Can You Not See Poem by Ernestine Northover

Can You Not See

Rating: 4.9

Can you not see the sorrow, in someone's tearful eyes,
Or see the dread, in someone's weary frown.
Can you not see the fear, when someone's telling lies,
Or feel the sadness, in the laughter of a clown.

Can you not see disappointment, in someone's shoulder stoop,
Or the hand of doubt, when someone drags their feet.
Their whole being, giving signs, with a sagging body droop,
That their life, in this world, isn't quite complete.

Can you not see that each poor soul, has a heavy cross to bear,
One which we hope, will never come our way,
Perhaps the onus, is on us, to show them that we care,
And lift their spirits, and take away dismay.

Then we could see the smile, in someone's brightening eyes,
And the serenity, in someone's lifting frown.
The openness, when someone speaks, they'll have no need for lies,
And there will be a healing, in the laughter of a clown.

© Ernestine Northover

Can You Not See
Ray Andrews 07 January 2006

Ernestine-this is a wonderful poem. Very well crafted plus-TRUE. In twelve step groups you see the sad new people blossom in the presence of love and care (including their own new found care of themselves) . Thanks for sharing this-and happy cheer for the 'class' of 1943 Blessings from Ray

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Jim Valero 06 January 2006

Beautiful poem, both in content & form. A good example of how art may lead us in subtle ways, through beauty & delight, to notice, observe, realize aspects of life which we sometimes do not see. The suffering of others, the sad gaps in other people's hearts reflected on their faces, posture, stance, the look in their eyes. This is a poem of compassion, of agape-brotherly love-& the realization of those things which unite us all-our human condition, all beautifully expressed in rhymed quatrains. The regularity of stanzas, the ABAB rhyme schemes, help to emphasize the regularity of suffering in the human world, & touch our hearts with their soft, empathetic rhythms & textures. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poetry, infused with beautiful feelings.

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Anabelle Compano 04 January 2006

This is so lovely. A ten from me. I found your name on a mans page that has become very popular here in Vatican City. Ernestine, I'm so happy I did, for I shall continue to read more. God Bless Anabelle

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Cj Heck 03 January 2006

Your poetry is always so uplifting, Ernestine, and a pleasure to read. This is another example. Thank you for making me feel uplifted today. Warmest regards and respect, CJ

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David Mitchell 03 January 2006

This is very moving, Ernestine. Thank you for writing it.

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Andrew Blakemore 19 March 2008

A thought provoking piece indeed that sends out a great message to us all. Andrew x

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Brian Dorn 08 December 2006

A purposeful and thoughtful write, Ernestine... beautifully stated! Brian

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Emma Johnson 08 March 2006

What a healing prescription. Compassion.

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Duncan Wyllie 02 March 2006

Dear Ernestine, you have shown so much wisdom in this.We must not walk around blind of our own choice.Thankyou for this one.Love Duncan

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Graham Jones 31 January 2006

I think there is nothing that I can say that has'nt been, except that within this beautiful poem, your warmth and love for others just shines through with every line, well done Ernistine.Your friend Graham.

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