Unity Poem by Oscar Auliq-Ice


Unity, the bond that binds us all,
Together we stand, never to fall.
In times of joy, in times of strife,
Our unity keeps us going in life.

From different lands and cultures we hail,
But in unity, we never fail.
For in our hearts, we all agree,
To live in peace and harmony.

Let not our differences tear us apart,
But let our unity be the glue of our heart.
For in our diversity lies our strength,
And together we shall go to great length.

Let us hold hands and make a stand,
Against hate and bigotry in our land.
For we are one, and in our unity,
We shall build a world of prosperity.

So let us unite, as one and all,
And answer the clarion call.
For in our unity lies our destiny,
A bright future, for all eternity.

Thursday, April 20, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: unity
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