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I wonder if any part of my being perceives rain as tears
Or if any part of the collective's does

It's a rainy evening and all the beauty of existence I've found over the last few days

Forgetting about the things I wrote has become the rule at this point

Even though it's written and should be permanent, it's not
It goes past

No one has been walking in their shoes since the last equinox
Take that as you will, words are just states of mind
Reality is just estate of mind

A disoriented princess
An Edwardian country lady having tea
The falling heart of a bride
A flower

The world I call mine is the view within the greatest view
I'm bound to pining for contexts I cannot code
It's like stripes going up and forward — an intersection
Each millimetre is the difference that we strive to balance

Life is thriving over death
The black keys tried to take over on the scale of B major
The number three is such arcane and delight
Nothing starts before it, it's a mere rehearsal

My world is the dot of the i
Perhaps yours is the apostrophe before the m,
Which is also mine
But the body of the I is the collective

Relive the good moments I didn't live soon enough
And wait for the world to end — I thought

Light will expel me eventually

As we achieve perfection
We'll mess it up
It's our nature
Hence the history of art

I don't want to know the starring role's perspective
I want to know who and what lead them to that perspective
I'm done with my own perspective on life

When you are present
Time, which is split into past and future — opposition,

As you start to shape your vision to the work of art life is,
You'll see that, every time something reaches
A satisfactory point, there's a reaction of in-

A system will never be perfect
If you need all the cruelty and misery to justify the good
What is it worth
Where will I get to if I don't know where I am going

You can follow the other
But you can't follow yourself
You'd just end up stuck in a loop


I'm a landscape painting
A Tuesday evening
I'm muddy green in spring
The slowest French film

A rat in that scalene triangle
A three-eyed-one in a the big isosceles triangle
Perhaps the LP vinyl on the upper left corner
Is causing all the rest

That was a reality far far away
It doesn't mean the pain isn't real, you know
If the circles above are fused onto one another, messed up and

There's a glass teapot in my china-closet
I take it every night to make tea after I put Nivea on my face
I drink my tea with biscuits I started to go to the bakeshop for
Because there's no point in making biscuits for me, alone

What is worth all my love
If there has to be fear on the backside
For it to exist

There are things that you don't know about me
That some days I write not to go mad
And that I prefer those days over the ones I feel good but can't write a word

Adora Williams Biography

Adora Williams is an independent writer, Eglish Professor, journalist and self-taught western philosophy scholar. Working under heteronyms and artistic personas to match her different stylistic approaches, she has written over 30 thousand lines of poetry in 14 years, and finally released her first ever published anthology, Treasure Mount Trash, which can be found on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited: https: // The Creative Catalyst on Substack Substack:

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Treasure Mount Trash

I wonder if any part of my being perceives rain as tears
Or if any part of the collective's does

It's a rainy evening and all the beauty of existence I've found over the last few days
Is gone
it's a matter of time, stardust

Time seems to be shrinking as we distract ourselves from being
The lifespan in a galactic circumstance

I'm just a fraction of a second if the galaxy is taken as the rule
And if the galaxy is taken as the rule, I wouldn't exist
And every other thing that I now take for granted
Would liquesce to form the greater

Your brain is a god
Your body is a whole universe
say the figures of the day

And if I may say, I composed a joyful progression yesterday

But I'm shrinking with time tonight
And I see my potential future as invisible particles
That will never land on tangibility

If we knew how the universe works,
It wouldn't be special
say the mediums who are men

I know how the universe works, I'm its tool
You wouldn't understand
I quiesce

I cesser

In the dark, shadow does whatever it will
When there's no consequence, darkness takes over

I see how people's facades operate
When no one's looking
Or when they think I don't assess
Or worse:
When they think I assent
They bear the exes

I am the axis

Existence is such a mistake
A mere deficiency
Yet, here we are,
Delighting in it

If you photocopy the translation of your hologram
To yellow pages, you can't ever predict life
Or the collective's reactions to you

They act through a pattern that repeats on and on
And I do that too

You do that too

In Two

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