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Pranab k c

Doors closed

my love
my straight
wants to be sucked

Institutional religion should be terminated by the state
to promote individual religious faith

constitution and obligatory mandates

Thousand times I told you
I am a human child
Belongs to the human society

One day when a child
tried to show me rain
falling from the sky
became confused

I'm not committed
to please you by my rounded
lullabic words

Peripheral domination
My first choice to hunt the fever
It's another nice
To jerk the zone by tremendous thrust

Democracy not the personal
Property of the ruler alone
When it happens
Strictly called it the autocracy

Cry not
Just laugh

Laugh with the clowns

It was a prohibited zone
I was the trespasser

when I came to their notice

It's not me
Sound and lines
Made a simple mistake
Resembling the idea of a hot fountain

No ban imposed on that
No ban did make any obstacle
To put its thumbs on fate

If any Hindu monk
dies of beating by angry mass
before dawn by mistake
assuming the man as a thief

I never try to produce
To supply you the satisfaction
By licking and sucking

a slice of sun-ray
with the winter-butter
my today's awaking
phenomenal break first

Bloodless fighter
A child also can't imagine
If human beings considered
not as plant or machinery

Vanquished predecessors
once fabricated their foot-heels
over stony calligraphic structures
once their hungry horses bred thousands offspring

The tune
You tuned
At the time
Of my birth

little but it touches
all objects open and scattered
anywhere on surface facing it

nice girls are hanging
beside my side line
their pose and gesture
their flying kisses and pleasing shorts

Pranab K Chakraborty Biography

Human Being who believes in Humanity. In regional language Bengali, writes by the name Pranab chakraborty. He also known as Apoet Bangla. Editor of a Bengali little magazine 'INTERACTION Bhasha-o-bhavnaar', published from Nabadwip, Nadia, West Bengal, India. Four Books of poems. One of Verse-drama. Two Novels. About twenty manuscripts of drama performed by the local groups but not published one yet.)

The Best Poem Of Pranab K Chakraborty

Essence Of Silence

Pranab k c

Doors closed
windows pane stiff with silence
sound of near past in the whole background
roaring the wilds they became two the different genders
and a shadow of soft dear palm slowly catering
the dish of urgency of coming back again

no footsteps, no movement of rattling wind even
no probability of assuming the ecstatic appearance
embodiment of any longing or embarrassing embrace
of lamentable constipation of those sensuous past-moments

no the grave with dirty rust of dust and condemnable clarity
but a passion simply old with punctuating accentuation
of love, more than love or no-love paradox
tuned with superb and intensified expression
confined in the cage of acceptance and rejection

door closed but opens an opening
wide with no-door ever been build anywhere
where you me they're playing altogether
naked with no-flesh, illuminating strictly the light-particles
beyond the hazards of birth rebirth and death.

Pranab K Chakraborty Comments

Brandon Owens 03 May 2010

I was trying to comment on any one single poem, but found that I just enjoy your poems overall. They are from a very enlightening point of view and written nicely.

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Nimal Dunuhinga 05 June 2014

the flow of your writing style as the olden rivers that meet at the delta of heart! .....................deep the soul!

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Prabir Gayen 14 December 2018

Very talented poet and vey versatile....

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Kumarmani Mahakul 20 October 2018

On behalf of all fellow poets, PH family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poet Pranab K. Chakraborty as, Opulent Essence (প্রশস্ত নির্যাস) (भव्य सार) . From today onward he will be known as, Opulent Essence Pranab K. Chakraborty. (भव्य सार प्रणब के चक्रवर्ती) (প্রশস্ত নির্যাস প্রনব কে চক্রবর্তী) . This title of honour is offered to him due to his perseverance and notable contribution to the literature. We hope all poets and visitors will accept this.

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Sochukwu Ivye 06 October 2017

You are a writer that has come to stay. It's obvious where you started your literary journey but no one can foresee where you will end it. A poet of widely acclaimed and much cherished articles to his credit. Just like the greatest poets, I hope to hear your voice.

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Judah Daniel 19 October 2015

Its a nice pics of writing, its clear

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Judah Daniel 19 October 2015

Idyllic and a cogent one

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Pranab K Chakraborty Quotes

Poetry serves to those who have been suffering for poetry.

Poetry and propaganda quiet different expression to penetrate human mind. Sometimes, when time needs, poet feel some direct say to share with other social members of human society. Poet simply take part with this activity by poetic form due to his/her conscience. But such uses are very much limited. Propaganda needs simply slogans, it never tries to think of aesthetic. Aesthetically enriched propaganda.... really hard to grab!

Common people generally don't like to read poem but they very much fond of fighting by the name of Heroes from story of the epics created by poet's. Even, common people think those characters are real from history condemning the reality by name of religion. Yet poet's are alone and deserted by the social lights.

Ifs and buts are the basic components to form no-poetry and poetry demands those components which eternally undefined yet within the objects of the universe living and non-living...!

Life and Light, the main stations poetry perhaps always wants to reach. It depends on poets efficiency to give poem a successful journey to reach its destination. Perhaps....

Death is the highest poetry written by the nature herself. We simply observe its unfolded expansion. Poet who writes of death, also the great imitator of nature. No other entity could be differentiated from her.

Poetry may be considered sometimes as a manifesto by special demand of social people, but poetry all time should be considered as the manifestation of human feelings.

Long is not too long as you show your victimised waiting. Waiting has no parameter to achieve a bull by its fighting arena where no one except your own desire!

Poem you write is not the whole Poem between lines tells much your abstract!

Sometimes life itself reflected much beautiful than poetry. Try my best to capture that soil of no-word.

poetry not any brick to keep the head to sleep, not any diabolic trauma to demonstrate embargoes, poetry a simple track to pick up the last letter man tries to utter passionately...

...not always but it sometimes happen, where rhyme dominates the poem, translation becomes burden to transform the beauty of the original language...

Reasonable sense of self recognition a poet enjoys by creating own poem. So come we celebrate the sensitive way to implement value to valueless life ones suffers from...

Lonely heart means a chaotic turbulence a poet always bears to excavate negligible part it may be but an undefined apostle of infinite.

Poetry, the cause of living who told, many times now see he counts coin by selling dreams of unexisted world.

Poetry the only space to speak alone grabbing the spark of eternal fire

Genius never looks behind whatever darts scattered on the surroundings because ambience the second importance whether exists the dillema in the form of untidyness or inequity. And so genius never wait to be speechfull as it happens through many different issuess of professuinal security...

If road has no end why this travel the donkey carries such load!

And there a long holiday awaits for us individually to join the ultimate happening...

Poetry is nowhere if your soul does not want to conceive and at the same time if your soul ready to accomplish nowhere is nowhere wihout poetry.

Poet knows very well where to stop yet poem misguides him sometimes to run in cold.

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Pranab K Chakraborty Popularity

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