Treasure Mount Trash Poem by Adora Williams

Treasure Mount Trash

I wonder if any part of my being perceives rain as tears
Or if any part of the collective's does

It's a rainy evening and all the beauty of existence I've found over the last few days
Is gone
it's a matter of time, stardust

Time seems to be shrinking as we distract ourselves from being
The lifespan in a galactic circumstance

I'm just a fraction of a second if the galaxy is taken as the rule
And if the galaxy is taken as the rule, I wouldn't exist
And every other thing that I now take for granted
Would liquesce to form the greater

Your brain is a god
Your body is a whole universe
say the figures of the day

And if I may say, I composed a joyful progression yesterday

But I'm shrinking with time tonight
And I see my potential future as invisible particles
That will never land on tangibility

If we knew how the universe works,
It wouldn't be special
say the mediums who are men

I know how the universe works, I'm its tool
You wouldn't understand
I quiesce

I cesser

In the dark, shadow does whatever it will
When there's no consequence, darkness takes over

I see how people's facades operate
When no one's looking
Or when they think I don't assess
Or worse:
When they think I assent
They bear the exes

I am the axis

Existence is such a mistake
A mere deficiency
Yet, here we are,
Delighting in it

If you photocopy the translation of your hologram
To yellow pages, you can't ever predict life
Or the collective's reactions to you

They act through a pattern that repeats on and on
And I do that too

You do that too

In Two

Saturday, May 7, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: existentialism,confessional,philosophy
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