Very Pur-Plexing Poem by Evelyn Judy Buehler

Very Pur-Plexing

I was an enthusiastic painter, striving to apply more verve and color,
Like sunshine dreams, of blue-gray days, that couldn't be any duller.

Painting had for long been my passion, but had turned into a career,
Like the splashy sunset evenings, when blue stars magically appear.

I had sold many of my artworks, and had also held some exhibitions,
People admired my use of colors, its liberal use, with few inhibitions.

My mother was a prominent artist, and I'd followed in her footsteps,
As summer follows jade pathways of spring, no matter how complex.

Friends expressed their admiration, for my artwork and steady drive,
Like the motions of stars, moons and planets, which keep us all alive.

I lived in a home where I acquired, gorgeous inspiring, natural views,
And often painted the mountainous scenery, in various mosaic hues.

My large family was outgoing and loving, and we often laughed a lot,
As leaves come out to giggle in swift breeze, once the weather is hot.

Since summer had come, days were longer, and the nights were fleet,
Like blurry swift flowing traffic motions, along a bustling sunset street.

Pink-gold zestful dawns ascended, in vague foreboding of azure blue,
Like the deja vu feelings reintroduce you, to the one you never knew.

I was in a beautiful setting one day, attempting to capture a sunset,
In lovely shades of purple and orange, dashed with pink and scarlet.

It was still kind of misty out, for we'd just had a gentle summer rain,
But the gorgeous orange sun shone again, across the emerald lanes.

As I watched, the purple deepened, to rainbow's sunshine memories-
The finest rainbow I had ever seen, with it, a sunset framed by trees!

Rainbow sparkles gave a new dimension, to an already magic scene,
And that night's sleep was dreamless, under a cover of moonbeams.

But when I woke up next morning, everything was strangely different,
For there were purple accents everywhere, beautiful and magnificent!

Like the purple blanket on my bed, and vase of blooms near the door,
And throw rugs that had been in different colors, only the day before.

The scene outside was more stunning, for all tree leaves were purple,
As if bearing memories of last evening, like ideas linger in the verbal!

I saw a lady strolling down my street, dressed in a stylish purple hat,
As if sunset colors had altered the morrow world, in a beauty attack!

The day was still shot with gold, and cream clouds floated on teal blue,
But, purple accents were all over-I, seemingly the only one who knew!

It colored the trim on houses, it was on balloons, butterflies, and cars,
And purple colored more blooms, like ripened raspberries in glass jars.

After a long, beautiful and fascinating day, again moonlight found me,
And it must have washed the magic away, as the sun rose on normalcy.

No others shared my precious experience, except as caught on canvas,
In a deep purple sunset and rainbow, which became loved and famous!

Very Pur-Plexing
Friday, July 15, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: couplets,fantasy,sunset,rainbow,colors,nature,purple,magic,beauty
Photo courtesy of David Mark at Pixabay
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