Adora Williams Poems

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Treasure Mount Trash

I wonder if any part of my being perceives rain as tears
Or if any part of the collective's does

It's a rainy evening and all the beauty of existence I've found over the last few days

The Impermanent Indelible

Forgetting about the things I wrote has become the rule at this point

Even though it's written and should be permanent, it's not
It goes past

Memorabilia Limerick

No one has been walking in their shoes since the last equinox
Take that as you will, words are just states of mind
Reality is just estate of mind

Tile Pattern Description Of Women Going Mad

A disoriented princess
An Edwardian country lady having tea
The falling heart of a bride
A flower

The Worlds Within A Planet

The world I call mine is the view within the greatest view
I'm bound to pining for contexts I cannot code
It's like stripes going up and forward — an intersection
Each millimetre is the difference that we strive to balance

Winter Solstice

Life is thriving over death
The black keys tried to take over on the scale of B major
The number three is such arcane and delight
Nothing starts before it, it's a mere rehearsal


My world is the dot of the i
Perhaps yours is the apostrophe before the m,
Which is also mine
But the body of the I is the collective

The Last Glimmer

Relive the good moments I didn't live soon enough
And wait for the world to end — I thought

Light will expel me eventually


As we achieve perfection
We'll mess it up
It's our nature
Hence the history of art

The Ceaseless Story

I don't want to know the starring role's perspective
I want to know who and what lead them to that perspective
I'm done with my own perspective on life

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