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Welcome to my world
Some say it's a simple place
Well that may be so
But at least, there's always a smile on my face

Although she is moving out
She'll never be far away
She'll always live here with me
In my heart each day


Sad eyes
Sad heart
Sad days
When apart

Jersey City is where I was born
I woke up to see many a dawns

It's not a bad city, it was a place to live

You took off with him
Seeking something new
Little did you know
The things that he would do to you

I want a night
To spend with you
I want a night
To love you through

It seems for so many years
I've lived my life for someone else
I put my feelings and needs
Away somewhere on a shelf

Make a difference
Each day you live
Open your heart
Learn to give

He yells he screams
He calls me names
I know my friends
Are not treated the same

I feel a little desperate
A smoke is what I seek
It's been three days
I'm starting to feel weak

Some years ago
A star was born
A beautiful girl
With a heart so warm

Green eyes
Smiling there for me
As lovely as can be
For all the world to see

Loving you was nice
In fact
It was so much more then nice
It was beautiful beyond words

Even when you know someone is going to die
It still hurts so very much
Especially when it's someone
Your whole life they have touched

Staring at a blank screen
Searching for the words
Trying to write a poem
That you have never heard

A Mother’s love is stronger
Then anything I know
Her true love and affection
Will forever show

Driving down a road
On stretch called "Dead Man's Pass"
Little did she know
Today would be her last

I’m thankful for the freedom
I enjoy each and every day
I’m thankful for the freedom
That lets me go my own way

The golden rays
Of a morning sun
Look better on you
Then anyone

Every time I think of you
A smile comes to my face
I always knew that no one else
Could ever take your place

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A Child's World

Welcome to my world
Some say it's a simple place
Well that may be so
But at least, there's always a smile on my face

Welcome to my world
It's a world full of joy
It's a world full of love
The world to me now is just one big toy

If ever you're feeling low
If ever you have no place to go
I'll always welcome you to my world
That's something you should know

Welcome to my world
It's a world free of hate
It's a world free of wars
So please don't hesitate
To come and visit my world

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Chris Hickey 30 April 2012

Hello Mr Hansell My name is Christopher Hickey and i would like to speak with you about a poem of yours that i would like to set to music. Please message me as soon as you can. Hope to hear from you soon, Christopher Hickey

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Kumarmani Mahakul 27 September 2020

Ray Hansell is a very brilliant and internationally reputed poet who writes many poems on many topics beyond geographical boundaries but his special love poems bring emotion and sensation in mind of any reader. He expresses his thoughts in love, lost love, broken love, sorrow and love, joy and love and love in perception. I have read his many wonderful poems and I am very much pleased.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 29 October 2019

Ray Hansell is our nice old poet friend. A reader finds love's nest when he reads excellent poems of Hansell. Ray is definitely an outstanding poet and many readers and visitors like his poems very much.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 17 September 2019

Ray Hansell is a multi-talented and nice poet of international fame who writes beautiful poems from his own perception about life, society, love, nature and many more. He is one of our old friends and we love to read his works. I know him and I have reviewed his many poems. His each poem is a gem in literary sky and his poems are beneficial for society. We wish him all the best for his perseverance. May God bring happiness for him and his family!

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Susheela Shiju 27 June 2019

I just love reading your poems dear Ray! God has blessed you with such a fluency of beautiful words! ! ! just in awe of God's wonderful creation!

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My heart leaps up when I behold A rainbow in the sky. So was it when my life began; So is it now I am a man; So be it when I grow old, Or let me die! The Child is father of the Man; And I could wish my days to be Bound each to each by natural piety. W. WORDSWORTH

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Book rich Common sense poor

The past is the past Never to return But, we must always remember The lessons that we learned

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Ray Hansell Popularity

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