Verbal Abuse Poem by Ray Hansell

Verbal Abuse

He yells he screams
He calls me names
I know my friends
Are not treated the same

He never ever hits me
All he does is yell
I keep it to myself
Living in my own private hell

I know that abuse
Comes in different forms
Most times with him
It like the calm before the storm

Things will be just fine
Nothing will be wrong
But then he flies into a rage
It's then I wish I was never born

His voice gets loud as he yells
He jumps out of his chair
Sometimes I feel he'll hit me
As he looks at me with a blank stare

Most times it takes a while
Then his yelling comes to an end
But the fear he has instilled in me
I know will never mend

I want so much to leave him
But yet, I don't dare
I think in some sick way
Deep inside he cares

But I know for my own well being
I must break free
I know that if one day I don't
The outcome will be bad for me


Saturday, October 8, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: painful
zamani Collins 24 March 2023

im using it for my sba

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Shane Solomon 18 February 2020

Hey Ray Thank you for this poem it has help me big time with my (SBA) . I am beyond happy for this poem

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Shawn Jaggernauth 23 January 2023

What was your sba about? Cause i am thinking about using it as one of my pieces

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sb 10 February 2022


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trudiann 30 March 2021

same me also

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nicole 23 May 2019

why did you write poem?

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Ray Hansell

Ray Hansell

New Jersey
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