Tribute To My Alma Mater By Mark A. C. Ogbodo Poem by Mark A. C. Ogbodo

Mark A. C. Ogbodo

Mark A. C. Ogbodo

Abikpom, Ogore-Ito, Obi LGA of Benue State, Nigeria

Tribute To My Alma Mater By Mark A. C. Ogbodo

(Unique Secondary School, Makurdi)

Unique Secondary School, Makurdi.
My alma mater,
The space setter,
The home for all.

How you have produced distinguished sons and daughters,
Caterputed them to greatness,
Making the sky their starting point.
Your memories remain fresh in my mind.

I remember the first day I stepped my feet at your conspicuously beautiful gate.
Delighted, I was, by the hospitable welcoming,
The seraphic smiling faces,
The serene environment,
Your willingness to nurture and prepare me for the future,
The fun at the cafeteria; the eating, the sharing.
The new beginning.

Oh! My alma mater,
My 2nd family.
You created countless opportunities for me,
You taught me life long lessons, no other would have taught me.
You exposed me to diverse characters and personalities, which contributed to building my 'SIMPLE' personality.
You incorporated in me boldness, and chased away my timidity.
You built me into a great leader by unbiasly making me the Pioneer HEAD BOY
(a very, very rare privilege) .
And today, I rule everywhere I find myself,
Discharging my duties with great dexterity, unbiasness, diligence and determination,
All to your glory.
I was also taught good domeanour,
And provided the opportunity to meet my best friend (and a brother) ,
Engr Emmanuel Nandeve.

Esteemed Unique Teachers,
Who were exceptionally lovely and caring,
Taught with great dexterity,
And instilled in us knowledge and power.
I remember how generous they were,
Larvishing us with pieces of advice and knowledge,
Which we needed then, most.
Though, we erred sometimes, by laughing at pronunciation errors made by some of the teachers,
They forgave us;
What a show of love.
Indeed, Unique Teachers are the best.

At this junture, I can't but appreciate
The founder/ Proprietress
Of Unique Secondary School,
My Alma Mater.
My autobiography (as a individual) will be incomplete, if you are not mentioned.
For you have been my role model.
I describe you as:
A great mother,
A nation builder,
Mother of all,
Youth developer,
An unbias, non-tribalistic, courageous and determined leader,
A heroine,
A great Teacher,
Fountain of hope for the future generation... Indeed, the list is endless.
Your pieces of advice are immortal.
I can remember, how in my JSS 2, you stood before us and said
'... Your motto has been changed from 'learning, discipline and service' to 'YOU MUST BE THE BEST'. For you must be the best'.
Since then, this motto has been my watch-word.
And it has brought me this far,
The Best.
Moreso, your words to me
'my son, keep doing good, be humble, be honest, keep the smile,
And people will like and bless you, and your success will know no limit',
Got me more determined, and helped me all through the journey.
Indeed, I stand to tell the world that you are the BEST amongst the Best, Mummy.

The great White House,
Purity, you symbolised.
The giant of all the houses,
The house to which the Pioneer Head Boy belonged,
My house,
I salute you.

My Alma Mater is known as
The cradle of excellence,
The mother of world's great future leaders,
The mother of great men and women,
Mother of the best.
Unique, indeed.

I Salute
My esteemed Proprietress,
My honoured Teachers,
All other members of staff,
My lovely classmates,
My respected school mates,
My Alma Mater.

Finally, the strength with which I carry on;
The confidence, with which I speak;
My honesty, sincerity and peace-making,
Are qualities incorporated in me by my Alma Mater.
Immortal, are your memories.

The day came, it was 'farewell'.
Good-bye, A. C. Mark, said my Alma Mater.
And I was out of the shell,
With roses topped with tear drops as dew.
I was about to go to a world which was entirely new.
Blessings, teachings, wishes and memories,
Were all I could carry with me.

The Proprietress, we never got that love again which we got from you.
When the world comes hard on us, it's your teachings and blessings that get us through.
As life goes on,
Unique Secondary School, Makurdi,
Remains my favourite.
Proudly UNISECOSite!

Mark A. C. Ogbodo
Pioneer Head Boy

Tribute To My Alma Mater By Mark A. C. Ogbodo
Kletus 01 April 2018

Awwn... so sweet

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Kletus 01 April 2018

Awwn... so sweet

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Mark A. C. Ogbodo

Mark A. C. Ogbodo

Abikpom, Ogore-Ito, Obi LGA of Benue State, Nigeria
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