Emily Lockard

Waiting For You - Poem by Emily Lockard

Tell me these words
That I want to hear
Just come a little closer
Whisper it in my ear
I'm waiting inpatiently
Come on faster now
Just tell me
I don't tihnk i can wait
For much longer today

The sky is fading while I am waiting
For you to come over to me
The sun is setting and I am restless
I'm about to get up and go away

I'm waiting for you
To come over and tell me
Those words
The ones I'd love to hear
I'm waiting for you
To come over and tell me
I've found my way
Back to you
Just tell me that
You love me too
Or else we're through
'Cause I'm still waiting for you

I don't see you coming
I've still got some faith
It's set in my heart just for you
But if you are a no show
I'm just going to get it go
But if you come too late
You're too slow
Too slow to be the right one for me

If you're going to come for me
I'll wait and see
If you're late or don't even show
You are just wrong for me
I need someone who is always there
To catch me when I fall
To be there on time
Before I hit the ground

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 15, 2006

Poem Edited: Monday, July 26, 2010

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