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Two Paths To An Unfinished Journey - Poem by GJG Elton

Years have come and years have passed,
Since I gazed upon, your beauty last.
Now miles away, and worlds apart,
I kept you always, within in my heart.

Our life began, so simple then,
We met, we dated, I held your hand,
One Friday night, we climbed the stairs,
Together came about, your childhood's end.

Later, when forced, we did defend,
Our love together, ‘gainst, family and friend.
We placed our hands, upon the book.
With lust, our loins and passions shook.

Armed forces, you signed, on to fend,
Soon, thereafter, our marriage would end.
A fool, and cruel, I left you there,
As out your window, you would stare,
And gaze upon that parking lot,
For my return, to fill that spot.
And when I failed, I did not return,
Away you wandered, amid my spurn.

My crime towards you, worse than sin,
Spurned, unwanted, a child within.
No family, no friends, nor anyone else,
Alone, in that room, your heart still felt.
A beautiful girl, that you gave birth,
Your life continued, unfilled with mirth.

Weeks, then months, then into years,
Did nothing to quell your tears or fears.
Our love was forfeit and torn asunder,
Leaving your heart, exposed to plunder.

Smiles, deep eyes, and beauty fair,
Cloaked and framed by long dark hair.
They sheltered pain, by then thus sown,
Caused by suitors, that you had known.
Abused, mistreated, assaulted, then left,
So many years, found you bereft,
Of that one thing, you so deserved,
Yet through it all, you did conserve,
Trying hard, to not forego,
That love we shared, so long ago.
- -
Apart from you, a prize I chased,
She had much beauty, upon her face.
Both warm in heart, her kindness there,
Matched the glow, her golden hair.
Now years together, we have had,
Yet through it all, I've always been sad.
Ashamed with anguish, I could not share,
For pain I caused, to maiden fair.

Through the years, for you I searched,
The service, the state, and even church.
Two score in years, with no real gains,
Even love that's strong, the query wanes.

Ten more years, of fleeting thoughts,
Yearly, I'd gaze, upon that lot,
That dwelling place, as I did pass,
Then driving on, I knew…, alas.
So fade again, your image would,
To dwell on you, there'd come no good.

Resume my life then, once again.
And day after day, I would begin,
By thinking back, ‘cause I now thought,
That gold-hair prize, that I had sought,
Had not fulfilled, desires wrought.
My pains, our years, were all for naught.
- -
In recent past, found you, I did.
Behind the years, where we once hid.
Sensing, still, your kindness, wise,
My long felt pain, need apologize.
To ask forgiveness, for my crime,
From long ago, in a different time.

Remorse of mine, you did accept,
Then within your charms, I was swept,
Which allowed us time, to reminisce,
That awakened again, what I so missed.
Your beauty, love, and heart so kind,
From once we shared, when last entwined.

Spurned before, had made you wise.
Tales from your past, you did devise,
To test my truth. Was I to hedge?
Then came that story, of Daniel's bridge.
Decades flashed, from deep within,
My life, so empty, came crashing in,
Your love, my life, I'd been denied,
Alone and lonely, in darkness, I cried.

Years of longing, for total bliss.
I know I could find, within your kiss.
Your heart, so needed, I'll love and then,
Our lives, I know, we can transcend.
So please…, oh please…, just one chance,
Allow us to find, anew'ed romance.
With love so true, I'll feel it deep.
Where it will stay and never creep.

My future, what holds, I am not sure,
Though pain ahead, I may still endure.
Eternally my heart, you have secured,
My love you'll own, forever, and more.

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