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I'd been caught up in the middle, of one of those awful days,
When nothing seems to go right, with glitches and delays.

I was having a rough day at work, and the boss was now irate;

Into the woods I strolled one day, with my twin sister,
For if I had left her behind, I'd surely have missed her.
We were looking for wild strawberries, but we got lost,
Under the warm sun shining, as breezes blew very soft.

Golden stars tell the story, of still, night's glory,
Twinkling and flashing, in the hours of dreams,
Long after the dazzling sunset, a black cherry,
Full moon's lovely as it's pouring, satiny cream.

butterflies on blooms-
a tango with destiny
in daylight colors

I dreamed of purple
all through last night's sable hours
in a sunset world

bright pink fingernails
a straw hat low on her brow
cool in sunglasses

I will admit I was a tightwad, though that fact shames me now,
As never changing mountains, often colorful mists will allow!

I never meant to be unkind, but only endeavored to be practical,

down in the meadow
flowers bloom in all colors
and butterflies reign

Deepest lapis lazuli earth of bluest skies,
Sparkling rich treasure of the Milky Way,
With colorful dawns and ruby butterflies,
We must nurture our world so it will stay.

I was forever losing things, and my laughing friends called me a klutz,
Like darker skies misplace buttery sun, when a severe storm develops.

I had once lost the keys to my house, and waited locked out all night,

a mulberry tree
under dark blue/purple skies
birdsong on the wind

floating on water
red sun's come down to the sea
blue waves in motion

a milky way rise
in maroon alien skies
starry, starry night

blooms mass in a vase
a vivid get together
days in sun recalled

I was a pleasant, conscientious librarian, whose world consisted of books,
As a world of fragrant beauty, can be found in the glossy, honeyed nooks.

Although it was pleasant work and appealing, I was not so very well read,

The misty evening will be departing soon,
Leaving but a memory of the summer moon;
As the sunlit halls were golden for a day,
Then Sol died of grief in a dusky display!

sapphire on sapphire
at the rise of jewelled night
when the stars flash fire

Parallel colors go on forever, others swirling and merging,
Hued rainbows and smoky sunsets, from a chaos surging!
Hanging from the Christmas tree, ruby peppermint candy,
And circus clowns entertain us, attired so gaily and badly.

I was a private detective, and I was deemed one of the best,
As the colorful tulip fields, are forever attracting guests.

My skills seemed often in demand, and indeed kept me moving,

sheltered in the blooms
a refuge in calm arbor
soundless, with lush scents

Evelyn Judy Buehler Biography

I was born in Chicago, Illinois and became interested in writing poetry as a young girl. My mother had always had a big love of books, and she passed this love on to me. I was also very fortunate to have mentors who inspired me to write. One person who encouraged me was Gwendolyn Brooks, whom I never actually met, but she once sent me autographed books and words of encouragement. Over the years, I've had my poetry and short stories featured in numerous anthologies. My biography has appeared in Who's Who volumes that were published in the United States, England and India. My Biography has also appeared in Gale's Writer's Directory. I am currently being honored with the Marquis Who's Who Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award. My poetry is inspired in large part by a great love of nature and the beauty in this world.)

The Best Poem Of Evelyn Judy Buehler

Drawing My Own Conclusions

I'd been caught up in the middle, of one of those awful days,
When nothing seems to go right, with glitches and delays.

I was having a rough day at work, and the boss was now irate;
And all I could think about, was sweet tropical island escape!

When she severely berated me, it was so hard not to be mad,
So I drew an awful picture of her, in which she looked quite bad.

With eyes bulging and goofy grin, her hair now stood on end.
And if she had chanced to see it, I might've never worked again.

The boss left for a bit of air, and came back with wild hair,
And big eyes and sheepish grin, saying it was windy out there!

To my amusement and surprise, she was much like my drawing.
I had somehow drawn the near future, but without even knowing.

Doodling just happened to be, a lifelong fun habit of mine,
Which always relaxed and cheered me, and I liked it just fine.

I'd also taken art lessons, and was able to draw quite well,
But people liked my casual drawings, and told me they could sell!

Late one Sunday afternoon, I was drawing a scene by the lake,
When fat raindrops began to fall, just for contrariness' sake.

In frustration I drew a sun in the sky, coloring it deep gold;
And the sun then shone bright, before my drawing was a minute old!

I sat staring for a moment, unable to believe what had occurred;
Then I drew a bright bluejay, and from leafy treetops flew the bird.

Like the colorful days that come, with cool autumn's summons,
Or the sheep drawn to pasture, way out on the green commons.

At last I came to the conclusion, that I possessed an odd gift;
That should never be overly used, or reality itself might shift.

Once I heard on the evening news, of an asteroid coming our way,
But by using my specific skills, I averted disaster in the Milky Way!

I drew exotic birds and flowers, in colors which were never seen,
And irridescent blooms rivalling, the pale moon's silky sheen.

And glittering stars in the inky skies, where none had ever been;
Like the nightingales singing Moondance, only to trill it out again.

Then I beautified my home, with windows skylights and doorways,
And on the land beside it, I created a vast charming hedge maze.

While I was dozing on the lake one day, I felt wet and then awake;
And I soon discovered the canoe, had a small leak and no mistake!

So I drew the canoe as if, the bothersome hole had never been,
Like the conductor who allows, the beautiful music to begin again!

And I was at my local bank one day, when a robber demanded money,
As agitated as a honeybee, scanning countryside for love of honey.

So I quickly sketched him dancing, with ballet like pirouettes,
And he danced until they took him away, baffled and in a sweat.

If I hadn't destroyed that drawing, he might have danced forever,
As the bluejay sings from blooming limb, in any kind of weather!

In the intervening years since then, my ability was never revealed;
And I have flown like a nightbird, and kept that capacity concealed.

My drawings have saved some lives, and have enhanced many others,
As nature graces the verdant meadows, with many dazzling colors!

And once upon a summer night, I drew the famed Man in the Moon,
And I flew up there to see him, on a star studded night of June.

I've had so many experiences, that were crammed into one short life,
As the adventurers on safari, see all kinds of exotic wildlife!

And one lesson that I have learned, which is still unerringly true,
Is that if you wait for long enough, somehow magic will find you!

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Joachim Koch 30 April 2021

To Evelyn: I like your poems very much! Fine flow of words, very sensitive. Keep on!

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Mahtab Bangalee 09 February 2020

Evelyn Buehler A poet of nature and imaginative natural sense

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