Unrequited Love Poem by Francis Duggan

Unrequited Love

Rating: 5.0

She is one of the women who have fallen for James
And for to describe him she uses exalted names
Like Greek God, Apollo and georgeous looking man
But James seems oblivious to the worship of Ann.

James on her show no interest his thoughts are elsewhere
But life as we know it is not always fair
The love in her heart for him cause her to fret
But everything in life we want we can't get.

Just thinking of him she spends hours and hours
Yet everything we want it cannot be ours
And unrequited love it can never come true
For love can't be love if it's not felt by two.

Unrequited love it can last a life time
The poets and song writers by it inspired to rhyme
And yearning for what we can't have is a waste of time it's been said
But then suppose that's what happens when the heart rules the head.

He looks like a Greek God to her friends she does say
And she has fallen for James in a very big way
But she's not on his list others he prefer
And his mind is elsewhere his thoughts not on her.

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