Two Degree Celsius Of Love Is That Meltwater Mouth-Watering Poem by Lovita Morang

Two Degree Celsius Of Love Is That Meltwater Mouth-Watering

Two degree Celsius of love, meltwater is that mouth-watering

They were in search of God,
On month of Sundays, days of blue moon rays
Like an eigth century Irish monk
on snowy banks troddle turista, bang and bonk
to see and hear iris bloom song
In some forest of Greenland, what did in green, we see
Great that they tried to find the tallest tree,
When pigs fly, indefinitely long shall be there, this tallest we
And what did they found at dog's age
Tales of Tragic Beauty lay above
Below the ice cold sheet like Angel hair, air embalming fluid
the textured landscape swell its breast, tales of time immemorial
almost abstract shapes, shaped the world, god-sent
I did see things that aren't apparent but apparent
blue water and white ice,
there, do there meet, their eyes
Frozen form forest fable, who settled here
In their monastic search, sort of surrealities sought, clear steer
Before pirates, Vikings, who plundered,
Caving into the empty mountains, asundered.

Poetries like the meltwater lakes and rivers of the ice,
fleeting things could disappear overnight.

Surprise in dreams thawing, everything survive and rise,
Trillion to some days waited hours, trial time tries.
grapple with its enormity tundra to tropical,
Of all colours, flowering poetry that's the best prize.

Sometimes, benumbed at firstand overwhelmed again at first,
before I could even start driving, bending the mountain roads:
On all sides narrowing the arcs,
eyes can reach up to the horizon—
Its all just beauty that blue sky sun-kissed to red.
Ocean frozen, ice melts, what else shall stay, frozen forever?
eyes see meeting of the earth and the sky, when did you surrender lover

Two degree of love, Here, where sky and earth became one,
Two degree of love, that's the farthest, nothing can go that high,
Two degree of love, an island born out of an ocean, nothing can go that low.
Names of my beloved, two degrees of love, written all over, icy cold body of earth melts, through this eternity hollow.

Battered earth, embosom bosomy ziftag lay on rough rag
Yet, it's salt salty sweet, sweat trots benumbed travel like Montezuma's revenge run, tracing
Climate change without addressing, dressed i sight, I cite, ending.

Two degree Celsius of love, meltwater is that mouth-watering,
Two degrees celsius of love, meltwater that is mouth- watering.

-Lovita J R Morang

Climate change, in dilemma we see and seek God. Every beautiful things on earth wounded or wonderful are just wonderful.
Lovita Morang

Lovita Morang

Arunachal, Assam, india
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