Underwater Spark Poem by Indika Thushara Gamage

Underwater Spark

Rating: 5.0

sound of the yell under the sand
and waves over the waves, blank shore
in which seagull has killed the moon
for thirsty, poor girl and white man,
naked coconut trees to breathe or die

when it was raining she tried to kill him
he died before she become tempest
may be, a big dog or God, black horse
with one leg still standing toe
midnight tear; first love

hear it drizzles; brings shadow over blue
in the water many eyes; peacock feathers
used to sink her rainbow eyes; ruins town under the water
guns and mortars by the bullets
of wars, wars, wars
the nameless bird still singing
says there are many faults
says there are many women

put your hands, together, your legs individually,
never talk can you please
the tongue engulfs the peace; on the stage
an enemy, an engine and money
off flow like a drunkard

an egg began to talk with the hen
in the dark; in the park;
this is not peace or peace; but love

the holes of the tempest, the clear, unclear velvet
are not very poor or true
with her eyes and smile in eyes

and my though book and my thought book
with your cocoon; a loneliness
and your duck swimming
in your eye, bright blue
but so black no sky blue
at the end dream entered into Fallopian tube
you stand at the buss hold in the picture
but no seagull or a devil for that, no not
the black at least black; even in the background

Friday, November 27, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: life and death,love and life,love and loss
Martin Greyford 30 November 2020

Beautifully penned. Read mine My Mother

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Indika Thushara Gamage 03 December 2020

Thanks.read your poems too.beautiful poems..

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Indika Thushara Gamage

Panadura, Sri Lanka
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