Leonid Gonzalez

Rookie (05/06/1977 / Laredo, Tx)

Vindicare - Poem by Leonid Gonzalez

In a dream the sweetest voice
Calls my name with the power
Of a storm. “ you there who
Upon my body you roam.”

“You ruined your mother
Can you feel my pain, man
Will never change soon they
All will die in shame” I realize
That she is dying and that I
Can do nothing to ease her pain

“you are the disease that invaded
me, who tried to assimilate but
Failed miserably.” I look for her
But I am to blind to see like looking
In a foggy mirror only to see the
Rottenness and evil in me

“all of mans sicknesses and disease are
A gift from me, I give back all that man
Has ruined in me” asking for forgiveness
Would be like spitting on her face for
When has man truly been sincere

“ I give you all the knowledge and power
To kill your selves, and in that respect you
Have not failed.” does man truly place no
Value in life?

“mans fate will be like all the others who
Have hurt me, I guess in that regard you
Are like me.” what could I say what could
I do? Nothing and she knew.

“a sad story mans’ way cometh, the saddest
Of all your ages.” a promise from a goddess
Is all I could think about.

“man will not rejoin the stream of life,
Man will only know strife. man will
Roam through the darkness through
Time immortal.” I wished I could turn back
Time and I could only hear her laughter
As it faded into The black.

I awoke to the smell of burning flesh and sulfur
And the winds sickly touch burning upon my face
I looked around the burning desolate land and
Realized that I might be alone. She had said her
Piece, the cleansing had begun and I could hear
her soft laughter in the Wind.

She did not let me die so that I could fell her pain
Thousands of years have fallen before me like rain.
In my arrogance I swore man would avenge,
but Silently and in shame I saw that mother earth
Had gotten her revenge.

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