Flencirose Basera

Voices! - Poem by Flencirose Basera

One is suffering from thoughts
Others are suffering from words
Suffering with what only them can see or hear
How do I get inside
I can see the emphasis
I can see that it is real
I can visualise the strain of unshared visions
Where believing is more important
How do I tell you they are just voices?
For I can never convince you
The suffering you go through
The confusion they create
the destruction they cause
They are so real innit
Yes they are so so real
As I can see for myself that they manifest and become as real as you and I
Am I right to say they are not true just because im oblivious?
You see them
You hear them so they are real as night and day
You nudge me on and involve me
I cant see them
Nor can I hear them
Yet you have a full conversation with them
Why do they come to you alone?
How come they identify others who also see and hear?
Who are dealong with the same situation
How do I tell you it's not God you are talking to?
How do I convince you that you are imagining things?
I do not want to break your heart for it is real to you!
Unless you accept that they are only voices
I listen and encourage you positively to carry on with life
Chatting laughing listening to all that matters!

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 13, 2013

Poem Edited: Monday, January 14, 2013

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