Unnoticed - Poem by JAMES T. ADAIR

Should I jump though hoops
should I juggle three balls of fire in the air
should I walk a tightrope high above the ground
whould you shreik if I fell and there was nobody around
or would you turn away and not make a sound

If I hired a skywriter to fly over your house
to write 'I Love You' in the sky
Would you take time to notice
and wonder why I try
would you notice from afar the tears I cry
or the days without you I feel I want to die

I'm not the same color
I'm not the ideal age
I have little to offer you
I live in a cage
but I have a heart that has inside an emotion true
a dream of of falling in love...us two
but it's nothing if not shared by you

So this bird will shed his tears
and wipe his eyes
and know's none of the world feels it's true cries
and he'll take one last look before he flies
becaause he does so realize
you were the apple of his heart and eyes
it was for you that he used up all his last trys

but your heart is for another
and I can't handle sad goobyes
so with broken heart will try to fly
and search halfheartedly for another sky
but insdie I feel another part of me die
to learn again that the dream of love
was only a wish and lie

My teardrops fall from above
and someone is heard saying 'I felt a dropp of rain'
but they don't know it comes from pain
of love unnoticed, unwelcomed and in vain
but this love left a permanant stain
that weights down my flight, like a heavy chain
and only you can bring love back again

© James T. Adair

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 4, 2009

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