Variations In Yearning Poem by Lamont Palmer

Variations In Yearning

Rating: 5.0

'Dreams are necessary to life.' - Anais Nin

Am I merely another hopeless David,
sending Bathsheba's husband into the thick
of swords? Like the issue of desire,
I am crawling toward light and darkness.
It's more than lascivious steps before dawn.

There, the forest is a manic merger of trees,
like lime-green leaves no one can hear. Sounds the trees
don't emit; battles ingrates never encounter.
End game! Caught now in the lusty morass
of crystallized heat; to the touch, a clear, bright shape.

The heart doesn't care about 'lonely hunters'.
(Excusing McCullers for her moody tropes.)
Its beat is the animal tendency, culled
from music, mercury, and dangerous lights,
like errant eyes watching a canvass of nudes.

William F Dougherty 04 April 2012

Two thumbs up. Moody tropes-right on the mark. Back for more later.

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Shadow Girl 18 June 2011

Don't know what is going on but PH is stuffing up my comments on your amazing poetry! sorry.

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Shadow Girl 18 June 2011

your poems are always enjoyable, intelligent and intriguing - and thanks for the lead to Bukowski, i enjoyed reading most of his poems - ps tried to post this comment a few times and PH kept playing up so sorry if it comes up too many times? ? ? ?

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Pranab K Chakraborty 09 February 2011

Intelligent ambush bearing the brilliant metaphors. Canvass yet quiet wide with its clear object of achieving the ultimate battle. But as a reader we have to remember long......'Sounds the trees / don't emit; battles ingrates never encounter.' Great. Regards, pranab 10++++(if it acts)

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