Updated Poem In The Realm Of Transient Encounters. Poem by Shaykh Zulqarnain

Updated Poem In The Realm Of Transient Encounters.

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In the realm of transient encounters, there she stood,
A luminary intellect I encountered but once, yet comprehended forever,
A fortuitous meeting in the corridors of time,
Where our paths converged, then diverged in rhythmic harmony.

Our initial dialogue transpired in the exam hall's embrace,
Before the paper commenced, a moment in space,
The final paper of our sixth semester, suspended in memory's vault,
A cherished moment, forever engraved, never to default.

In that fleeting exchange, a flame ignited,
Our eyes met, words gracefully danced, offering a moment's respite,
Her presence, akin to a melodic symphony, stirred the depths of my soul,
Leaving an indelible mark, granting a sense of wholeness untold.

But alas, the capricious nature of destiny played its part,
Guiding us on separate journeys, with our hearts apart,
She gradually faded beyond the confines of my grasp,
Leaving me with memories that transcend the teachings of words.

In the vast expanse of the academic semester's realm,
She transformed into a luminary intellect, a bittersweet refrain,
Yet her essence lingers, akin to a cherished song,
A tender reminder of a profound connection that was once strong.

Oh, the myriad of unanswered questions that remain untold,
What could have flourished, what stories could have unfolded?
But life's intricate tapestry weaves its design,
Occasionally leaving us pondering the 'what ifs' in our mind.

However, let not regret overshadow the beauty we experienced,
For even in fleeting moments, love finds its essence,
She left an indelible imprint, a valuable lesson, a sign,
That even brief encounters can possess a touch of the divine.

So, dear friend, embrace the precious memories held dear,
Of that luminary intellect who touched the depths of your heart, crystal clear,
For within the fading remnants of her presence lies a rare treasure,
A reminder to cherish every connection, regardless of measure.

And though she gradually fades beyond your sight,
Know that her impact lingers, like stars illuminating the night,
Take solace in the beauty of that ephemeral spark,
For in the depths of your heart, her memory will forever embark.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: english,bittersweet love,affinity and love
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