Unreal Geoglyphs Poem by Nyein Way(Maung Maung Thein)

Unreal Geoglyphs

unreal geoglyphs

magical unreality

spanish words are talking to japanese words about blooming garden of glitched harmony tipping piints of silent silence silencing into truth of the rightful twists of the winding patience in spiritual intelligence
venturing curventures on the cloudy homes in lousy means of galloping artificial intelligence
into social materials socialtechnological social surrealism of utopian reality in chaos and in civil zeniths of moral etthicalized poetics of the demonnic dreams exams of diced novellas coming up with laughing utensils hyperproductive poet of postcontemporary donation pavillion farvfar away from anything public but into global community out of multitude of truths through aeons it's unreal myth metapowtic fiction from solitude of anadote digression metaliterary games narrative swards 21st century's macdonal and starbuck poems on street museum of migrated eyes and migrated messages quailed poetucs of neverending assimilation of coffee drinks especially coffee expresso speciality of Mussil's
texts on fame and on games the front page of the great wing.

nyein way

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