True Nature Poem by derrick foster

True Nature

Skim the surface
All you get is murky water
Disguised as glamorous, fabulous and gorgeous
(Its only skin deep and the words are too expensive)
It doesn’t go much further
Play the game of “high post”
Fake the funk
Become that cliché that doesn’t mean much
Merely play the role (your drama You act it out)
Get to the heart of matter
It doesn’t go too deep
That’s too much work, living beyond the means
It looks good but smell underneath
The lack of substance is evident
The X-ray won’t penetrate
It’s all so transparent but the “bling “ is so bright it blinds
When the lights go out (not much there)
But a Hollow man made of glass
Whose liquid is tepid as weak tea (not much to the taste)
It’s lost the flavor like old gum
Too hard to chew or stomach
You force-feed us what you deem normal
But its over processed and we’re under fed (we’d rather starve)
During this famine, perhaps something can be salvaged that’s useful
As the water clears, substance can resurface
A natural sheen illuminates something palatable; believable
Giving the words meaning and clarity
Simplicity is best when served sparingly
The mask falls to reveal the true nature; soul deep
Genuine, sincere, and beautiful in appearance
Dive down deeper
What you get is so much richer

Vishal Sharma 16 May 2013

complicated one hard to understand although a great write remined me of classical lagends

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