old fashioned ways had proved the best
to change Rebecca from a pest.

Into a most delightful child.
Although the experts all reviled
her methods. They could not deny
they were effective.I wonder why.

Perhaps they lack experience
as well as simple common sense.
Until they’ve raised a family
I doubt if they will ever see.

That discipline lovingly applied
beats everything which they have tried.
A child must know her boundaries
She cannot do as she pleases.

I think this story serves to show.
Although the experts think they know.
Experience will always win
when teaching children discipline.


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