Understanding (Upright-Ones In Birthplaces) Poem by Simpa Omoluabi

Understanding (Upright-Ones In Birthplaces)

Birthplace of materiamystic
One whole gate
But many a one whole gates
Many a one whole barren gates
Many a one whole fruitless gates.

One whole upright gate for fruitful life
One whole righteous gate for heavenly life.

If the one and whole are largely upright in openheartedness
One whole righteous gate shall make a mastoid overflow
For nourishment of the future
In fertility of milky foreshadows of a new life
Free of worries of old
To embrace challenges anew for growth.
If the one and whole is straightforward and widely forthright
One whole upright gate widespread
Makes for all-round fruitfulness and satisfaction
Bellywise against hunger and inequality.

Materiamystic heavenward
The righteous one straightforward goes via unseen hairways
In hairflight through hairspace
Materiamystic heavenbound
The upright ascends through hairway unseen
Via hairspaces for heaven in flesh and blood materiamystic.
For heavenssake
The high rise of robber natured ones aiming at birthplace
For heavenssake.
No matter how hard still I try hard and long
Too much to be upright and straightforward
For not to find comfort coated like a robber even in a dream
Aiming and gunning at birthplsce for heaven on earth.
For I find it unworthy of my upstanding nature to be dressed as a robber
Aiming at birthplace for heaven on earth;
So first from this unseen self now outstading at birthplace for heaven on earth
Revealed in outstanding desires
In movements quick and fast amid heavenly flight for heavenssake
I take and make outstanding actions and moves
To sharply tear the coats of robbers from my understanding
Cause I'm gunning and aiming against barrenness
Sharply tearing the robber coats that my gunning is not in robbery
For that I sow seeds of uprightness and openmindedness
For a new life heavenly to come on our earth.
No matter how hard I try hard
To have robbery nature from my understanding sharply torn.

Since storylines of God got out of hand
We have managed malice in wonderland

Though things grow hard but moving in movement tough and forceful
I slough the robbery nature
From the toughness of my understanding for my uprising dreams
For heaven on earth
For your understanding suited with robbery forms and nature
Makes your strongheartedness sterile against fruitfulness.
For the sake of heaven agunning at places of birth
With an understanding in the nature of robbers
Amounts to barrenness.
Ones aiming at birthplace in robbery nature for heavens' sake
Amounts to fruitlessness.
In uprising in uprightness never for once wear coats of robbers
Do not for once dress in robbery in your upright uprising aiming
For heaven to manifest on earth.
See many ones in robbery dresses gunning for heaven on earth
See many ones in robbery coats in coats of robbers aiming
For heaven on earth.
In a world where truth is for sale
In worlds where money precedes righteousness in importance
In worlds where money takes preeminence
Before straightforwardness
Where your financial power is more important than uprightness
Robbers are in great supply robbery coats are worn constantly
For paradise on earth
Many which were once plain and upright become robbery coated
Coated as robbers wearing robbery coats aiming and gunning
For heaven on earth.
In a world where money power is prized than uprightness
In such worlds there is great supply of robbers
In a world were money is firstly received regardless
Of uprightness
Robbers are readily available for heaven on earth
In unending availability of robbers
And they do seem like ordinary, plain looking souls
Although dressed as robbers.

Fortitude to you you whom I see
Seeing you beaten and soaked, drenched in the latter rains
Under the latter rains pouring hard
Beneath the latter rain fall falling hard.
How easy shall one find it to be outstanding without robber nature
For heavenssake,
For it is deadly risk for one to be outstanding not robber natured
At birthplaces where nomisma is exalted beyond the most high.

There is greater heavenly joy over one soul whose understanding
In heavenly entrance is not in robber nature.
There is boundless heavenly happiness
Over one soul that is not robbery natured in aiming,
Gunning and coming into heaven,
For the aiming and gunning for heaven
In uprising of a soul whose understanding is not robber natured
Promises fruitfulness of uprightness
And all round bowels of the many
Shall be uprightly filled and and righteously fulfilled
But when a soul whose understanding is geared in robbery,
Souls whose understanding are geared in robber nature
Aim and gun for heaven there is no all-round fulfillment
For a million souls in robbery nature gaining heavenly entrance
Souls coming into heaven with their understanding in robbery nature
Amounts to wide spread unfulfillment and stark empty bellies.
More potent than a million robbery natured souls
Is a single soul whose understanding is not robber natured
That uprightly rises in aiming and gunning for heaven
For a soul not robber natured defies
The widespread barrenness of hunger, starvation
And unfulfillment of righteousness.
There is greater heavenly pleasure, greater heavenly estasy
Over one soul whose understanding is not robber natured
In movements for heavenly pleasures
Than the joy derived from
A million robber natured understanding souls
A million robber coated souls aiming
And gunning in entrance into heaven for heavenly pleasures.
There is greater heavenly delight
Over one soul whose understanding is not robber natured
In aiming to come inside the kingdom of heaven
Than when a million souls whose understanding are robber natured
Are gunning and aiming to come into heaven.

In the middle of things upon the initiation of the soul
One stormy night of astral heavenly intercourse
The underworld monarch of heaven would not tolerate
My soul natured as a robber
Would not tolerate me as a soul coated as a robber
The grave monarch of heaven would not have my soul
Gain entrance to heaven in robbery nature
Would not have my soul understand as a robber
And the monarch of heaven in the place of spirits
In the state of the spirit the monarch of heaven fiercely
Undressed my soul from been robber coated
In the state of the ghost the grave monarch of heaven
Fiercely slough
All hint of robbery from my soul's understanding was torn away
And as plain enough as my soul could be in rising up
For the kingdom of heaven aming and gunning for heavenssake
My soul in uprising my soul in ascendance in heavenly flights
Through the unseen hairways of the monarch of the kingdom of heaven
Making the monarch of the kingdom heavenly
To express joy inexpressible in inartculate tongue
The monarch of heaven expressed joy in glossolalia
In voluble consecrated speech over my soul in rising up
For that my soul dressed not in robbery
Plainly gunned and aimed
In righteous uprising for heaven on earth
My soul not robber natured in aiming and gunning
For the heavenly to sow seeds of uprightness at birthplace.

Regina de caelo descendi meo caelo in terram
Beautus qui una descendentem in inferi
Beautus beauti qui Regina de caelo.
Regina de caelo ecce venio velociter.

Degrees of nightshades
Of the climactic hairspace of the monarch of heaven
The nightshades and hairspaces of the monarch of heaven
Via which in the-mystifying world of dreams and astral theft
Ancestral souls and prenatal souls make foreign exchange
With half-dead souls in the-mystifying heavenly hairflight
On mystifying hairplanes through-and-through
Mystifying heavenly hairspaces
And giveaways at the hairports of the monarch of heaven
Where there is bargaining of dreams
Dreams are figuratively bargained
Bargaining and selling of souls
Until there is nothing left but for the flesh to give up the ghost
And some of the ghosts are given up in the half-dead soul state
But the many in the mortal realm of materealty by materiality.
When in materiamystic inversion
The inverted climactic hairspace of the monarch of heaaven
Appear to mere eyes in varying shades of storm clouds
Of hurricanes and volcanoes, all in their materiamystic figuratives
The inversions of mother nature, constellation of disastsars falling
To a manifest of disasters, not forgetting
The inverted climactic hairspace of the monarch of heaven
That materiamystic the hairspace yawns to a mass grave
That to mere eyes are mother-earthquakes in anticlimax
Of beloved ones, but they are ones like we all shall come to
Chip in or completely robbed of soul chips
With nothing left to bear this state of life after the astral duplicities
And forex between the ancestral, the half-dead and prenatal
At the materiamystic intercourse of dreams.
Woe to witchcraftiness woe to the witchcrafty.

Iustos verba potestatem non timor malus.

When one in robber nature is outstanding
At birthplace, it yields heavenly barrenness
When one is outstanding in robber nature
At places of birth it yields heavenly fruitlessness
When ones are widely outstanding in robber nature
At birthplace
The seeds and fruits of righteousness are largely hindered
When ones are largely outstanding in robber nature
At places of birth
The heavenly fruits of uprightness are unmaterialised.

As the monarch of heaven would not have
My soul understand as a robber
I stand sharply and strong enough making my movements
There by ripping robber nature from my understanding
From my uprising soul risking my soul in movements
Highly probable with poisonous contract ‘gainst my soul
A soul not robber proof
For greater heavenly pleasure over one soul whose understanding
Is not robber natured in aiming to come into heaven
In a world where wadmoney is given highest regard
And preeminently considered before uprightness
Where money is given highest regard than the mosth high
A world where many ones without inhibition
Are ready to be and are already coated as robbers
Plainly coated as robbers aiming and gunning for heaven on earth.

Souls in and out of robbery nature at places of birth
Robber proof souls aiming and gunning for heaven at birth places.
In crippled flights heavenward
Fantastic, spiritistic and scientific, even cabalistic
From one birth place to another birth place
Heavenward through believable and unbelievable hairways
Souls make heavenly contact
From one place of birth to another place of birth
Heavenboud via unseen and mystifying hairway of heaven
Souls make heavenly contact
The hairway of heaven the heavenly hairway seen and unseen.

Let ones largely be outstanding without robber nature
And you shall see the potential of wide spread heavenly fruitfulness
Shall manifest on this our earth.

Soul communications
Souls communicate through heavenly hairwaves unseen
Through the heavenly hairwaves of the monarch of heaven
Earthward and upward and straightforward for heaven
Without provision of angelic wings but iron wings
The spiritualist and scientist promising heavenly attainment
Through believable and unbelievable heavenly hairwaves
Seen and unseen
In flights ecstatic, scientific, spiritistic and cabalistic
Heavenward through unseen and unbelievable
Hairways and hairwaves of the monarch of heaven
Without provision of angelic wings
But iron wings and soul-felt wings
Souls in and out of robber nature
Making heavenly contacts at birthplaces.

How easy is it
To be an outstanding one without robber nature
At birthplace for the sake of heaven
When all around the clock the time is hard time
When all around the clock it is tough time.

When souls in robber nature prevail at places of birth
Our birth places shall yield
No fruit of righteous posterity
When many souls in robbery nature
Keep aiming and gunning for heaven at birth place
Our places of birth cannot yield
An all-round heavenly life
For us, for souls aiming and gunning in robbery nature
At birth place simply make our birth place
Yield the barrenness of wide spread hunger
And unfulfilments against justice and righteousness.
Let ones largely be outstanding without robber nature
And you shall see the potential of wide spread heavenly fruitfulness
Shall manifest on this our earth.

A world where money is considered before the straightforward
And upright hearts for to gain simple pleasures of heaven
At birthplace.
A world ramified with bribery
For bribery is payment to enter heaven in robbery nature
In robber nature as a robber for the heavenly at place of birth.

But when souls that are not in robber nature
Aim and gun at birth places for the heavenly life
Aim and gun for the life from heaven
The heavenly pleasure is greatest and birth places
Are truly hopeful to be fruitful for an all-round good.
To yield the fruits of uprightness which is the life from heaven
When souls arise, without robbery nature, uprightly aiming
And gunning at places of birth for heavenly life
Our birth places all round shall yield heavenly life
When our souls aim and gun not in robber nature at birth place
All round heavenly life and heavenly living
Shall be yielded by our birth place.

At intercourse with the host of heaven
When the soul and the whole of heaven are in soul to flesh contact
The one is whole and the whole is one
Through heavenly hairways my soul not in robber nature
My soul in flight through the hairways of the monarch of heaven
I rising up for upright deeds to sow upright seeds
Though in a world where only robbers are allowed in heaven
I risk my soul to stand out sloughing my soul of robber nature
In my heavenly flight
Through the hairways of the monarch of heaven
And it gave the host of heaven greatest of joy
That though in a world where money is esteemed
Than being straightforward and upright, esteemed than the most high
Where robbers prevail in heavenly entrance
Where been robber natured is largely the way you play safe
At birthplace to enjoy the heavenly
My soul grew too mature for robber nature
My soul could not stand been robber natured or coated
For the robber nature got torn off from my soul
For the understanding of my soul grew too strong and mature for robber nature
Like a snake in ophidian circumcision
Amid my aiming and gunning for heaven
Having proved my soul too mature for robber nature
For the sake of heaven, for heaven's sake
I succeed through hairlines barely seen, hairlines materiamystic
With my jets at heavenly airport
Jets at the monarch of heaven's hairport
In delivering a stone aged old message with a mornstar tale
Of righteous seedlings uprightly implanted at the birthplace
That upright seeds get number one tickets first of all
For entrance to heaven at birthplace
For far more than a million robbery coated and robber natured ones
A soul, one, plainly upright and straight forward
Whose understanding is not robbery natured
Ascending through the monarch of heaven's heavenshairport
Gives greater pleasure to the whole of heaven
Gives unutterable joy to the heavenly whole.

Copyright © 2017 Understanding (Upright-Ones In Birthplaces)by Simpa Omoluabi

This work of poetry was originally published in my work 'I BLACK LAMB OF GOD' published on the okadabooks platform, in which it was originally titled 'Upright-ones In Birthplaces'
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