Rating: 4.7

Depression is a storm. Threatening black clouds move ever so slowly across gray skies. It's cold, almost freezing. Darkness swallows all though, leaving a feeling of powerlessness. It's a weakening sense of helplessness. It begins to thunder, and then rain. A rain of tears so strong that it devours the soul and strips the sanity. The wind begins to blow, winds of one hundred miles per hour. Ripping apart love and memories, leaving a void of nothingness. The storm is too strong to battle. The rain will not cease. It continues to wage a war on the heart, an unending, unforgiving war. The wind tears at the heart, threatens all the fulfillment of life. But the heart fights to keep what belongs to it. The love, the life, the laughter, When the heart is about to surrender, the storm stops; leaving a black darkness. A lonely sorrow sweeps in, it's sort of calming. The rain of tears has cleansed what was dirty. Feelings of worthlessness and guilt of past hidden secrets. The skies remain gray, but the rain and wind have moved away into the distance. All is quiet and calm but there is nothing. No soul, no sanity, no love, no memories. All was taken by the storm. Only the heart remains in the nothingness. Standing unprotected, alone. Yet it finds the strength from deep within to continue. It spreads what it has protected; the love, the life, the laughter. Eventually, a ray of sunshine breaks through the gray barrier and spreads its warmth. No, the depression is not gone. It remains in the distant hills, always threatening with rumbles and growls. The grayness is always there, always reminding of things yet to come, things already done. Depression spares no mercy on the heart. There is no fairness, no caring. It does not care if there is pain or hurting. It only thinks of itself, what it can gain from the weakness of a lost soul. As the warmth continues to low, warming the body, the rain hides behind the clouds and the thunder in the distance rumbles, threatening another storm of depression. Another day.