miss wargo

Rookie (9-16-90 / Siani Hospital in Detroit)

Virginia's Lament - Poem by miss wargo

How did it make you feel inside
when u wanted people to understand ur life
but they didnt want to listen
they didnt care
about u or about ur affairs
did it make u want to say 'i dont give a f**k'
then u held it in and let it bottle up
and thats when it happened? ?
u never had a chance to live ur life
for u to survive u constantly had to fight
and u dont want our futures
to resemble what ur past has been
thats why trying to deal
with our problems alone is a sin
u want me to care about everyone
but love u the most
well, im living ur life, ur will, ur command
and im putting it all in ur hands
here it goes

thats what i feel inside
when all my mother does is ignore me
while she plots her evil plan to run and hide
in her bedroom to smoke the devil
drink his deamons and give into foulplay
shes oblivious but still i try to remind her
of her three oldest kids that already slipped away

thats what i feel inside
when i let a sinister mind
talk me into saying what it wants me to say
then when what happened in the dark comes to the light
we pile lie on top of lie like its okay

thats how i feel inside
when the b*tch tells me everythings
going to be alright
its going to be okay
one day...
now the evil seed bit the had that feeds it
and thats an idiotic thing to do
when that beautiful mind knows all ur secrets
i fuel the fire in the flaming furnace of hell
letting that evil doer
get away with grand larceny of my rich soul

thats how i feel inside
when i let it all out
i sit down and cry
im not purchasing a ticket
for the flight of self destruction
because im abandoning my worries on an island for u
abiding by ur most important instructions

so how did it make me feel inside
u may ask
when no one wanted to understand my life
they didnt want to listen they didnt care
about me or about my affairs
well i tell u now Father God
it made me want to scream
until i learned ur here on which for me to lean.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, December 18, 2009

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