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Pranab K. Chakraborty
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Pranab K. Chakraborty poems, quotations and biography on Pranab K. Chakraborty poet page. Read all poems of Pranab K. Chakraborty and infos about Pranab K. Chakraborty.

Human Being who believes in Humanity. In regional language Bengali, writes by the name Pranab chakraborty. He also known as Apoet Bangla. Editor of a Bengali little magazine 'INTERACTION Bhasha-o-bhavnaar', published from Nabadwip, Nadia, West Bengal, India.
Four Books of poems.
One of Verse-drama.
Two Novels.
About twenty manuscripts of drama performed by the local groups but not published one yet. more »

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Pranab K. Chakraborty Quotations

  • ''Poetry serves to those who have been suffering for poetry.''
    Pranab k c
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  • Poetry and propaganda quiet different expression to penetrate human mind. Sometimes, when time needs, poet feel some direct say to share with other social members of human society. Poet simply take pa...
    Pranab k c
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  • Common people generally don't like to read poem but they very much fond of fighting by the name of Heroes from story of the epics created by poet's. Even, common people think those characters are rea...
    Pranab k Chakraborty
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  • ''Ifs and buts are the basic components to form no-poetry and poetry demands those components which eternally undefined yet within the objects of the universe living and non-living...!''
    Pranab k c 20/03/2016
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  • ''Life and Light, the main stations poetry perhaps always wants to reach. It depends on poets efficiency to give poem a successful journey to reach its destination. Perhaps....''
    Pranab k c
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Comments about Pranab K. Chakraborty

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  • Prabir Gayen (12/14/2018 12:06:00 AM)

    Very talented poet and vey versatile....

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  • Kumarmani Mahakul (10/20/2018 1:20:00 AM)

    On behalf of all fellow poets, PH family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poet Pranab K. Chakraborty as, Opulent Essence (প্রশস্ত নির্যাস) (भव्य सार) . From today onward he will be known as, Opulent Essence Pranab K. Chakraborty. (भव्य सार प्रणब के चक्रवर्ती) (প্রশস্ত নির্যাস প্রনব কে চক্রবর্তী) . This title of honour is offered to him due to his perseverance and notable contribution to the literature. We hope all poets and visitors will accept this.

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  • Sochukwu Ivye (10/6/2017 11:30:00 AM)

    You are a writer that has come to stay. It's obvious where you started your literary journey but no one can foresee where you will end it. A poet of widely acclaimed and much cherished articles to his credit. Just like the greatest poets, I hope to hear your voice.

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  • Judah Daniel (10/19/2015 6:56:00 AM)

    Its a nice pics of writing, its clear

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  • Judah Daniel (10/19/2015 6:55:00 AM)

    Idyllic and a cogent one

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  • Nimal Dunuhinga (6/5/2014 7:47:00 AM)

    the flow of your writing style as the olden rivers
    that meet at the delta of heart! .....................deep the soul!

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  • Brandon Owens (5/3/2010 6:20:00 AM)

    I was trying to comment on any one single poem, but found that I just enjoy your poems overall. They are from a very enlightening point of view and written nicely.

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Best Poem of Pranab K. Chakraborty

The Child And Rain

One day when a child
tried to show me rain
falling from the sky
became confused

no cloud I saw there
no drizzling
no drop of falling

where then he found
such falling

asked myself many times before sleep
made query within with regular term
one day felt the charm of raining
my soul thundering furious to crack
clouds everywhere

rain began slowly to get me wet
a sense of expansion
a broader feelings of friendship
with nature

began to fall
overwhelmed my conscious
I got wet
rain ...

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