Lauren Ashley

Truth & Lies - Poem by Lauren Ashley

'The thought process I take is to see all of the mistakes, knowing that what I see is a composite of everything, but opposite. Like how compassion is in all of us, how 'in god we must trust' like policies put in place to 'protect us', believing that rights MUST be rights and wrongs MUST be wrongs, like this is what we SHOULD DO and this is HOW WE SHOULD belong. Society is nothing but a f*ck*d up lie whilst the rich stay that way, whilst the poor children die, all the while we live, oblivious or ignorant, how, HOW? The skies are greying around us, clouds are staying this time, so stealth is your only option, stay away from obvious crime. Everything is opposite and this opposite is making me SICK, mentally, I cannot focus knowing that these 'hocus pocus' cheaters, jokers, liers, TERRORISTS, MURDERERS are running our world, no thanks to voters. Selected not elected, you're being lied to, right IS wrong and wrong IS right and EVERYTHING is opposite.
Can you comprehend a life for yourself? Can you use your own mind? I'm sorry to say that I think you'll find, NO. Society wont allow this, for independance is what 'they' fear and 'truth' is how they LIE. So I sit and sigh, feeling as though I am one and ALONE in this thought process, I'm possesed but not like you, I dont want like you, I dont FEEL like you and if I ever do, I'll die like you are dead. A dead soul in a deep hole of lies that are 'truths' and truths that are made lies.
I hope to reach some inner peace, but right now there is a war inside me, opening my eyes for the first time and realizing that real eyes realize real lies. I dont respect this 'system' and I will NOT protect this 'system' while the truth remains that truth is lies and lies is truth. I dont believe one word in this world where hatred breeds violence and violence is allowed. When inoccents are gunned down by some drone, a drone with a puppet master with a smile on his face whilst a childs face lies in the dirt, motionless, I'm f*ck*ng outraged, yet im caged as what can i do? Just one girl with one mind and one big mouth so I use my stregth to promote my ANGER at this world with some hope to heal my mind from this pain I feel daily. Our governments ARE terrorists and it's about time you open your f*ck*ng eyes and see the truth behind their lies. We dont need them. We are intelligent, evolved for a hundred thousend years, our tears are the same, hearts the same, skin the same but the the brain? It can be controlled and let me make you aware that you ARE being controlled. Brainwashed is what? A non-sense word to you? Im sorry to say I read brainwashed all over you. Go out there, see the world with your eyes, read a f*ck*ng book and look and focus and breathe and love and be compassionate and realize that lies are truths and the truths of this world are lies.'

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I just trying to make sense out of the non-sense. I know it's a lengthy poem but I would say it's worth a read, but then of course I would, I wrote it!

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Poem Submitted: Friday, January 18, 2013

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