Write down all the words you know you'll never say,
Share your heart and soul then lock it all away.
Go into a public place and act normal for everyone around,
Hold in your tears and screams, try not to make a sound.

Act happy in front of everyone you know,
Don't let how you really feel ever show.
Hide all your suffering, hide all your pain,
Don't slip up you want people to think your sane.

Keep your back up straight and your head held high,
Don't let anyone see when you know you want to cry.
Look tough and strong like you can handle anything,
Keep a stiff upper lip and forget the things you've seen.

Hide away when you know you cant take it anymore,
Try not to think about the painful things you saw.
Lie to yourself and say it wasn't true,
You don't understand why life is so hurtful to you.

You're own personal Hell in which you live,
People around you keep taking but wont give.
When your sad and weak try not to give in,
When people ask 'what's wrong? ' just say its nothing

Bottle it all up and keep your secrets to yourself,
Cover your mouth and stop the screams that want to come out.
Hold it all in and let the silent tears poor,
The pain in your chest hurts more and more.

Hide in your room where no one can see,
Lay on your bed and let the tears run freely.
Be careful not to scream or someone might hear you,
your tired of all the pain and you don't know what to do

So you close your eyes and be consumed by the night,
The darkness is peaceful, you cant stand the light.
It will soon be a new day with the same amount of sorrow,
But you wish that it wasn't, you cant handle another tomorrow.

They say time heals all pain but you know that's a lie,
You don't want to keep living but you know you have to try.
So you keep on living day after day,
Telling yourself everything will be okay.

Your friends and family don't know who you really are,
They only ever see you from afar.
You don't let them in because you don't want them to know
You hide the truth from them even when your will is low.

You wake up in the morning and remember your awful dream,
but it wasn't a dream, it was a nightmare filled with screaming.
Put your arms around your chest and hold yourself together,
You hope this pain you have wont last forever.
Monday, November 28, 2011

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