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Untitled - Poem by sarah sorkin

I sit in silence, face dried from tears thinking of what went wrong so far in 2010.
My birthday? no
i know, the one person i loved,
cared for, wanted to be with for life
vanished before my hazel eyes.
i don't understand what went wrong.
'what did i do? ' i say but its nothing with me.
'Things changed.' he said to me.
I cried with my face in my pillow for 5 minutes
and what does he do?
nothing all he does is sit there and stroke my leg and look away.
you disgust me.
you couldnt just hold me
or kiss me one last time or even hold my hand?
was that to much for you?
i guess so.
well i have better more important things to look forward to,
like school...
a week flew by,
feels like i left my heart all the way back there.
along with my stomach,
i don't feel any pain anymore,
i feel nothing.
no answer from him no nothing.
i ponder and pace in my room wondering what went wrong
it had to be something.
this stupid little break up is RUINING my life.
i lay down close my eyes and think of happy things.
but i seem to think about is you....
this someone is not you
this person actually gives a care in the world
he listens to me, talks to me
he makes me feel so happy when I'm in his arms.
you are the only reason i can get over this stupid pointless issue.
i get butterflies when i talk to you or see you at school.
makes me want more.
but then i just think of him again and start to cry.
i don't know what to do ten million things are running through my head
someone help me.
sometimes i think the only thing that can stitch up my heart again is to do this.
but i cant anymore right now my pen is running out of ink,
lets just leave this untitled.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 11, 2010

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