Puso Lefitlhile Mompati

Untold Stories Remain True Lies - Poem by Puso Lefitlhile Mompati

Consider creation as a true lie
Hidden forces up in the sky like untold stories
Deep in the heart of the creator is where secrets lie
It’s unrevealed to my humankind mind
Ignorance is what we bind but knowledge is still behind the scenes…like…
Untold stories remain true lies
A flood of tears from my eyes to represent my true cries
I cry truly for a revelation of these true lies
My mind is set straight to the works of the most high
My body served for his will to reveal untold stories of Mount Zion
His territory marked with a special scent and a loud roar like a lion
I’m still an image drawn with a crayon
Still to be made with clay and declared alive like molten iron
But all these remain untold stories of the creator of upper galaxies
Tell me who’s to blame for your allergies
Yet we kill billions of germs daily because…
We blame them for our failures and success of the upper balconies
Tell me who made it possible for the stars to…
Fade by day and shine by night
Tell me who’s responsible for all this light
Tell me why we waste litters of water with daily tears of cries…
About why untold stories remain true lies
It’s all known to the most high and only him alone
Blessed be the one on his right hand…
On the mercy seat beside his throne
Speaking of sanctified balconies in the holy of holies
Blessed be creations with zeal to answer their callings
For that I can’t stop loving you like Phil Collins
But most of my love is on my calling because I’m a poet
It’s a great gift sent from heaven and I know it
They say a gift is a God inbuilt free tool so let me show it
If it’s a seed let me sow it…then I grow it
I still stand voice loud that I’m a poet…but…
I can never tell of these untold stories
They stand too high like a building 24 stories
And that is not for me to reach
So why should I believe what my pastors always preach
Never give is what the teachers always teach
So hope me good luck and I’ll make you a copy of my Grammy speech
Yet this is not about me but about the untold stories of the creator of Mount Zion
And with that in mind nothing I complicate…
But still state…that…
Untold Stories Remain True Lies

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 14, 2010

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