Two Ships Passing - Poem by JAMES T. ADAIR

The times we've passed and said hello
I feel like we've know each other
from some time long ago
I'm bound here but think of you sometimes
Hope you can feel and know
that your touches have all been so sweet
Without word from you
something feels missing and incomplete
I could never tell or ask you what to feel
That would be false and I wish it was real
but If I could imagine this one thing
I wish I could walk a mile with you
and hold your hand while you gently sing
along a deserted boardwalk path
as the sunset sparkles on the ocean blue
I wish I could spend a moment with you
When peaceful orbs of orange and yellow
Make our hearts feel soft and mellow
In your wrapped flowing cotton dress
amidst your gentleness and tenderness
I sometimes have been guilty
of imagining this movie scene
or maybe took it from a dream
when all worries felt so far away
and we might dream together that day
and if your fingers meshed so fine with mine
Like brass gears crafted to fit each other
Like puzzle pieces so sublime
We might forget the world and drift away
Like gulls who take to the twilight sky
and fly off together and never bid goodbye
But alas this is just a vision fleeting
So wonderful, yet so defeating
As another lonely birthday feels passing
I'm just a humble begger, my world crashing
and where my fate is destined
I have no way to know
I'm just out of place
a farmer with no field to sow
and even so my crops woudn't grow
Because without love of it's own accord
I'm so weary and so bored
and have no strength to try again
but I rember when...
You glanced my way and said my name
and I smiled and wondered inside
if I somehow made you feel the same
So if we're to be just passing ships
Please take this kiss from my lips
as I feel the curve and warmth of your hips
and hold you close just this one dream
and feel your skin so fragrant and clean
Imagining your heart was somehow mine
and I might stay here for all time.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, March 11, 2010

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