B. Sven Telander

Transmorphous Polydeity Omniorgy Cosmosisopolis - Poem by B. Sven Telander

Nuit Dark Heat Nocturnalumni Reliquarries
Oggun Feeds Dawn's Yawning Mawestruck
Damballah Danset Academy
Contraction Constriction Constructs
Mors Thanatos Nebula SpaceTime Echoes Embracing
Belphegor Asmodeus Machina Delicate Alignmental Equations
Zu Siris Pulsars Anima Efflorescence Questionaviaries
Nephthys Bhagavathi Fusions Sacra Conversazione
Bhavatārini Cybele Concordat
Nomina Nova Hourglass Eternals
Astarte Aphrodite Studios Variant Bender Lens
OsirIsiSet Messes Obstacle Illusionists
Ninlil Qetesh Conservatories Visual Harmonic Portals
Lakshmi Tatama Overload Simplicity Chorus Lines
Nanna Sin Asherah Syntheses Transubstantiating Luna's Seize
Dokter Rhinoceros ponders
an upcoming enterprise with Lord Ganesh...
Whimsical Embraces Ba‘alat Gebal Opticabal
Idioglossiary Cryptophasiac Chatoyancy
Tiamat Abzu Meldelicacies Aeonic Radiant Gyres
Anu Enki Enlil Begintegrations Graffiticonfetti Galacticosmos
Aradia Bastet Felidaeonics Carnivoracious Bubastistasis
Puella Aeterna Observationals Atmospherical Refractions
Gaia Aetherionic Blossoming Bubble Universe Nucleations
Lord Ganesh reflects upon a recent initiative with Doktor Rhinocerous…
Fanciful Encirclements
Teardrop Snowflake of Bata the Bull-god
Diversions in the Progressional Obsessional
Edimmu Rabisu Deliquescence Snaking Mandalabominations
Lilith Loves Lucifer Eternal Affairs
Ophioneus Ungud Galeru Citadel Insomnolent Ambienautics
Ba'al Hadad Slamalgamated Stain Tainted Saints
TransGalactic Panopticon Offerings from the Gardens of the Omni-Mind
Baron Kriminel's Sovereignty of Shadows Equinoxious Chthonics
Hecate Mormo Empousa Asylum Alluvial Morpholithogenesis
Deus ex Dia De Los Muertos Hallowmas Triduum Labyrinth Imago
Chang'e Achelois Lona Harbors
Sacred Seize of Luna's Seas
Potnia Urban Theron Artemis Anima Animus
Puer Aeternus Oneironautics
Lucid Uterine Colluvium Collective
Acupuncture Angels or Needle Demons
Blissful Lament Configuration Blues
Papa Legba's Parliament of Possibilities
Solsticensus Liminalities Synaptic Expulsion
Nebula Duo Dreamscapes Divinity
Kaiser Karnon Trio Warns You
of the Wonders of the Worlds Beyond the Woods…
Brained Vernal Nets
Nasla & Lasan, the Cubs of Aslan,
Welcome You To New Narnia…
Blend Vein Narrates
Cernunnos Cosmogramopolis
Adrenalin Net Verbs
Kores Soteira SkyCity, Megalopolis
Maiden Orphic Savior Savorings
Marasa Miste` TransPortal Multiverse
Gate Blade Ravens Intern
Silent Minerva's Floating Shadowhouse
River Bled Antennas
Mnemosyne Moros Mutable Neopanopolis
Invert Blend Arenas
Ereshkigal Nergal's Vibrant Nightmare Noctuary
Psychopompoms and Circumstantial Accretions
Baron Samedi's Light of the Giving Dead
Liven Aberrant Ends Always Saturday
Ghost Prison Cell Block Six Nostalgiatronic Combobulator
Phantom Gallery Quad Confinement Juggling
Phantasm Cabinet Four Limitation Rearranging
Shades Forgotten Flickershow Five Constraint Moving
Spirit Window Duo Restraint Repositioning
Specter Portico Quaternary Quarantine Falsifying
Apparition Amnesia Arcades Sextet Alteration Disguising
Enigma Memory Box
Incremental Shadow and Wind Internment Shuffling
Baron La Croix's Cathedral of Carnal Carnivores
Inner Nerved Tablas
Nocturnal Succubi Authority Ravenous Orb Vortex
Cyttorak Frozen Moment Crimsonchromatosis Recursionism
Eye of Agaiamotto Simplicity Envelopment
Iris of Mithras Tauroctony Accumulations
Observersquad From An Othersphere
…strata and stratagems beyond our terminus…
Wow Bob Wow Dobbs Hefner Slack Attack
Consent Tricks Another trip
through the Progressional Obsessional
Pleasure Tardis of The Huckleberry Scorpion
Chameleon Circuit Afterglow
Oval Novums Fractal Salads
Damnation Doorways on the Hades Highway
Temptations Of Tinkering Tiny
Psychai Colonnade Lepidoptera Zone Regressions
Safkhet Thoth Grotto Arcanum Panacea
Automaton Alpha Recombinantstasis
Haros Unrelenting Insistent Existence
Ms. MetalStorm Marvelodius Directional Currency Imaging
Don Gato After Life One, Two, and Three
Eight Frolicking Orgies Of Psychobliss Gripped in
Davidian Hoverdrive…Davideonic Hologrammaton
...Davideodrome Holocaustics
Erebus Nightmare Cathedral Mise en Abyme
Spinal Whispers Of Nyx Slices of Darkling Hope
Observers of Forms In thrall to the repetitional altar
Nyx Redux Superstring Marionette Controller
Damballah Plans Preliminary Creation Grids
Captive Subject Spartan Artin'
Xana Melusine Diluvium Cascade Exploratory Flooding Discoveries
Infinite Currency Of Love
Eternal Innamorata In Priceless Precious Curl
Polymer Promissory Note from Parallel Earth-8869
...among the vast currency collection in the coffer of
the Huckleberry Scorpion's Pleasure Tardis
Money From A Future Time
...left here by an absent-minded Chrono-Tourist
Thoughtstormchaser What If Compulsions
Incendiumemory...withering blithering as the minutes are slithering
Suprachiasmatic...bubbles of troubles scrubbled
on the doubles down the drain plain as rain...
Pope Toby Shadowpaws, Feline Guardian
...that cat looks just like ours...
Oggun Tinkers...Noitpircsed
Eve3 Triplicate Syndicate
Frozen Molten Moment in eternal sos
Nightworker Six...miasma of the soul...
'...Your World, It was Delicious.'
Mega-Lab Of The Star Scorpion
Postcards From Arcadia Eight and Satyricon Nine
Equinox Solstice Sisters Visitation Dreams
Harlequintetriskelion Tangible Phantoms
Mater Nostra Luna Vultus Gaia Voluptus Orbitals
Eidolon Airways...sonic nucleonics of the noosphere...
Perispiritual Fugue...syndrome of subjective doubles...
Kama Spa...sublime entwined winding find...
Ceremony of Opposites...Beatific Blasphemy, Heavenly Heresy,
Angelic Apostasy, Divine Desecration, Infinite Impiety,
Sacred Sacrilege, and a chuckle and a wink...
SeerStar Cathedral
...galactic canopy, cosmic cascade, universal embrace;
chameleon circuit expansive engagement mode...
Neptunus Equester Saturnalia...nocturnal image engine fugue states...
Sentinels of R'lyeh...tangential tantrums...
Suvasini Ojas Puja...shattering memorandum of dismissal...
Voltigeurs Syzygy Yantra...effectuated transplutonic pathways...
Kuu Muses...Rose of the Moon in eternal bloom...
Eros Otherworld...embraced by Luna's moonspell...
Quip Bootstrap, Vagabond of the Parallels
...multiversatility convergence drifting...
Naiadynamics...in eternal myth swim...
Ovum Saṃsāra...birth recursion hatchling addicts...
Proserpina Ascending...multiple mythological embraces...
Proteus Cascadiadems...nightinkering compulsions...
Entanglements Oscillations Song of Ninhursag
Synaptic Expanse Paracosm Collapse
Warscape Voluptasnare Nocturnus Covenant Temporumoments
Dakini Palladium Melinoëtics...otherworld soft caresses...
Nymphae Avernales...tender electric haze...
Hecatechisms...vivid exquisite fringes...
Nyx Abides...fractured shadow unions...
The Anything Machine...kinetickles resonator...
Ganeshapolis...Elephas Maximus Deva...
Reliquary...compulsive juggling & tinkering...
Ghost Totem...obsessive shuffling & re-shuffling...
Memory Forest Cathedral...selective accretion syndrome...
...farewell, Master H.R...Love your craft; you shall be missed...
bring fresh beautiful nightmares of art
to new mech flesh temples in the vast void beyond...
Gigerverse MindWomb RiftSwarmNode Machine
Biomechanical Beatification
Collegium ad Spiritum Sanctum
...aligned finally with unattainable notions;
a bit of a fool forever pondering moreso...
Emerald Telemetry...multiplicity convergence
into alignment communion...
Primordial Alchemical Spell Demiurge Overkill
La Chambre Des Cauchemars
...scattershot dabbler traipsing
through an explosion of notions,
catching shrapnel of ideas
obliquely along the mindfield...
...Bent Arsenal Driven...
Screaming Athena's Shifting ChaosPortal

Topic(s) of this poem: artistic work, consciousness, creation, creativity, dreams, ideology , mythology, religions, thoughts

Form: Epic

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