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Communications sent, laid in a bin? And left for a time recycling
Message’s yet to accrue their fame, later to be read time and again
A Capitalist attacks the west we say! Dismiss out of hand to another day
2 Towers ago we felt no fear from a single conspiring entrepreneur

With fraudulent stealth and wicked deceit he planned a mission he must not complete
Educated, wealthy, trained and world wise, recruited pilots to fight end their lives
A Caveman terrorist with global fame, everyone’s lip’s now speak his name
A fortune gleaned from an industrial career now spent on disaster, death and fear

Terrorism, Heroism, how do we know, fighting a war against sinister foe
Speak to supporters they lay no blame, aspiring, imitating, wishing the same
Demand belief they must endure, the lash of the whip and sanctions secure
The devout unaware of their power and might, attack democracy, US in flight

Now said the followers a victory supreme, blindly supporting Bin Laden’s dream
They notice us now! We have their respect; they will give us our rights in retrospect
The tail wags the dog, proof we can win we may be small but they will give in
They did not see our cruel intent we had no reason to be benevolent

The giant awakes, looks to the east, shakes off it’s losses, rises a beast
A global shudder Afghan hills shake, the world’s got the message they made a mistake
They kicked some butt in the USA and for that you know they have to pay
Democracy’s fair we wait a while, take care of business use our guile

Time to account for the loss sustained, Army’s are primed, and Target’s are framed
Last chance third world heroes, concede demand Osama deliver or die where you stand
On a crest of delusion major powers engage, the fight with no winners clouded by rage
Billions spew forth, dollars are spent, attack this small force there will be no relent

To the mountains dig in those who remain, wait in the foxholes through winters rain
Mother earth warms the foe; watchers freeze, look for a sign brought to their knees
How do we fight when we cannot see the underground troops that are our enemy?
Starve them out; surround them here, no way out? But they are clear?

The search is on who gave them help, no more sanctions close neighbors yelp
We did not help, we did not see, we have no control over the enemy
Like ghosts in the night they disappear thousand of troops where definitely here
Avenging army’s are distraught not even Bin Laden has been caught.

Afghanistan a victory although you may not see, sanction-less, penniless and almost debt free
All done and dusted, army’s they retire, terrorists stop bombing no longer to conspire
Look back in anger notice you been had, you saved them from hunger are you sad?
The price you paid to fight them was a lot more than they could hope
The letters sent in the first place by now have gone in smoke
As you sit thinking maybe shed a tear all life is worthy
Right NOW Right THERE Right HERE


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Poem Submitted: Saturday, May 21, 2011

Poem Edited: Saturday, May 21, 2011

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