Trying For Even

I have that sickening feeling that you seem to always give me.
Your momma raised you better than this.
She taught you to always do as you promise.
I told you not to mess with me.

You should have seen that I would let her know.
I was weak when you took advantage of me.
It’s painful that you are all I see.
I still don’t see how it was so easy for you to let go.

Well, I called her on the telephone.
Did you even hear it ring?
I bet you didn’t expect a thing.
You really thought you would have known.

My heart was racing when se said hello.
The words came up before I could stop them.
I even called her by her first name, Kim.
My heart dropped when she had to go.

Well, I heard you got in trouble that day.
I am glad you lost something, too.
I am happy glad I told on you.
Who would have known she’d listen to what I had to say.

I want you to know that we aren’t even.
I don’t think we’re even close.
I just gave you a small dose.
You should have thought about it when you were leavin’.