Pain Sits By A Pond Poem by Stephanie Starr

Pain Sits By A Pond

She sits by the pond, staring out into the world, lost and confused
Her patterns are treaded upon and ruined, her body has been used.
Who will be there for her now?
Who can take away the pain when she doesn’t know how?
A drifting spirit,
A powerless soul,
She doesn’t know how her story will end
But she knows how most are told.
And that is what scares her the most.

He sits by the pond, staring across the waters, angry and defeated
His armor is tattered and broken, the scars are now completed.
Who can make him see the way?
Who can show him there is more to life than there is to decay?
A cut-up heart,
A sorrowful mind,
He doesn’t know how his story will end,
But he knows that most are so undefined.
And that is what scares him the most.

She cries, sobs of pain and shattered hope echo around the lake
Her mind is a broken tape, torturing her with thoughts she wishes were fake.
The fault was not her own and yet she thinks it’s her mistake
One that she must live with, a dream from which she cannot wake.
The proof will be there and will startle her with a scream every night
And yet she must care for it, causing her pain that will bite.
Yes, it is not something she can push away or give her best fight,
It is a dark tunnel she travels through, only hoping to see the light.

A soft shrieking cry catches him off guard, and he looks up in surprise
He hears the pain in the voice and it matches what he feels deep down inside.
He never thought there was someone like him, someone with pain they try to hide
And yet there she is, across the pond, a lonesome girl in front of his very own eyes.
His body and mind are not one as gets up and runs, he knows this is insane
He feels alive, her voice has set him on fire and nothing can stop him, not even the rain.
It courses down his body and the numbness melts, he feels something else, not the pain
His emotions had been frozen and now they all come rushing back, the wearing away of Novocain.

The reality of life is tugging in the back of her mind, telling her she must get back
But she wants to stay here forever, curled up in the sorrow of what her life will always lack.

The cried get louder and he runs faster, trying to outrun his life and his past
Helping her pain might ease away his, might let him see the light at last.

“I can’t see the purpose of my life, so why not end it with a knife? ”

“If I save her can I save himself, can I really save a life? ”

It is a knife for sure, to steady eyes, but in her confused ones it looks like her only hope,
The object in her hands is one of danger, but to her it is only the perfect ending.

As he bursts out of the forest he sees the sharp metal that he thought would help him cope,
Maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, he only sees that it will ruin her perfect beginning.

She hold it up to the light, about to cut out her heart.
He comes up behind her and hugs her, they don’t pull apart.
She pulls him closer and sobs into him as he rocks her back and forth.
Their pain is swept away by a nearby wind, blowing it to the north.
Words are not exchanged, or needed, as they comfort each other.
One look in each other’s eyes and they know all, the language of lovers.

As for tomorrow, or the next day, they know not what will come
But they will face it together, hand in hand, soul in soul, together as one.

G. Alexander 25 August 2009

Quite touching read, imaginative and original too. = ]

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