Evelyn Judy Buehler Poems

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Drawing My Own Conclusions

I'd been caught up in the middle, of one of those awful days,
When nothing seems to go right, with glitches and delays.

I was having a rough day at work, and the boss was now irate;

A Blanket Of Diamonds

Golden stars tell the story, of still, night's glory,
Twinkling and flashing, in the hours of dreams,
Long after the dazzling sunset, a black cherry,
Full moon's lovely as it's pouring, satiny cream.

Purple Paradise

I dreamed of purple
all through last night's sable hours
in a sunset world

Until Rose Sunset

butterflies on blooms-
a tango with destiny
in daylight colors

The Art Of Caring

I will admit I was a tightwad, though that fact shames me now,
As never changing mountains, often colorful mists will allow!

I never meant to be unkind, but only endeavored to be practical,

Giggle, Hop And Skip

Into the woods I strolled one day, with my twin sister,
For if I had left her behind, I'd surely have missed her.
We were looking for wild strawberries, but we got lost,
Under the warm sun shining, as breezes blew very soft.

Butterfly Kingdom

down in the meadow
flowers bloom in all colors
and butterflies reign

Lapis Lazuli Earth

Deepest lapis lazuli earth of bluest skies,
Sparkling rich treasure of the Milky Way,
With colorful dawns and ruby butterflies,
We must nurture our world so it will stay.

Sunglasses In The Shade

bright pink fingernails
a straw hat low on her brow
cool in sunglasses


I was forever losing things, and my laughing friends called me a klutz,
Like darker skies misplace buttery sun, when a severe storm develops.

I had once lost the keys to my house, and waited locked out all night,

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