Trailing Away Poem by Stephanie Starr

Trailing Away

In the mountains I cross and the lengths I divide
I will always find a pair of arms open wide
For when the car crashes and the wheels spin
I won’t be waiting for a tonic and gin
I’ll be gone by then, onto new interstates
Where no good-bye will determine my fate
I keep pushing forward, for the length I know
Won’t seem so bad when I’m covered in snow
And heartfelt happiness is all I can see
Coming in at every stop, tree after tree
Stumps of frustration may block my way
But I just remember what the story will say:

I can be the hope
That guides the traffic lanes
I can be the heart
That gushes to every vein
I can be the example
That leads me to the light
But I’m not the guardian
I will stand up and fight

So when the white out hardens in its jar
And the mileage I covered didn’t get me far
I know I can’t measure through steps and jumps
If I did my throat would have a permanent lump
I must decide how to unwind the day
When all is done, I am the last golden ray
I go the path none know of, the indiscrete trail
And I am not certain if I will succeed or fail
But either way, I am happy, I have nothing to miss
I seal these envelopes with an unfinished kiss
Now I must go, the road beckons and calls
Join me, if you’d like, it’s open to all

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