Turn Away Poem by Mark Gould

Turn Away

Rating: 5.0

All I ever wanted
Was a smile;
Even a sliver of your love
Would have made the clouds rain gold and the whole world glow
But you turned away,
When I needed you most.
Now overcast skies have blackened my broken heart.
The innocence I gave you is gone;
You stole it.
Each setting sun gives me some hope,
As if one day I would get my wish
To never see it rise again.
You're love
A rogue wave it engulfs all who are near you
But I am too far to feel it.
You're smile,
An eternal light that soothes and thaws even the coldest heart
But not mine.
I am just an afterthought, a fluke in your pristine sublimity.
I just wish, for once I could feel
The warm embrace of another,
The way I felt with you.
But now,
In the shadow of your presence
I feel only cold death.
Like an eternal, sunless blizzard in the desert of my heart;
The last frail grains of hope you lent me slip through my calloused fingers;
And the life you revived is simply another dull blade, another meaningless task.
All that you have left me is your looming shadow
That blackens nights and stains the light.
It consumes the happiness I thought I had,
Leaving only streaks of dry trailed tears.
Why could'nt you have let me fade in peace?
Why did you visit me,
In my darkest hour
To show me true love,
To give me hope,
Only to tell me it was never real?
I would ask you in person,
I would cease to paint the pains of my heart,
I would express the hint of sanity still strung to my soul,
But you would simply
Ignore it
Turn away...

Mark Gould

Mark Gould

San Antonio, TX
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