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I have the will,
To touch the sky
And I do not need any wings
Enabling me to reach that high

No one else but me
Had been stared at
Like a starnger on earth
They look at me worried and afraid

I take a glance at you
My African lady
Your skin is full of glow
The color of the mountain

What is the price of these tears?
As they fall carrying huge distress
Trailing on our soul with many regrets
Our love is nothing but pain and upsets

At times the weather keeps reflecting on me
Touching me in an expected ways
As the desert winter floats towards my way
It leaves certain frost in my heart

Finding peace within myself
Finding joy within my walls
The truth of me, seem lost in a river
Uneven search to which is my place

So you have stopped
Stood in solitude
Slid the world out of you
Invited the silence to calm you

I too walked in the valley of darkness
A lonely path filled with nothing but emptiness
Drowning in solitude of sadness
The current pulled me down into a phase of madness

Screams continues, into a shallow silence
Distorted faces searching for survivors
Scattered bodies in an aftermath the massacred of nature
Some the earth had swallowed, some drifted by oceanic water

I’m tired of gazing over the light
I’m tired of the darkness that I’m in
Gazing into the light that is so far
Adapting with the darkness in fear of the unknown

I watched the sky from the distance
Butterflies are flying so free
Among the field of flowers and trees
On this forgotten corner

This heart of yours is a tree
At times some of these leafs flees
Yet it's not easy to let go
It's time to leave them free –falling into the meadow

I saw her sitting alone
As if she was looking for a home
Her face in dismay
Seems she is without a home to stay

How I wish I could write

All about the journeys that I keep walking inside

Yield this heart of mine
To the one, who seeds in me a smile
I’m over done with grief
I have rid many waves, to stand here and live

After you left me
I’m just a lonely woman
Gazing in the mirror
Sadly tracing all the love bites

Writing a letter
It was only written to my father
He taught me that a letter is the bridge

Rambling world

All alone to face the storm

It was all the time her
A syringe of his addiction
Empty sheets without her perfume
Hanging in a stale page of his existence

I found my dreams
Written in a reflective book
In your eyes

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A Woman Like Me

I have the will,
To touch the sky
And I do not need any wings
Enabling me to reach that high
Defeat has no definition in my brain
I have the aspiration; I’m set to seize that dream
A woman like me, will reach that far and many miles more..

Maybe, you will find tears
Held in my eyes
Or falling like river
On a terrain of my face
It’s a momentum relief
Giving no answer to resolve the grief
I gather myself
In dignity I embrace
A woman like me, had learned to stand beyond any calamity

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